Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

Are you ready to see my Income Report September 2019 here with me, Jerry Banfield? This is an Income Report September 2019 for my business online and if you are working and trying to earn money online, I think you’ll find this really useful and inspirational.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

This is the data for September, especially since we are back to profit baby. I’ve earned $12,088 this month. That was the highest month of profit in 2019. I’m so grateful for that today.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

We have $3,549 in profit this month. I’m so grateful for these earnings online. This is the first month of profit all year and I’m so grateful for the chance to serve you and I imagine having a lot bigger numbers coming in going forward.

The key is to be grateful and love what I do and then, even more, comes in. Let’s take a look at how this money came in.

Income Report September 2019

On my website, I’ve blog posts with YouTube videos within the blog posts. So, the following 3 are the main sources of my income.

  1. YouTube videos
  2. Blog Posts
  3. Uthena
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These are the primary income generation methods. This brings in lots of viewers for free as my YouTube channel brings in thousands of viewers for free every day. My website brings in thousands of viewers every day for free. My facebook page brings in thousands of people for free every day.

When you put all of this together, that’s how you make the business system.

I’ve been doing this online for 8 years and I lost a lot of money, to begin with, and now I’m grateful I can show you exactly what really does work.

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One of the biggest areas of growth this month was my new sponsored videos I’m offering. I have polished up and sharpened my sponsored video package as you can see it at I offer sponsored videos that go out on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Podcast, Blogpost, & Medium.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

I have an incredible sponsorship package that’s available. I am grateful we just had 2 brand deals come in this month within September. I imagine we’re going to have a lot more brand deals coming in going forward because the value I offer for the price is at a very good point.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

I’ve put it lower than it probably should be so I can practice getting more brand deals. I have some quick value points on my Sponsored page. I’ve just got a new guarantee of 10,000+ views minimum on all the different places where the sponsored videos are shared.

The stories, they’re helping a lot with that on Facebook. I have written the frequently asked questions.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

These are my sponsorship packages with my current prices. The dedicated video means the whole video can be dedicated to a sponsor. I’ve got the end of video shout outs and also the beginning + end shout outs for sponsors. That’s one of the fastest-growing areas of my business which is why I’ve talked about it first.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

Let’s get in and look at the #1 earner which actually brought in the most money. This is the Income Report from September 2019 on Uthena. If you’ve been teaching on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and you’re looking for additional ways to earn money, try Uthena.

Uthena is a platform that gives you the chance to get the benefits of self-hosting and the benefits of a marketplace together in one place.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

You can see the sales report which is my Income Report September 2019. This is the number one way to earn money online. We have 466 other courses up where we are helping instructors earn money monetizing on Uthena as well. You can see exactly everything that we’ve sold within the last month. It’s $3,980.46 in sales there.

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Some of the expenses were directly related to that in my Income Report September 2019. You can scroll down and see what we’re selling. I am grateful we had a sale in my hourly services, several sales in my mastermind which is my partner program.

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This is something I’ve stepped up hugely in my game. You can now schedule a call with me directly for free at which then if you want more calls you, join my mastermind and these calls are some of the best values I’m offering to help people earn money online.

If we look over the sales, lots of new partner memberships in the last month, lots of courses sold off of YouTube and off my website. Then the 2 brand deals there as well as some private label rights. If you want to sell private label rights, we’ve got a booming marketplace for private label rights. I imagine there’s a lot of room for the income for everyone on Uthena to grow.

This was the next single largest income source that earned me $3,296.74 on StackCommerce as mentioned in the Income Report September 2019. StackCommerce is a website where you can put your online courses up and sell them.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

You can see the actual sales that I made on the courses on StackCommerce here. While How to Hack From Beginner to Ethical Hacking Certification makes $786.42, I also spent like $20,000 to make that course. I’m grateful that this is earning some money back on StackCommerce.

I’ve also got some of my older courses up and earning money on StackSkills. That said, I’m not putting any new courses up right now. I’m not filming or paying to produce any new courses because why pay to produce anything?

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I might as well just share it all for free with you on YouTube. Then go for brand deals in videos that I want to do anyway. I’ve got my contact and my Mastermind and if I fool around with online courses, I don’t have as much time to do quality YouTube videos.

