Welcome James Brooks Our New Gaming Video Editor and Partner!

Welcome James Brooks Our New Gaming Video Editor and Partner!

We have hired a gaming video editor. Will you please join me in celebrating James Brooks as the new gaming video editor here for all of my videos on Facebook, YouTube and wherever else my videos end up going?

Welcome James Brooks Our New Gaming Video Editor and Partner!

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My videos are primarily posted on YouTube and on Facebook. If you would like to get to know James, will you please go to Jerrybanfield.com/partners because there you will get a link to James’s website at www.jamesebrooks.com?

I’m honored James Brooks is working with me today. He has done a great job now for a couple of weeks editing the gaming videos that we have seen out.

I waited till I’d sent him a couple of payments. He has now gotten over $1,000 editing more than 20 gaming videos on my YouTube channel and on my Facebook page.

The video I put up about making $500 a week editing gaming videos, James is now doing that by working with me. If you would like to be available in case I need another video editor or you want to get hired by someone else as a video editor, will you please become a partner like James did today because within our partners community we have got a lot of video course instructors and live streamers who may need help with video editing now or may need help in the future as their businesses grow?

Welcome James Brooks Our New Gaming Video Editor and Partner!

My partner program is intended as a place for entrepreneurs and freelancers to get connected and help each other earn money. James is planning on working on credit for some of the gaming videos to do a lifetime partner membership because the partner memberships are either $49 a month or $1,000 for life. I’m honored James is planning on becoming a partner for life after becoming a partner for a month.

In order to get hired, James made an outstanding playlist with the gaming videos from the $500 a week video that I put up. He made an awesome playlist on YouTube where he just went through one of my gaming videos and I was amazed at the videos he thought to even create out of something that I had a hard time thinking there was anything worth watching in the two hours of live streaming that he edited.

He made something like 10 or 12 videos out of it. I watched the videos in the playlist, I loved them and most of the edited gaming videos you see coming out on my channel, those are being created by James. We are having a great working relationship where we go back and forth in terms of, I’m imagining what to create and I’m communicating that with James. Then, he is imagining himself, he is creating, and giving the videos back.

After that we are doing a little dance with Facebook and YouTube on what works best. Facebook is now allowing me to monetize videos, and then that means actually while small and short video clips used to be ideal on Facebook, now it seems that on Facebook it’s actually better to do longer videos because I can earn money if the videos are longer than three minutes on it with ad breaks.

Welcome James Brooks Our New Gaming Video Editor and Partner!

It earns a lot more than YouTube, and then when that video gets shared or when people like it, it’s a great opportunity instead of a shorter video that can’t earn any ad revenue. If a shorter video gets shared, then there is not as much to watch either.

There is a big difference. You spend a minute watching something or someone, you spend like ten or twenty minutes watching a video.

As we have done these videos, we keep testing different formats seeing what’s the very best for the viewers. You will see those videos from James on YouTube and on Facebook.

If you would like to get a hold of James, will you please either join Jerry Banfield as a partner or go on the partners’ page, click on James’s profile and you can go straight to his website and he has got his phone number and his email. You can contact him directly right on his website and you might enjoy that if you need some help with video editing.

Welcome James Brooks Our New Gaming Video Editor and Partner!

If you would like to learn what you can do with my partner program, there is a lot of benefits. One of the benefits I think is the best is you get one-on-one calls with me each month, which can be perfect if you want a little coaching, and it’s forty-nine dollars a month to get a one-on-one call with me.

Now, these rewards can change at any time. If we get too many partners, I might not be able to do one-on-one individual calls. We might go back to group calls instead, with about 30 or 40 active partners right now, I can do one-on-one calls and only about a quarter of the partners actually use those calls.

You can private message me. You get private label rights. You get access to all my video courses. You get a link on the partners page for SEO and a special bonus.

I’m just announcing this publicly for the first time.

“No one cares, Jerry!”

I’m just announcing this for the first time.

If you would like me to make an ongoing collaboration with you, something like you would like me to make a dedicated video for you, for example, if you have got a website you would like me to look at, or a new cryptocurrency you would like me to take a look at, if you get lifetime access, if you become a partner for life, I will be happy to take a look and do essentially a video review of what I see, and then share that on my YouTube channel.

I may have one of those coming out soon for a cryptocurrency price chart website that I think is a lot better than the ones I’ve seen so far.

This way, it’s a lifetime collaboration because I get a lot of organic search traffic. My whole strategy online is organic search traffic and word-of-mouth marketing.

Therefore, while as many have pointed out, some of my new videos on how I got a headshot on “Call of Duty” get a few hundred views, that’s great as that’s just totally for fun essentially, although I might transition. It looks like I’m transitioning to it being more for actual income.

The main thing I get traffic on, I put video after video out that I intend to show up in search results and sometimes I don’t do videos that often on things like that, but even a video like this, it is intended to show up in the long term, and then you can watch it indefinitely.

Welcome James Brooks Our New Gaming Video Editor and Partner!

I don’t know where I’m going with this…

I totally got off of talking about James and it’s fine.

My mind is like, “Come on. Just ramble on for a few more minutes, so you can put an extra YouTube ad in.”

But I won’t remember to even put the extra YouTube ad, so we are just going to end it.

End it now before it gets worse.


Jerry Banfield

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