Jerry Banfield Money and Business Vision August 2019!

Do you want to see my money and business vision? Because this will be so inspiring for you to craft the same thing to take control of what is manifesting in your life and to really focus on yourself and say:

—What do I really want?

Let me write it down and get clear about it and trust the universe to deliver this.

You can see I’ve been listening to The Secret, and Your Wish is Your Command and books that have been really inspiring me to manifest the life of my dreams and to remember that I’ve already done that.

I have this experience that I will show you if you haven’t watched that many videos, you want to get to know me, this is kind of the foundation I’m about to lay this money and business visions on.

What strikes me is when I look at these, if you told me five years ago, I’d have these to show you a million and a half in revenue over $10,000 a month in profit for years. At the time, those were just visions I had and today these are realities, these are realities from the taxes.

These are realities that for example, having five years sober, six years married and four years parenting at one point in my life, these things were all just imaginary.

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The idea of me having a wife was very imaginary for lots of years in my life, the idea of me getting sober, was imaginary for lots of years in my life, parenting, I remember going to the fertility doctor and just hoping and believing that we’d be able to get pregnant and now we have two children.

I think it’s really important to get clear about the visions and goals in your life. Because this is how things come true.

I manifested these things by first imagining them very clearly, even when my objective reality in 2014 when I was running out of money and not being able to have a business anymore and thinking, what would I do if I failed.

This looked very imaginary when I lost money, when my life was a disaster, when I couldn’t stay sober for a few days, my marriage was on edge and it didn’t seem like any kids were coming.

I trust you look at these visions, they will be helpful for you.

I wrote these down first on paper and now I’m communicating with them here.

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Without further ado, let’s take a look at these are my Money and Business Visions for August 2019.

Not that they need to happen in August 2019, this is what I’m thinking about right now.

1. Biggest Profit Year on my Business in 2019!

If you look at my current numbers, I’ve lost about $90,000 or so this year and you might think:

—Wow, you’re imagining you still have the biggest profit year.

—Yes, because I have three months of data I have 25% of the year I know nothing at all about and I’m open to still having the biggest profit year, ever so far, in my business.

2. Having my Student Loan Balances at Zero Dollars!

I’ve thought and pictured this very clearly, it’s so exciting. I’ve been paying on student loans since I graduated college in 2006. It’s been 13 years. There’s still $200,000 between my loans and my wife’s loans and my student loans.

I’m picturing very clearly the debt party that we’re going to have, we’re going to go to New York and watch some shows and stay at the Plaza Hotel.

Jerry Banfield Money and Business Visions August 2019!

This is one of my firsts money visions and I picture this very clearly. We will book this trip when we’ve paid off all of our debt and we’re so excited about this trip and one day that will be the actual reality around me instead of just in my mind.

3. Credit Cards back to auto-pay for full statement balance!

Right now credit cards are all on pay minimum balance. However, just a year ago, all the credit cards I had were set on auto pay the full statement balance that meant I was running on cash.

I’m very excited about getting the credit cards all back to the full statement balance.

4. Development Team funded for Uthena!

I’m getting a Chief Technology Officer and building the platform I’ve got on Uthena. You can read the Uthena posts to learn more about that.

I’m imagining the development team building a platform that will help accomplish one of these further visions.
Jerry Banfield Money and Business Visions August 2019!

5. $1,632,454.69 personal and checking and savings accounts balance!

I’m imagining very clearly having over a Million Dollars in the bank right now and I’m so excited about that because that’s money I am able to give back to others with, that’s money, I’m able to focus on doing the best value here for you every single day.

That is an amount of money that has an amazing potential to do good in life, and to give me a feeling of security, which I already have and I imagine that will continue to manifest.

It’s currently about today, if you divide that by 1000 that’s about my bank account balance today.

That’s the importance of having money goals. Is my account balance today reflective of the visions I had or rather did not have in the future?

I imagined my money going down in the future and you thought, why would you do that? That’s what I did, I think it’d be a great story from the ups and downs that make a great story.

6. Wear Q-Link Gold Retro SRT-3 Pendant (Polished Finish) Daily!

I have one of the clearest physical things on here, the first piece of jewelry I’ve ever desired.

