How Much Money Did I Make Online in November 2019?

How much money did I make with my online business in November 2019? I’m so excited to share this income report with you, I think it’ll be really helpful. Here we go, let’s take a look at the income.

How Much Money Did I Make Online in November 2019?

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Income report: How Much Money Did I Make Online in November 2019?

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These are the top income sources I’ve had this month, November 2019.

Number one is Uthena, which is currently for sale. That was the number one place where income came in, a big part of that income is because I’ve been selling doing all my sales efforts towards Uthena.

Income report: How Much Money Did I Make Online in November 2019?

The second top income source is StackCommerce at $2,078 from online course sales two months ago, then after that Skillshare and Google AdSense.

What you’ll see all these top ones have in common, these are a function of me teaching online and the Google AdSense revenues from YouTube.

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Then I got $250 from ActiveCampaign, from affiliate marketing. ActiveCampaign has great lifetime affiliate commissions between 20% and 30%. It is very expensive though, and I’ll talk more about that in a minute.

Still $180 from Patreon, from people who’ve been on there for years, even though I haven’t done anything with it, and $109 from Audible, I do have an audiobook called “Officer Banfield.”

How Much Money Did I Make Online in November 2019?

This is really, really good. It talks about my three years in corrections and law enforcement. There are some crazy stories in here. It starts out with a bad romance, “Caught in a bad romance.” Just tell me the name of that song in the YouTube comments. It starts out with two hours of my crazy romance with the dispatcher. This is a really good book, and I think you’ll love it, get that on Audible and help my income go up.

These are my expenses by category, and then I’ll go into detail, if you’re wondering what products and services I use, the next screen will show you that.

These are my expenses by category, the top four categories.

Income report: How Much Money Did I Make Online in November 2019?

Number one expense, advertising. That makes sense because with an online business, everything that falls into hosting my website, for example, all goes into advertising, anything that supports my business or website or presence online generally gets lumped into advertising.

Below that, contract labor.

That’s where I pay people to help me do critical functions and this has been my main expense this year. I’ve cut this way down to the absolute minimum.

The one area that’s under-reported is $476 in interest.

As I’ve shown you in my previous blog post, my debt is currently $655,000 when combined with my wife’s debt and including the mortgage, student loans and business loans.

The interest is actually well under-reported for business loans off to calculate that at the end of the year, forgive my inaccuracy,

Then, $295 in equipment, renting the computer I’m using, thankfully, that’ll be done in about eight months.

These are the advertising expenses in detail, if you’re wondering exactly what I use and why I use it.

Income report: How Much Money Did I Make Online in November 2019?

You’ll find this helpful.

If you want to sign up for any of these, please look for the links in the YouTube video description, you can help me make ends meet by using those affiliate links.

The top expense this month was specific to this month, and was on Flippa. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

The second-highest expense was $750 to host on Thinkific, below that is ActiveCampaign for $399 a month, we’re going to make a change on that, $257 from the Google Ads bill last month. I didn’t actually spend anything on Google Ads this month. My website hosting on Kinsta is $194. I just bought LearnDash for a year to switch over all my online courses to my website.

I bought CartFlows, so I can make sales funnels, I’m paying the lifetime plan, and then Airtable, I cut this expense down significantly.

This is what I used to collaborate with my contractors.

I mentioned that I’m selling Uthena on and the main expense for advertising this month was paying $1,000 for the maximum promotion package on Uthena. This ended up getting me a call with the CEO of

Income report: How Much Money Did I Make Online in November 2019?

That’s not guaranteed as part of the package, but since I bought that it got their attention, and then they had a call with me because they’re very interested in my listing.

I’ve listed for sale at the beginning of this month. I’m very grateful. We’ve already got the bids up to $12,500 for, which as you notice before was my top income source.

I’m selling Uthena because I think someone else can do a lot better with it. It will also unload a lot of my responsibilities and mental focus.

Therefore, if you want to get in that, go to Flippa and search for the Uthena listing and you can place a bid if you want to buy that.

That will not be an advertising expense the next month.

For my labor, I only had three payouts for contract labor.

Income report: How Much Money Did I Make Online in November 2019?

Michel Gerard got the majority of the contract labor. He does an absolutely outstanding job. I’ve worked with him for years. He’s the right-hand man in my business. He knows every single aspect of my business, and I’m so grateful for Michel’s amazing work.

On Upwork, I cut the bill drastically this month down to $556, and I’m still paying for transcription services to get my new videos on to, because I’ve got to have a place where I’m not dependent totally on YouTube for traffic and those blog posts made great traffic.

Also, just $60 in Uthena instructor payouts, I’ve been making a lot of sales on my own courses.

I made you wait for the totals this month, because if I tell you the amount of money right away, you won’t read as much of the blog post, so I’m waiting to put the total of this part, $1,834 in profit.

Income report: How Much Money Did I Make Online in November 2019?

Thank you very much for all that you’ve done, just by watching videos and subscribing, and turning on those notifications on YouTube. You’ve helped me to earn that directly via watching ads, or indirectly just by all that, your attention and energy help bring other people, thank you for this profit.

