The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Starting In-person Events!

Would you like to know how Jerry Banfield got to starting in-person events because if you want to do the same, this will be useful for you?

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Starting In-person Events!

Last year I worked myself into a position while doing online courses was essentially a job, which is ridiculous. I could do whatever I wanted to and at one point online courses were fun, but after filming over a hundred of them, they’re not fun anymore.

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Money Mastery! Starting In-person Events!

What I could see is that doing these in-person events, this is fun, that’s my next thing, that’s where I want to be at. I love being here at the in-person event to see your actual responses and to share this with you directly instead of in a video.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I could see this about a year ago that I’ve got to be here, and what I tried to do is set it up as a side project. I tried to just, “Okay, well, I’m gonna do my show while I’m doing what I already know how to do,” as John was saying, which is essentially build your side hustle, but keep your job for security.

I did a Kickstarter project and I sent that out, but nobody came. Nobody in St. Pete at least gave any money. I ran hundreds of dollars in online ads. I did the first show and nobody showed up. Not one person came to it.

I told myself like, “Well, I guess it’s just not the time for this. Nobody needs this. It’s not the right thing to do. Well, I’m going to go back to doing what I know how to do to make money.”

I got to filming online courses again because that’s the number one activity I’ve done in my life that’s earned me money.

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Money Mastery! Starting In-person Events!

Then, I spent a couple more months filming online courses and work really hard at this. Then another day, I was listening to a podcast and I just got disgusted with myself like, “I know I’ve gotten to be out here doing these events. Why am I in my office by myself? Why am I doing work I don’t love anymore just to make money? I’m not doing what I know I want to do and need to do.”

Then again, I felt like, “Okay, I’m going to drop what I’m doing. I’m not going to go into that office anymore. I’m going to make this show.”

After a few days, I got what I thought was reasonable: “Well, it’d be kind of stupid to take a risk like that, to just quit doing what makes you money and to do the show.”

Thankfully I put so much thought and energy into the show at that time, I was praying to God the whole time. I did a lot of praying last year.

I said, “Please, God, let me do something that’s useful for somebody. Let me see. Please guide me.”

That got me into meeting John one day and we got to talking about John becoming a motivational speaker, and he told me he had just started his business for that. I told him that I wanted to do that too, like “That’s exactly what I want to do!”

Meeting John got me into ToastMasters, and getting me into ToastMasters got me connected with a lot of people, got me actually out in person. The downside of that is once I had a taste of doing the ToastMasters icebreaker and really speaking in front of people, then I thought, “I know this is what I want. I hate filming videos in my office. I want this and I want this all the time.”

Then this virus hysteria came about right when I was about to start the show here in April. But again, it was going to be a side project. It wasn’t going to be the main thing because I got to make money filming these courses, but then I’ll just take a little time to go out there.

When the virus hysteria got going then, I’ve said, “Oh, this is a sign, I need to just film more online courses, make lots of money doing that, then I’ll have time to do events.”

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Money Mastery! Starting In-person Events!

After doing that for about a month again, I got to this point of, “I hate going into my office. It’s like sex. You can do it all you want by yourself in the privacy of your own room or whatever, but it’s much better with somebody else.”

What I’ve discovered is if I’m taking care of things myself, that also cuts my motivation to go out there and find somebody else, which is why I was single for a lot of my life.

I found the same thing, as long as I’m going into that office and I’m filming all these videos in there, it cuts my desire and my energy to go out and do something like this in person.

After a couple of months of just being at home every day, I filmed several courses at my highest productivity levels since 2016. Again, I reached this point of utter disgust, like “I’m doing it again. I’ve got to do what I love. I cannot waste my life doing things like this.”

I was filming a MailChimp course, has anybody used MailChimp?

It’s email marketing and I had this beautiful course laid out with 42 lectures, every little detail of it, which I thought was going to sell really well.

I said, “I hate this. Anybody anywhere in the world could film a course about MailChimp. The world does not need me to film a course about MailChimp. Anybody can do that.”

Again, I made a decision like, “Alright, I’m really going to do the show this time.”

This time, the one thing I did differently, I cleared everything else out of my life.

I said, “I’m going to sell this entire studio that I spent $50,000 on getting just the right camera and microphone, all these monitors and all these computers.”

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.