Is College Essential in 2020 and Beyond for Learning Skills Jobs and Networking

When I was coming up in this world, the idea of college was essential.

I was born in 1984 and I graduated high school in 2002. The idea of college was something I couldn’t even hardly comprehend doing without.

My whole plan was to go to college, and then have a real career and job after that.

Today, as I look, and it’s now 17 years since I graduated high school, and it’s been 13 years since I graduated college, I’m still paying my undergrad loans. And not only that, but I got the idea that well, if college was helpful, then maybe a master’s degree or really take things to the next level, I’m still paying off my master’s degree loans that I graduated with in 2012, which has been seven years.

Thankfully, they will be done in a year or two. At this point, what I can say is almost all the money I’ve made has been a result of self directed learning.

If you arent willing to do any self-directed earning, then yes, college may be essential for you. If you have no idea what self-directed learning is, take a look and hit that subscribe button on my YouTube channel, get those notifications for videos, or follow on Facebook and get those new videos because I’ll show you what self directed learning is just watching stuff.

I post things every day, video tutorials, ideas that can be helpful for you to advance your skills and earn money online. That’s what self-directed learning is.

Not self-directed learning is going to a classroom and sitting there and someone telling you exactly what you need to learn.

If you can’t fathom doing it self directed learning, maybe just realize every time you Google something that’s self directed learning, you’re already doing self directed learning.

I am suggesting today that college is not only not essential today, but that college is also, in most cases, a waste of time and money compared to self directed learning.

I understand if you want a professional career, if you want to be a doctor, or if you want to be a lawyer, then a going to college and continuing education is essential. But I recommend you check your motives first.

Why do you want to be a doctor or a lawyer? If you’re just doing it, because you think it can make good money, then you’re much better off doing self directed learning.

A lot of the opportunities today in this world are working online and helping companies with things that you learn online.

Thus, there’s a lot of new job opportunities totally working online, from your home, wherever you want to work. And there’s a lot of job opportunities working for companies using skills that you can learn completely online.

College in my opinion, is a waste of time with our current environment.

College says one of the sales pitch items as we will help you network and get jobs, and almost all cases you have to do it almost completely yourself or you have to put the work in at the college that you really don’t even need the college because you could just put the work in yourself.

If you’re thinking well if college isn’t essential, what do I do instead?

What you do instead is take video courses, learn actual skills, try and do things that you learn, start a blog, do a YouTube channel, make a podcast I show you how to do all these things on my YouTube channel. I’ve earned millions of dollars doing the things online.

When I was working regular jobs, I never made more than $40,000. In one year, I went to college, I thought I was going to be an engineer then I switched my major over to criminal justice. But the main thing I did was waste what not waste time nothing is truly a waste of time because you learn.

What I mainly did in college is play video games, drink, fail to date girls successfully, and everything but school.

In fact classes to me were kind of a nuisance. I love self-directed learning, listening to audiobooks is an outstanding way to learn and grow starting a business is a huge opportunity.

Let’s take a look at parallel timelines. In timeline one, you go to college for four years, you borrow a bunch of money, and then you’re getting out of college trying to find a job.

And so are a whole bunch of other people with you.

Or you start a business and you may lose money for the first few years of your business, probably less than you would barring to go to college. And then you will probably get your business going after that.

I took about two years to start and get my business profitable as I struggled and failed. It was so fun, though, and it still is fun. It’s never any kind of boring, like I used to have in class.

Now compare a timeline where you took went to school versus you went and made your own business. After probably four years you’ll have a profitable business, you’ll have a lot of marketable skills should you want to stop doing your business?

Even if you failed to have your own business, you probably have some valuable skills you could use to go to work for somebody else and in the course of doing your business, you’ve probably had to, and we’re enthusiasticly networking with others, instead of binge drinking, finding ways to screw around like playing video games a whole bunch and instead of spending a bunch of time and energy, trying to date girls who are going to move away or have other plans, you might find some or guys but you might find some closer to home.

In most cases, I suggest College is a lead less effective option than simply self directing your own learning.

Sometimes you can get inspired to do your self directed learning because of college, I am thinking my master’s degree program and my PhD program which I dropped out of for putting me in a place where I realized the most important learning I could do was whatever curriculum I set for myself.

I was studying to have a PhD in criminology and teach criminal justice courses after in college, I got my undergraduate in criminal justice and the only world I could see was criminal justice for years.

