The Best Inspirational Books for Business Leaders

I’m grateful that so many people have said I’m inspiring. I’m grateful people think  I’m helpful and I’ve given something that’s been life changing. To be fair, I can only give what I have to give away. I’ve been inspired and I’ve been helped, loved, and supported by a ton of people.

This post is about the books I’ve read specifically. What books have inspired me? What books are the key background of what you see right now? What books inspire me to operate in my life each day? I’m going to go through here with you over the last four years some of the most powerful books that I’ve read.

Inspirational Books - 1

The Power Of Now is by far #1.

Ultimately, aren’t most of us doing everything in our lives today to live a happy and peaceful life? It’s one book read by the author in 7.5 hours. It has exactly what I needed and what I still need and use today to practice a life lived in this moment. That means to live a moment where you’re fully alive now and not chasing the past or the future.

This is a huge part of my life in living a life based on spiritual existence instead of a material existence. Most of what people have loved about the work I do online is that aspect of it. It comes through in certain aspects in how to do Facebook ads or Adwords or how to do courses on Udemy. It comes through there, but the spiritual element is what really is loved about most of what I do.

The Power of Now has been helpful for me. It’s not  helpful for everyone. There are lots of bad reviews on this book. The funny thing is if you are living a life of materialism and don’t want to change, this book will be useless. I pay attention to things like that because the things that annoy me are often the things I need the most.

Inspirational Books - Power of Vulnerability

The next one is the Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown.

This is another hugely influential book in my life. I read this one right before I started getting a lot better in my life. I listened to the honesty and the sharing that Brene Brown does. This is a series of talks she gives.

I love the things Brene Brown creates. I read this before the Power of Now. If I read them in the other order, I don’t know if it would’ve worked well. I read this right after my dad passed and it helped because I was the kind of person who didn’t show vulnerability. I thought strength was showing no vulnerability. This book changed my mind on a lot of things authenticity, courage, and connection. I absolutely love it and I recommended it. A lot of my friends and family have read this book.

You’ll notice the first two books I started out with are the entire foundation and premise of my life. A lot of the things I’m going to list are business books later on. The most powerful ones are the ones that caused me to look inside and see what’s going on in this thing! What’s going on in here.

Inspirational Books - rising strong

Rising Strong by Brene Brown is another one about overcoming failure. I don’t tell you about my drinking benders and alcoholism because I’m proud of it. I tell you about it because it has helped me to live a better life by sharing my own difficulties. I want you to see that if you have something you’re struggling with, that’s a good thing for growth. If you can admit your own struggles and your own problems, you gain the ability to rise strong.

In this book, Brene Brown talks about the times you just face plant. For me, having a hangover in bed was another face plant.

Here, I did it again. 
Everything is messed up. 
I’m all alone.
I don’t want to live anymore. 
What do I do? 

You’re in a dark place where you can’t see the light out and you can’t see the light where you came in. You’re stuck in darkness and don’t know where to go from there.

She talks about a lot of her own face plant moments like getting emails that trigger her shame right away. Brene Brown helps me to indentify my own shame trigger. These are places where when something happens I’m right back to 7-years old and I’m in trouble again. Those things like the car dealership, or paying an extra $400 in taxes each year put me back into shame. This books helped me to see that faster and to actively go through the rising strong process in my life.

Inspirational Books - Happier



10% Happier

This book is crucial. Whatever I’m trying to do in my personal life is inseparable from the results I get in my business life. I can’t try to do anything in my business life or personal life without anything happening.

I loved this book when I was trying to be a good person. Seeing my bad habits that had been revealed by  previous books and learning about what I can do. This is where the name Eckhart Tolle started to stick with me. This got me connected with the book that ended up having a gigantic impact on my life in the Power of Now. I wouldn’t have been open to reading it if Dan Harris hadn’t told the story of his life with working at ABC as a news anchor. He explained how he went through addictions. That helped me be more comfortable at looking at my own problems. It helped me to see that I do have these real problems that I need to work on. How could I try to be a little bit happier. Instead of being 100% happier, the 10% happier made sense to me.  This book helped out a lot in those ways.

Inspirational Books - happiness project

The Happiness Project

10% Happier went well with the Happiness Project. You can see that several of these books are about being happy. Happy people function more effectively. People that are not poisoning themselves addictions are more effective at everything  in life. I’m grateful for the chance to be like that today. The Happiness Project gave me concrete tips I applied in my life. When Gretchen talked about her bed time routines, I applied some of those in my life. I try to clean up the house now and do some clean up routines before bed time.

Books like this helped me to see I’m more of a programmable robot than I am a unique individual. Learning what other people’s adventures through programming themselves successfully has helped me to program myself more successfully.

Inspirational Books - mindfulness

The Miracle of Mindfulness

This booked helped me a lot with meditating. I didn’t know a lot about meditating. I was closed minded to it and this book made it simple. You simply close your eyes, count to ten and breathe.

Inspirational Books - creativity inc

Creativity Inc

This is by the founder of Pixar animation that is also the leader of Disney animation. This book was recommended by Brene Brown and this has been really helpful for me as a creative company. It has so many things that show you some of the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration.  This book might be useful for getting through limitations that you’re having now in your own creativity. This book reinforced  for me a lot of the books I’ve already read. I found myself nodding my head in agreement.

I’m grateful for  all these books. All these books combined have given me the tools to do these things. All of the education and self-taught business and online work that I do were self taught. Plus all the hand on learning that I did across the board and all of the other places. Thank you very much for reading this, I hope this is helpful for you.