Now in December, I’m wondering what we can do to get the profit up higher because if you watched that last video where I talked about my debt, we currently owe $655,000.

The minimum payment on my family’s debt is $8,700 a month, therefore obviously $1,800 a month profit is not cutting it. However, I’m continuing to plan to cut the expenses and increase the income. I’m making some major changes to my business.

These are some of the biggest changes I’ve ever made.

First, I put the last video out a couple of days ago, about making $1,000 plus a month selling my courses. I’m only publishing my courses to from now on.

You might think, “Wait a minute, your top income sources were three websites where you’ve published your online courses, shouldn’t you keep increasing those?”

Well, let me explain.

First, I’ve done everything to get the sales on that, that essentially, is what I could do on with my courses on there.

On StackCommerce and Skillshare, these two have taken up so much of my time and energy and attention, and a lot of the courses that are doing well are ones that I put up before, I don’t even need to put new courses.

These two are actually limiting the top one’s growth, and I’m moving everything to now, and I’m allowing partners to sell my courses on every other website, including Udemy, Skillshare and StackCommerce.

How Much Money Did I Make Online in November 2019?

That’s a huge update, I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

I’m also cutting my top advertising expenses, as you notice, selling Uthena on Flippa was a one time deal. When I sell Uthena, that will also unload the highest single expense in my inventory here, and then I’m going to unload the second-highest ongoing expense in my inventory here of ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign is outstanding if you need heavy automation, which when you have a platform like Uthena you do need something like ActiveCampaign, but with moving over to, I’m switching my email marketing.

I value your suggestions, I’m planning on doing Sendinblue right now.

There won’t be the Flippa expense, and my top advertising expenses all unload over $1,000 a month in expenses, and that will increase my web hosting a little bit on my website.

There will be next month the income from selling, which I’m very grateful for, technically, that won’t be in the next income report probably, and I’m moving to selling new products at, which I’m really excited about.

Speaker Meeting 2017

For example, I’m making my courses exclusive where I’m not putting any of my new courses or updates anywhere else, except on my website.

This is the number one course I recommend you buy from me, and this is not a course people have bought yet, and this is an example of what I have at

Speaker Meeting 2017 is my video course autobiography.

The people that have read this have had some extreme reactions to it. Some have been extremely good. I brought the book version of this into my AA meeting and caused a bunch of trouble in there, as some of the young ladies read it and were shocked at the things that I described in the book, especially in my sex life, and then they told some of the older guys about it, and they got all upset and said I couldn’t bring my book anymore.

This has some really good stuff in it.

If you’re looking to heal from traumas and feel understood and really get to know me, this plus Officer Banfield is the way to do it.

I am so excited on that I now am able to sell all of this in one place without having to pay a bunch of money to host on Thinkific and to sell it all on one domain.

The next thing, I’ve just pulled my Forever Course Bundle back up since my courses are exclusive to my website.

All Jerry Banfield courses forever bundle

I know you’ll pay more than $9. I’ve raised all my prices up and I’m going to do a special VMI email list within the next week where I offer a one-on-one call in addition, so the “All Courses Forever Bundle” gives you access to all the course uploads forever on I’m currently bringing all my old courses that I can over to with Michel’s help.

Finally, I’m imagining there’s a lot of income opportunities with the partner program. I’m now allowing partners to use their creative common license to edit my videos, change the name in the descriptions of the course.

Jerry Banfield Partners

Then, that allows partners to put my videos up on Udemy, Skillshare and StackCommerce and tap into those earnings.

This is ideal for the marketers and video editors out there who don’t have this lovely of a camera face and personality as me, but who are much better than me at taking the time to edit videos and make a great course out of my essentially raw material.

I’ve set some new boundaries in the last months. I’ve noticed I’ve been spending a lot of my time just doing sales stuff and that doesn’t make sense anymore, not when Michel’s willing to help me for that.

Thus, I’ve now made it so the partner program is the only way that I’m available via private messages. I feel I’ve released myself from the obligation.

If I’m contacted by anyone outside the partner program, I have no obligation to answer it at all. Any kind of message, email, telephone call, I have no obligation to answer it unless the person is in the partner program.

I’m grateful, that boundary was difficult to set and I’m grateful for the 46 partners we have in the program. I’ve raised the cost with this new creative commons license and I’m intending to raise the cost by hundreds of dollars every time we get a new purchase on two reasons.

One, the last we had a person that bought the partner program for $2,000 this year, therefore why wouldn’t I sell it for more than that?

I put it down to $1,000 for a while because people complained, “Well, it was $1,000. Why is it $2,000?”

Who cares?

If someone’s going to pay $2,000, I never want to sell it for less than that again because it’s clearly worth it. If it’s worth $2,000, it’s probably worth $2,300.

Then, whoever buys it next, it’s probably worth more.

Wow, I really went off on a tangent here.

This gives you an insight look at exactly what I’m doing in my business.

I’m so grateful you watched or read this whole income report.

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But I’ll make some videos that are amazing.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today.

Thank you for all you’ve done to make last month profitable and all you will do to make this month even more profitable.

Jerry Banfield

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