Those jobs were tough jobs, like being a correction officer, police officer, mental health transportation officer, those were tough, scary jobs, or I never made more than 40,000 a year and where I worked 40 hours a week and they sucked the energy I had out of being able to do anything else. I like what I do today.

If you try and move off to college, also you end up needing to pay rent and have all these expenses. instead of staying and living wherever you were going to high school at.

College may still be essential in some cases, if you want to be a licensed professional, then yes, you do need to go to college.

In this case, you probably want to go through college as fast as possible. You might want to load up on extra courses, not waste time with all the drinking and partying, and focus on getting through college in the shortest amount of time with this smallest amount of debt and get through your professional school and get licensed with your profession, then yes, in that case, college can provide you with an outstanding career.

However, you might want to research which profession is actually in demand.

Some professions, there’s a lot of people in them. For example, my wife, Laura went to law school, only to see, -some of us may think this is obvious- what she went to law school, there’s a lot of lawyers already.

And in fact it most attorneys are struggling to get a job in the legal field at all because there’s so many lawyers coming out of law school and the amount of time attorneys are practicing baased on the life expectancy and the income, it can be hard to find a good legal job after going to law school despite having massive debt.

You might consider as many possible professions as you can. If you really want to make a lot of money, having your own business is probably the best bet. Because you can get to work on it and you can truly maximize your gift.

In the course of doing your business, you will either just go out of business and fail or you will be challenged so much that you’ll find like I have self directed learning lessons one after another after another after another.

I’ve learned so many different things having my own business, it’s crazy. Things from the basics of just doing your own business, to human psychology, marketing, advertising, I keep learning all the time.

Because with my own business, I need to have a very general set of skills and skills I already had beforehand, like public speaking, I’ve refined these to a very high level where I can just narrate videos without a script, just talk from the heart.

Then I have sponsored videos, where people want me to talk about certain subjects.

I am so grateful, I started my own business and the best thing that happened to me in school was a program called the doctoral Leadership Institute at USF that was just started while I was there. And I got to be in the initial class of it.

That program gave us a curriculum to learn how to be leaders.

In the course of that program, I realized that it was up to me to learn the things I really needed to learn, it was up to me to set my own curriculum, and build my own skill set. A university could not possibly compare it to all the things I could learn on my own. It’s not intended to.

Yes, college is essential. If you want to go into a licensed profession.

I suggest anything outside of a licensed profession, like a doctor or lawyer, assuming you’ve fully researched and considered if you start school in 2020, for example, and then you might be able to be a doctor, or an attorney or something and maybe 5 to 8 years depending on how long school takes.

Think about that. I’ve done all that I’ve done with my business in eight years.

The amount of time for that my business has made over a million dollars in the time I’ve had it.

In almost any other profession or any other path I’ve taken there’s almost no way I could have done that in eight years and yet, this is what’s possible when you make your own business.

Even and I work at home, I have my own hours, I’ve never been so passionate about doing something as I am for doing my own business on my own work. I love it. I love what I do and the world I’m intending to help create is a world where more of us are empowered to go just give our gifts directly, without needing to spend years and years and years only to realize…

-Hey, I might as well start my own business instead of going college.

If I’d have started my own business, instead of going to college, I don’t know if it’ll worked. Maybe there were things I learned in college that were helpful.

One I can see today is that anything I did learn in college, I could have learned much faster with my own self directed learning.

I hope this is helpful if you’re making a decision whether to go to college or not or if you’re a parent, and that you’ve been pressuring your kid or expecting them to go to college to have a little bit more of an open mind to say, well, maybe it’s not essential to go to college today, maybe I’ll just not try and push them in one direction.

Because I don’t know specifically for you or your situation. Rather, college is the center I only can give you general trends and my personal experience.

I believe that if I was encouraged to do self directed learning earlier, and focus on that instead of going to college, I could have gotten way farther ahead, so to speak, I could have started my business after high school and be about where I’m at today, except 10 years ago, and not even have spent all but the nice thing is I got a lot of valuable experience from what I did.

Imagine eight years in the future, the work environment is continuing to get more and more structured in a way that is counterproductive to go to college because you need exact skills. A lot of the job opportunities are online, things you’re not even learning in college anyway, you need some real skills.

If you want to make money you need relationships with people and often college just takes up time that you could be using to establish these other things.

So thank you very much for making it to the end of this.

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I love you! You’re awesome.
I appreciate the chance to do what I love and help you every day.
Jerry Banfield