You Do Make a Unique Impact In Life

You are changing the world and that’s cool. That means you are an intricate part of the world. The whole world depends on you to make it how it’s supposed to be. Now, you might say how am I changing the world. Well, the world always changes. The idea that the world once was some fixed way and it still is, that’s imaginary, that’s not real except in the sense that the background our life happens on is real.

Space doesn’t change. Whenever things happen in Earth or sun or in the galaxy or in the universe, those things are always changing. In fact, if you go down to the smallest particles, you can’t even point to where one is you have to guess where it is because it’s constantly moving, its constantly changing. That means the world is always changing. I hear a lot of people saying it once was like this. Of course every moment in the past was different and now, it’s not the same and it will not be the same in the future. The idea that somehow some way life was a fixed way for a period of time is imaginary. It’s not real.

Change is the law of life. Life always is changing from one form to another. Life is all that does not change. Life remains through everything. The space through which all happens that stays the same. Space is always there. This is good because this means it doesn’t matter how it was because it’s always becoming something new. It doesn’t matter what’s happened before because something new is always happening and you are a key part of that change. In fact, the universe depends completely on you for that change I don’t mean you as in your physical body specifically, but the consciousness that is watching your life go by; that is critical to all of the changes happening in all of the universe. You are changing the world just as much as anyone else is.

I’ve seen a few articles that say “this guy is changing the world”, that’s based on the idea that the world was a certain way before and now suddenly with one new things it’s becoming different. The world never was a certain way before, that’s imaginary. You can’t ever point to something concrete. You can’t ever give evidence even at the smallest molecular level. You can look up and say the sun doesn’t change. The sun changes every single moment, the sun shines a little bit different every single moment, the Earth is a little bit different every single moment. You are a little different every moment so say that one person is changing the world in isolation is kind of ridiculous because the world is always changing and no one works to change the world in isolation.

I am supported by all the people that love me and work hard for me in my life. I don’t do anything on my own and I didn’t get here talking to this computer on my own either someone made this computer. Someone went and set up everything that requires it to run, the internet, power, lighting, the house I’m in. You don’t do anything in isolation and when you realize, when you see that someone who’s changing the world, is simply a part of the same world you are, what they’re doing is making the same kind of changes that what you’re doing is making and that all of it ultimately is even.

Then you can feel both important, because what you do today matters, and you do make an impact in life. What you do today matters in connection with other people. You’re not doing anything in isolation. Nothing you do is separate from the whole. Everything is ultimately all united. The idea that you are somehow separate or that someone is somehow separate in changing the world people look at people like Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein, they didn’t change the world, they were a part  of a changing world and they were not special, they said that themselves. They were a part of a changing world. They were one person in the world and when you are able to see that the people who are changing the world are simply an ordinary person, part of the world, then you can see that you are just as important as they are and then that you are very important and at the same time what you do is important as it relates to other people and the world so that means you’re not some separate entity. I’m not some separate entity.

I am the function of everything around me. You can look at a forest. You can look at an individual tree in the forest, but you are creating that separation. That tree is part of a forest which is part of the whole earth. That tree is a part of a whole universe of atoms and molecules moving around. You create the idea of separateness. You create the idea that one thing is separate from the world and all misery comes from seeing separation among things in the world because it’s hard to feel miserable if you’re not sitting there feeling all alone, if you’re not sitting there feeling like you don’t matter, or you’re sitting there feeling like the world has done something wrong to you. I know because I felt this way a lot and the more connected I am with the whole world, it’s harder to feel miserable because I’m simply connected with the rest of the world and there’s great joy in that and at the same time when things happen, it’s not so heavy. It’s not so hurtful. It’s not so personal.

When someone cuts me off in traffic, we’re all together in the same world and it might hurt for a second and then it’s gone or when something happens to me that I don’t think is right, it’s all a part of the whole. If a person did something that I look at they did to me, we’re all connected, they did it as part of the whole world. If they did something to me, I’m saying that however it was before it was right and now it was wrong. The same idea that connects with however the world was before, now it’s changing.

That is a fantasy, it’s not real. The world always is changing that’s real and the ultimate reality or the most real life is the space, the consciousness in which world happens and that never changes. That is always there peacefully in the background and that you can argue is more real than all the things that happen in the world. You look at the world as a movie and you and I are all watching this movie. Would you say that the movie is more real or the people watching the movie are more real? Or would you say that it doesn’t matter because the movie is always changing and life is always changing.

Any second you pause the movie at will be a little bit different than the one before it or the one after it. Life is just the same and since it’s always changing, you are changing life just as much as anyone else is. The next time you see “this guy is changing the world,” remember you’re changing the world, too. You are changing the world just as much as they are. You matter just as much as anyone else does. At the same time, you are connected with everyone else so if something happens to you everyone else is still here and I find that reassuring.

If something happens to me, the rest of the world that I am a part of, inseparable from, continues and that’s a great relief I don’t have to fear things happening to this body because I’m not separate from the world except as I create the idea in my mind that I’m separate so the world goes on and that’s good.

Today I pray that I remember that I’m changing the world just as much as anyone else is and I change the world no more or less either which I pray gives me humility that I’m not better or worse than anyone else in the world. That I’m an equal with all of the people places and things in the world and I pray today that I do not feel separate from the world. That I feel the connection with all things in the world and therefore, I don’t feel separate from the world. Thank you today, for spending this time with me. I’m honored you’re here. I’d love to know what you think and I hope you have a wonderful day today.