This is why I’m not creating any more online courses. Even though that’s how I’ve made the most money and even though I’m about to show you more money earned directly on Skillshare from online courses last month.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

Another big source of income is Skillshare. I’m earned $1,538.73 from Skillshare off of royalties from the 80 something or so courses I’ve put up and thank you to all 57 who joined Skillshare using my referral link in my Income Report September 2019.

That said, you can make a lot more money being in my Mastermind than likely and selling that than just trying to do Skillshare. I highly encourage if you teach online, stick your course on Skillshare and Udemy. You might as well put them up there but don’t expect to make a full time living there.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

If you want to see exactly how much money you can make, this is how much I’m getting per minute watched. I calculated my royalties and the actual minutes last month so you can see how much I’m earning.

I’m grateful to make something that’s interesting. People love money. I do this because a lot of us want money so bad and yet a lot of us struggle to talk about it. For me, this is about transparency and accountability.

You can see exactly how and how much money I’m making in the Income Report September 2019. On Skillshare, it’s nice to get 6 cents per minute watch but it can also be difficult to get people to watch your course and then if you promote it, Skillshare can take your class down for no reason.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

They took 6,000 courses by other instructors down in the month of September for what to me looks like almost no reason than to make everybody mad. That is the big downside of Skillshare, but it can be a good place to earn income.

Know that I put 80 courses up there and I did a lot to promote Skillshare at one point and I still have a bunch of posts on my website that direct people to Skillshare which is how I get those signups along with YouTube.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

On Youtube, I’ve earned $1000 in ad revenue last month. I have a pretty good playback based CPM which is $18 for any time an ad plays and for that I’m very grateful. My ad revenue is on the way up which is awesome because I took some of the top-performing videos off of my channel.

The ad revenue went down significantly after I did that but I’ve been putting so many new videos up on my YouTube channel and they’re getting into areas where advertisers are competitive. It’s helping me earn as much as $100 playback based CPM on my videos on YouTube.

YouTube and Uthena are my primary focuses and then everything from YouTube also goes out on my website. That’s how we work all this together. The nice thing is when I put a YouTube video up and put it on my website, I get google organic search traffic and that helps get even more views on my YouTube channel.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

Another place that is kind of random that I made over almost $500 is CPD formula. This is a Canadian CPD marketplace which is a continuing education program for CPAs.

This website contacted me and I put up my courses. It was a pain to get all of my courses on this website and I’m grateful that this has paid off over a thousand dollars in earnings. This is one of the few websites I’ve got good earnings from outside of Udemy, Skillshare StackCommerce and Uthena.

That said, the process to get the courses up there was difficult and I am not putting any new courses up there.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

Another big area of growth is the affiliate program Kabbage. It is a business line of credit and I put this video up just to test this and I didn’t even have the affiliate program when I filmed it. I just filmed a video showing how you could get a business line of credit because I didn’t even know you could have a business line of credit.

I didn’t even know what it was. I was like “Cool, I’ll put a video up about it” and I just got a $250 affiliate Commission from one person. One person signed up with my Kabbage affiliate link and earned me $250.

Thus, I didn’t even have a blog post on my website. I did this video months ago and someone watched the video, signed up and got me $250. It was one of the fastest areas of growth. If you want a business line of credit, you can get a $50 gift card. It’s free to apply and the great thing about the business line of credit, I’ve got one for $11,000. It’s basically just emergency cash.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

If for some reason you have a disaster in your business, you need some cash, it’s a significant interest rate of something like 10% for six months. So it’s not something you just want to casually use and then find out how big the payments are but this is a nice thing to have in an emergency.

It’s a good peace of mind that if for some reason you run out of your cash, you can just quickly draw it. There’s no interest until you draw it. It’s like a credit card except for its cash. So, it’s kind of like a cash advance line on a credit card.

If you want to use that, you can just click on this post, Kabbage Business Credit Line Application Approved in 5 Minutes for $7700 or watch its video. This is one of the affiliates out of others in the Income Report, September 2019.

If you know business owners, something like Direct Selling could be a very good way to earn some money.

