Is Jerry Banfield Gay?

Is Jerry Banfield Gay?

“Am I gay?” is the question that Hakis just asked on YouTube during the live stream and I thought I’d do a whole video response on that.

Is Jerry Banfield Gay?

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I think all of our sexuality is on a sliding scale. I don’t think any of us is completely straight or completely gay, and just calling it straight and gay even biases it that straight is how you are supposed to be and gay is a little deviant.

I definitely have some gay in there. There are a few guys I see and I kind of like the pretty-boy types. I kind of like the guys that look like me.

Not surprising if you listen to my comedy, which I deleted.

I kind of like the guys that look like me.

I think, “Oh, God. Oh, man. I wouldn’t mind being gay with him for a little while” and I mean I could even picture it would be possible for me to have a boyfriend for a little while, at the same time though my main interest is girls.

I love my wife. I love my children. I love having sex with my wife. It’s just the best in the world and it’s amazing.

So, I’m definitely on a sliding scale.

I’m heavily over on the female side.

Now, occasionally I see a guy that I get a bit excited about.

You know like, “He’s hot,” or something like that, but that happens all the time to me with women like going to Disney is an unpleasant experience often for me because there are so many attractive women.

Is Jerry Banfield Gay?

My body constantly feels, “Hey, she’s good enough to mate with. Hey, hey, hey, hey.”

I talked to my wife about this. I asked, “When you go out, do you notice how many hot guys there are and does your mind start saying like in some survival scenario, like she’d work except translated to he?”

She answered, “No. It doesn’t.”

I was like, “Wow.”

That’s the pain of, at least for me, being a man. It’s like my mind looks at finding a woman as some constant life and death problem. It’s like some kind of animalistic functionality that is built-in and is just always in the background like, “Ha, ha! She’s acceptable. She’s not. Eww.”

It’s kind of entertaining sometimes, the commentary that comes out.

I’m very supportive of pride in the gay community, which is why I’ve gone into so much detail in my book Speaker Meeting 2017.”

I go into a ton of detail about all of my sexual exploits, except I forgot one that long story short, I tried to make a move very discreetly on one of my guy friends at least 10, maybe 15 years ago.

I tried to very discretely make a move on him. He didn’t go for it. I don’t think he even realized what I was doing or if he did, he’s just acted like he didn’t realize it.

I think I forgot to put that in the book, just because I talked about an hour of my sex life in Speaker Meeting 2017.”

Is Jerry Banfield Gay?

It’s in graphic detail in there, but it’s put nicely and lovingly.

I feel I didn’t use an optimum approach with my explicit comedy, I was not putting it nicely.

So, I give you the good details in “Speaker Meeting 2017” because the idea is it’s a speaker meeting.

It’s my life, 2017.

I think the best way to experience it, is to listen to it on Audible because you can just listen to it wherever you want.

Here’s the book. I think five people have bought it.

Is Jerry Banfield Gay?

So, if you buy it and enjoy it, will you please leave a review on it because that will help someone else potentially get the same thing?

If you have never used Audible before, I love Audible and I listen to audiobooks almost every single day. Audible is just the best learning platform. If you buy my book “Speaker Meeting 2017” or any of the many books I have on Audible, they will give me a $50 bounty for you buying your first book as one of my books.

I really appreciate those because I’m working down over $200,000 of debt mostly from student loans between my wife and I.

If you want to really get into the details that most people will not ever tell you about or take to their grave, I really unload all of those in chapter 2 of Speaker Meeting 2017.”

I go into my eating issues, addiction, money, I go into all kinds of stuff in this book. I think you will love it, maybe one of the first people to ever read it.

Actually, I’ve given out a bunch of paperbacks for free and the response has been really good from people reading it, except for one girl who thought it was really disgusting.

I talked about all of my masturbation habits in it, and then she told a bunch of other people at the AA meeting and she thought I was trying to pick her up by giving her my book, and I got butt hurt about.

I got really butt hurt about that, and said, “You asked for the book!”

Is Jerry Banfield Gay?

So, there’s some good stuff in there.

Don’t read it if you are easily offended though, but there’s not any or there’s not much cussing in it.

It’s not nasty or foul like my explicit comedy.

So sorry to my family members who endured that.

Thank you for asking about, “Am I gay?”

If you want the whole story of my whole life, you can decide how gay I am when you read “Speaker Meeting 2017,” but you probably don’t need to read it because you just got enough data from this.

I’m just looking forward to putting up a video called “Am I Gay.”

At one point I thought being gay was the worst thing in the world though because I didn’t like the fact about how gay I was.

All of us have some straight and some gay.

I talk to guys that are gay often at AA and many of them have the same thing as they are mostly attracted to men, but they notice women sometimes, and often they have either been with women and enjoyed it.

I love being with women. I’m open. I think I’m open anyway.

We will see.

God willing my wife Laura will keep in good health the rest of her life because there is no telling what would happen otherwise.

I am faithful. That’s certain.

There you go.

Is Jerry Banfield Gay?

So, am I gay?

It is up to you.

I love you.

You are awesome.

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