I Spend $2,000+ a Month on Self Care Including Massages, Personal Training, and Hypnotherapy

Why do I spend $2000+ a month on personal care?

Massages once a week, Personal Training twice a week and Hypnotherapy each week

I find that my income earning potential is a lot higher when I spend money to take time on things like self care, especially a massage helps me to relax and to feel connected.

Hypnotherapy helps me to focus on what’s most important and drop the things of least value that I’m doing in my life. And Personal Training is really helpful for me to reach my maximum energy, a look my best, feel my best and to stay in the best health.

What I can look back on and see is in the times when I was unwilling to spend anything on personal care, and I thought anyone who was spending money on things like Personal Training, getting massages and Hypnotherapy was stupid. What I can tell you is that I had a greatly diminished income earning capacity, in fact, I never made more than $40,000 in a year, when I used to have that mindset.

I Spend $2,000+ a Month on Self Care Including Massages, Personal Training, and Hypnotherapy

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The mindset I used to operate on of consistently being in poor health, not feeling connected, and in a state of just disarray with focusing on what was most critical in my life. I consistently struggled to make and keep a hold of any of the money I earned, anything I earned in excess was often spent in excess as well.

I’m very grateful I see today that investing in self care to keep myself in the best shape, I mean, it’s one of the best ways I can spend money and I saw the necessity of doing that when I was in my first 90 days of Alcoholics Anonymous, I could see that my old coping mechanism of drinking -I thought, Why spend money on massages, personal training, and hypnotherapy when I could just go to the gym and get a bottle of vodka?-

I Spend $2,000+ a Month on Self Care Including Massages, Personal Training, and Hypnotherapy

What I see is that the gym by myself often led to me getting hurt and inconsistent routines I would over exercise and then my muscles would be out of whack, and the bottle of vodka was no substitute for a good relaxing massage and some counseling to address my key issues in self care.

When I started out in Alcoholics Anonymous, I realized I didn’t know how to relax I didn’t even know what it felt like to feel relaxed and when I started getting massages that helped me see -Oh, this is what it feels like to be relaxed both mentally and physically- and in a relaxed peaceful state which hypnotherapy with active meditation and a guided meditation, hypnotherapy is very effective especially when combined in the same week with massage it helps me stay calm, peaceful, relaxed and focus.

I make better decisions.

I’m unwilling to take on low value activities. I’m willing to get rid of low value activities I’ve taken on and guess what I tend to make a whole lot more money as a result of doing things that help a lot of other people.

I also feel great, look great the whole time throughout my life and that it’s worth spending money on today. I also like that when I’m spending money on these things I’m helping other people that have their own businesses.

My massage therapist is a contract labor helping her have her own business. I’m spending money with the hypnotherapist help her have her own business. Same thing with a personal trainer. I’m supporting other independent business owners instead of funneling my paycheck into bars and bottles of vodka and other useless expenses that didn’t help me to grow and feel good and to do good.

I am grateful today than I’m willing to share my experience about this and I hope it’s useful for you today.

I Spend $2,000+ a Month on Self Care Including Massages, Personal Training, and Hypnotherapy

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