One of the big areas of growth last month is in my Google Organic Search Clicks and this is also accounted for one of the largest expenses I showed you in the Income Report September 2019.

What I’ll do right now is to show you the expenses coming in because business online is all about the money you make i.e. Income – Expenses = Profit.

Therefore, it’s critical to consider how much your expenses are and you do need to spend money to make money in most cases unless you’re just willing to trade your time for money via services, serving clients or going to a job.

Thus, for my business, it is essential I spend money to make money. The 2 key areas are contract labor and advertising in the Income Report, September 2019. I’ll show you the main output of contract labor.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

The blogs are the main output of the contract labor right now. I pay transcribers hundreds of dollars a week on Upwork to take all of the new videos I make off my YouTube channel and convert them into a blog.

I will give the transcribers a video with a link to the file on Dropbox. Transcribers go through and make these beautiful posts.

Sponsor Video With Jerry Banfield

Every one of my sponsored videos includes one of these blog posts on my website which gives me a unique value proposition in terms of giving a sponsor something much more than just views. Let’s take a look at this post.

All I did was give the transcriber this video. The transcriber puts this video up here and turns it into an entire beautiful blog post with my lovely face on it a bunch of times. There are links to the videos, my youtube channel, Facebook page, anything I mentioned in the video, my mastermind, my podcast, etc.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

This all gets stuck into the blog post. So what happens? Google loves all of the new content on my website. I’ve scaled up my blog posts and been more consistent in the trend. I have a team of transcribers together in the last 3 months to make sure I do every single video as a blog post.

I have 25,000+ more search clicks. These are free clicks off of Google. That means when someone’s searching on Google, my website is coming up and they’re coming to my website for free and this is very valuable.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

For example, one of the services that was ordered on Uthena. I went to see exactly how this got ordered. A client paid $279 to have one hour of my time and how did that happen?

They found one of these blog posts on my website with a link to my services page and they instantly hire me from there. I immediately gave them a phone call and did an hour of service with the client that way. That’s how powerful these blog posts are.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

Then what I do is, I’ve got a little footer bar that then helps funnel people to the newest videos, blog posts, helps take readers from all over my website, focuses on the newest posts and continues reading.

Thus, having a blog is a really good way when you combine it with YouTube videos to earn money online.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

Another big expense was my WordPress hosting. Relative to the total amount of expenses, this was only about 5% of the total expenses. The contract labor expenses are paying people to do the blog posts, help out with Uthena,, write emails, do graphic design, etc.

Income Report September 2019 — Back to Profit with Uthena, YouTube, Brand Deals, and Skillshare

For example, this thumbnail was done by Auret who has her graphic design services available on Uthena. This thumbnail is a part of my contract labor expenses. What you have outside of that are advertising expenses which include Google ads for videos that I just scaled up this month.

My web hosting is an essential thing to get right. If you want these kinds of results for your website, you need to have fast website hosting. I use Kinsta. I’ve used Kinsta for years before they even had an affiliate program.

Kinsta is amazing because it’s on the Google cloud platform. This means Kinsta’s hosting set up is on the same network as Google. Google is all about speed and I prefer Google from the user experience I’ve had on other websites hosted by Amazon.

I prefer the Google cloud setup. Google setup is a little more expensive. My web hosting costs about $400 a month. I’ve got hourly backups and if you go around my website, you can see my website just rips. It loads really fast. If you click from page to page, it brings up massive blog posts in almost no time.

A key ranking factor for search engine optimization is website speed. Your website host is one of the biggest factors. If you’d like to use Kinsta, please use my link. I’ll get a percentage for the life of your subscription.

You can also go to my resources and find a list of all the other services I use. I have a video dedicated specifically to it which you can watch below.

Another key service is Active Campaign. It costs another $400 a month to do my email marketing. The beauty is that it includes my email marketing for my website, Uthena and it includes email marketing for anything else I want to do.

Why I love Active Campaign?

Because it scales with your business. I used to use cheaper email marketing and I deleted my list off it because I couldn’t scale it. You can start out with a brand new website with Active Campaign and no list. You can take it to where I’m now with something like 20,000 subscribers and you can have all these additional features without having to switch your email marketing and that is essential for success.

