Going from 0 Subscribers to 1 on YouTube with James Abraham!

How to get your very first subscriber and the next few subscribers after that on YouTube? It is what we are talking about with James Abraham who is just getting started on his YouTube channel today.

Going from 0 Subscribers to 1 on YouTube with James Abraham!

What are some of the best strategies to get YouTube organically promote whatever it is you are trying to do?

Going From 0 Subscribers to 1 on YouTube with James Abraham!

If you are just getting started on YouTube or looking to grow, I think you will find this useful. If you want to find James, you can just go to my YouTube channel, look at the featured channel and there is a link for my partners including James Abraham.

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Thank you for watching this and I’m excited to share a little part of the call that I had with James Abraham.

James: I don’t know if this is accurate or not, but I was testing the live stream software, what do you call it?

The broadcasting software, and while I was testing, I was actually running a 45-minute test where I was just blabbing on and on about whatever, you know, and I actually had like four people come on to the live stream, which I know doesn’t sound like a lot.

Jerry: That’s good for not having subscribers.

James: Yeah, I’m starting from scratch. I have no initial audience and you know, that’s really what my challenge is, trying to go from zero to one, or to build up that initial audience.

I’ve got some ideas as to how to get started with that, but live streaming is probably going to be one of several ways that I’m going to try to approach it.

Going From 0 Subscribers to 1 on YouTube with James Abraham!

Maybe if we don’t have time today, maybe in another call we can talk about strategies to building an initial audience because I think a lot of people out there have that question.

I’ve been doing content for not only courses, but with books and stuff, and that has always been a challenge like how do you get that initial audience?

I think even people who have been online for a long time, still have that question.

Jerry: What I did that helped with my initial audience is I sent a lot of direct messages to people and in that respect everybody has hundreds if not thousands of people you could email or that you could send a message to on Facebook.

Especially if you can think about who would like to watch this, even if it’s just maybe 5 or 10 people, if you can pick out of all of your life maybe 5 or 10 people, and you might need to send out hundreds of messages.

If you give that core audience of 5 or 10 people from your friends, your family, the people you’ve worked with, past potential customers.

I did that with selling a website once. I didn’t even realize how clever it was at the time I went through, I had all my leads on one email address for this domain and I was going to sell it and my goal was to make sure I stayed in touch with anybody who wanted to keep working with me.

Going From 0 Subscribers to 1 on YouTube with James Abraham!

I emailed a thousand people or so individually in Gmail. It took hours in the middle of the night. I was just getting sober and having trouble sleeping. I just sat. I just went and replied to every single email I had gotten that inbox and I said, “Hey, I’m selling this domain on Flippa, here’s my new email address.”

A couple of the people that I emailed decided they wanted to buy the domain and bid it up to several thousand dollars and it only took two people essentially to make that happen.

So just those direct messages can be a great way if you can get 5 or 10 people that you already know watching it, that’ll help so much for the algorithm, to push it out more from there because a lot of people don’t get anyone at all watching it.

But if you can get out of that, nobody’s watching it, having me stop by, I can just easily throw it on my phone even if I’m working and give you a view that way. Every little thing like that can help.

James: Yeah. The story that I have about that, what you just said, is when I was starting out with my digital marketing business. The way that I was approaching people were direct messaging. Actually, that’s how I got my first couple of customers and that works.

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