Is TikTok the Next Instagram?

Is TikTok the Next Instagram? Is TikTok a hot place to start posting videos, creating content and giving yourself the best chance to grow an organic following online?

Is TikTok the Next Instagram?

I think so based on the data I’m seeing here. TikTok is the number one downloaded app on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store, it’s currently the number two app meaning this is the fastest growing app right now.

Is TikTok the Next Instagram?

I just signed up on TikTok yesterday with only 6 people following me. I uploaded a random 15-second video (which wasn’t even good­) saying, “Do you want me to blog?” according to their data, it has been seen by 437 people within the first 24 hours without any promotion.

Is TikTok Next Instagram?

That is why it is so exciting because it’s very hard on things like Instagram to just start posting and to get anybody to follow you but if you went back 7 years ago on Instagram, you could just blow up just by posting and that’s what’s so exciting about TikTok.

Is TikTok the Next Instagram?

I’m not the only person talking about TikTok. CBS News did a video on TikTok being the most downloaded app 4 months ago. A month ago somebody just put a video out Is TikTok about to Facebook Instagram?. That’s a clever title and Gary Vee just put out a video saying, TikTok Offers a Huge Advantage Right Now.

Let’s give you some more insight into the history of Instagram to see why it now may be time to get in on TikTok. I intend to start posting videos every day on TikTok going forward because these also share very easily with other social media accounts.

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For example, I can very easily put this up as a story on my YouTube channel and I can put this up as a story on my Facebook page.

When I make a video specifically for TikTok, in just a couple of clicks on my phone, these are going out and the stories on my Facebook page are reaching a thousand people more than any of my other posts.

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The stories on YouTube don’t even go against the current algorithms which make TikTok a very exciting opportunity to create to reach both on TikTok and then very easily share this over platforms like Instagram. Is TikTok the next Instagram?

Let’s take a quick review of Instagram history. Instagram started in October 2010. It was only on iOS and then it got on Android in April 2012. It started blowing up rapidly, which is why Facebook bought it, and with Facebook buying Instagram in 2012, it is now past a billion users.

What stinks on Instagram now is that it has a billion users and a whole bunch of marketers like me that crowd up the space by spending a bunch of money on ads and severely limit the opportunity for anyone to just go on, post and build a following.

Is TikTok the Next Instagram?

What we’re seeing right now is TikTok is still wide open. If I can post a video and get hundreds of views on it and get followers without hardly doing anything in the first 24 hours, imagine what a high school or college student with a whole lot of time can do and that’s exactly what we’re seeing on TikTok.

I’ve watched a bunch of videos that made me laugh out loud. Things that college students have made in their dorm rooms, in their bathrooms and that are blowing them up on TikTok. Is TikTok the next Instagram?

The videos I’ve liked, people have built up tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of followers just by dropping videos. They’ve made 15-second videos with their phone in their dorm room and you could do things like that on Instagram pretty easily 7 years ago.

Is TikTok the Next Instagram?

Now, Instagram is so played out. There are tons of videos on how to do Instagram that’s exciting if you look around on YouTube. For example, a search for TikTok Tutorial. There are hardly any videos. There is very little competition.

This means this is a good subject to create videos about.

I also looked for the TikTok advertising tutorial. TikTok just started the ads. I’ve been scrolling around on TikTok. I have not seen one ad. I’ve not seen an ad on TikTok on the first day of using it, spending hours using it which means great user experience.

Is TikTok the Next Instagram?

There’s maybe one TikTok ads tutorial in Hindi. This is a wide-open subject. What I can remember is when I started making tutorials on Facebook ads in 2012, I was able to blow my following up by making hundreds of thousands of dollars online by being the first or one of the very first to make a lot of tutorials about Facebook ads.

If you did the same thing with Instagram, you started making a bunch of tutorials about Instagram several years ago, you could easily blow your following up on YouTube. Is TikTok the next Instagram?

Now, you pretty much have to have an established following in order to make a tutorial about Instagram that has any success but if you make a tutorial about TikTok, there will be almost no other options you can get followers from there, especially if we review the history we can see the similarities.

Is TikTok the Next Instagram?

Instagram in 2012 was a new app. People were getting really excited because of the quality. You can just keep it simple. Just post some photos, interact with people and get some organic discovery.

Apps like Facebook and now Instagram are so crowded that if you just post, almost no one will find you if you don’t have an established following but TikTok is not like that today. Is TikTok the next Instagram?

Is TikTok the Next Instagram?

If you look at TikTok, it was launched in 2017. It’s huge in China which means they’ve got a lot of good user data. There are separate apps for China and the rest of the world and what’s cool is that TikTok is by a Chinese company which means we can expect some significant differences between using Facebook and using Instagram which creates a lot of great opportunities.

This is why I’m so excited about this and this is why I’ve told you about this today. I hope this is useful for you if you want to build up your business and if you are looking to find the best place you can grow today.

One of the guys I follow, he had worked hard on other platforms to build himself up a following. He’d been blogging and making all these blog posts, struggling to build a following, struggling to make income, and he started posting quick little tutorial videos on TikTok and he has already got over 20,000 followers by posting what my opinion isn’t very good tutorials.

He’s literally taking his phone out and recording his screen. He does live streams where you can’t even see his screen and he’s just talking and he’s getting people watching him live. They’re faster than any other platform.

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