Now, the last thing is Thinikific. This is what I use to host Uthena. This is $500 a month and I’ve therefore accounted for the majority of my advertising expenses. You can use my affiliate link if you want to use Thinkific to create, market, and sell your courses.

That concludes the Income Report September 2019 presentation I’ve got for how I made $12,000 in September 2019 and how I spent $8,500 and then $3,500 in profits.

The key thing to say about this is I’ve been losing money all year and for September 2019, I was ruthless mentally about all we are going to think about is profit this month. I literally mentally focused on profit and we made a profit. Thank you for all that you’ve done to help with that.

I intended that I will help you make more money in October than I ever have before and it will result in me making more than last month.

Wolf Alexander: How much did you pay the girls from the fiver videos?

I spent a total of $350 on all of the 5 Fiverr videos in total. I have a video talking about that.

That was not a successful experiment in the sense of promoting my music successfully. It was the loss of a lot of subscribers to my YouTube channel and that’s not something I intend to repeat again for the foreseeable future.

If you want to make some money, do something to help me or to help someone else. It’s really simple, for example, my intention is to make $25,000 a month in profit. I’ve averaged $10,000+ a month in profit since 2015.

The question is, what am I going to help you do? I made a video about this recently on YouTube.

I’m going to help all of you collectively make a million dollars a month. It’s certain that you’ll help me make more money back as well.

Michael: I want to be a millionaire this time next year.

The secret seems to be to feel like a millionaire. I feel like a millionaire right now. Although, my mind’s like, “No, you’re not. You are broke”. There is a lot more to wealth than how much money you might have on one screen in one account.

Feeling like a millionaire to me is feeling wealthy. Feeling like you can have all the things you want today. To me, that’s much more important than whatever a bank account says because you can have lots of money and just constantly be afraid of losing it.

I have a post that will explain in detail about it. The Secret to be Wealthy | Tips & Suggestions

I had half a million dollars in my Steam Account before and I was so afraid of losing it. Guess what happened? I did lose it. I am a millionaire. I am worth well over a million dollars in my mind and that’s what is critical because the outside world tends to manifest what’s going on in our minds.

If you look at my finances and don’t count the value of my business, you would not agree with that. However, I value my business at 10 million dollars which makes me a millionaire withholding 100% of it.

So, Michael, you can literally be a millionaire today. You don’t need to wait until next year. If you’re a millionaire in your mind that will manifest in reality.

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Essetino Artists is one of the earlier partners in the partner program. It’s amazing when I get to know you over time like I’ve gotten to know Jewel and Auret with Essetino Artists. The more I get to know each of the members of my Mastermind, it’s amazing what can be developed over time.

What I can say about earning money is you want to focus on the long-term. Some of the biggest learning opportunities in my business have been where I’ve focused just on the short-term. How can I turn this investment into a lot of money? How can I make a bunch of money this month?

When do you really want to focus on how do I have enough money for the rest of my life?

Lots of times it is different actions, for example, you might go out and hustle a lot if you want to make money this month but if you want to have income for the rest of your life, you can see it’s a really steady and patient approach.

Tazz: I would like to make an income over gaming.

For income over gaming Tazz, I highly recommend that you watch the video below.

Money Mark: Any suggestions on TikTok videos?

Mark, what I’ve been doing is just watching videos from other people. You can see what’s working for other people. You can try some of those. There’s no substitute for just trial and error. Test different things.

For example, if you go to my TikTok @jerrybanfield, you’ll see the videos I did yesterday. You can see the videos I do. I’m just testing out some different kinds of videos on my TikTok.

I also have a video that shows in detail about my experience with TikTok.

What I’m intending to do is stick with my message. There hardly seem to be any good videos on TikTok about making money. I have a friend building an audience rapidly showing people about programming/ hacking and making money.

There’s a ton of content creation opportunities that are open on TikTok because almost no one is creating videos for that.

Therefore, you can just experiment. Try out different formats and share stories with your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. With this, you can get some additional feedback from there.

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Thank you. I appreciate the chance to serve you today. I love you. You’re awesome.

Jerry Banfield