This is a gold EMF Harmonizer, its harmonizes the electromagnetic frequencies near you, is $2,200.

This is my present to me that I’ve bought once all the debt has paid off and I’m imagining wearing this daily as one of those physical signs of harmony, one of those physical signs of manifestation.

My wife doesn’t like necklaces, so I’ll probably wear it on my shirt most of the time. Just having something like that one magnificent piece of jewelry.

Wow, that is cool.

7. Donate $1.968.543 to pay off other people’s student loans!

I’ve had several money and business visions for doing videos where I donate $100,000 to people on GoFundMe as I just go through and search for people with lots of student loans and drop massive donations on their student loans.

I am aware that there’s so many of us with student loans, many of us just need a little bit of hope that there may be ways to pay these loans off outside of our consideration, a little bit of shock and awe in our student loans that —Wow, someone just dropped $10,000 that I don’t even know how to pay off my student loans.

How much of a miracle is that in someone’s financial life?

As you can see the amount I’m imagining donating much more than the amount I am imagining having in the bank for myself, I’d love donating money and I’m imagining donating millions of dollars to help other people pay off their loans.

8. Empower 1 Billion People to Earn Money Online.

My vision with is to empower anyone who wants to work online, anywhere in the world to just sign on Uthena and have it be simple to earn money.

You do something to help someone else you get your money back. There’s nothing like this online and now there’s websites like Upwork that can work well for some, Fiverr that can work well for some, Udemy that can work well for some.

I want and I’m imagining something that works out awesome for everybody and gives you back proportional effort to what you put in, doesn’t turn away users and or ban users, but gives everyone a shot.

There’s a lot of countries where if you could just make $500 a month online, that’s less than $20 a day, you could have an amazing life.

There’s a lot of companies with millions of dollars in advertising that struggle to get the money from their big huge checking account out to the people that can help them and do business with them and promote what they’re doing.

Jerry Banfield Money and Business Visions August 2019!

That’s the vision for Uthena, and this long term vision for Uthena is to empower billions of people to just join, make money online, help others that have money to get what they want through promotion, content, marketing, etc.

9. Host The Jerry Banfield Show where the Rays play with a sold-out stadium!

It’s a baseball stadium with I don’t even know how many seats but I’m imagining hosting The Jerry Banfield Show there and selling the entire stadium out.

Yes, those are the kind of business visions I have and this is how things become reality is imagining them.

Imagine me with a microphone and a baseball stadium of people that have come to see The Jerry Banfield Show how much fun it is that I’m so excited about this and that’s what I’m imagining.

I’ll talk a lot more about The Jerry Banfield Show soon.

10. Pay Tuition for Children in Cash and Checks for Education!

Right now we’ve been paying for payment plans and right now there’s no savings fund for any kind of education for the children.

Jerry Banfield Money and Business Visions August 2019!

I’m imagining a paying all of the children’s tuition in cash up front for the whole year and I’m so excited about the chance to help my children have an education that they won’t have to borrow money for where I did. I borrowed $50,000+ to get a Master’s degree in Criminology, which as you can see is not really using that too much on a daily basis.

Or maybe I am using the skills right here that my education helped me learn.

11. Uthena Initial Public Offering (IPO)!

A public offering for my company Uthena Inc, which is the primary two activities I imagine from Uthena, is one The Jerry Banfield Show, two the work platform that I talked about above that to empower one billion people to earn money online.

I’m picturing an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for Uthena. I’ve seen suggestions to do an initial coin offering (ICO). But, Why do that?

An Initial Public Offering to get Uthena on the Stock Market. That’s the real way to get the most money in.

We’ve got people all over the world with trillions of dollars in retirement plans that can easily buy stocks. I’ve had one of my family friends, who has known me since I was a little boy, say: “As soon as you get your IPO, let me know and I’ll buy some”.

At the time, I was thinking I really needed to work up to an IPO and now I see why.

Just go straight for the IPO and you’ll have access to the highest amount of capital, that’s the vision for Uthena and now go for the IPO

12. Sell out every filming of The Jerry Banfield Show in St. Petersburg, Florida!

I am just focusing completely down on launching The Jerry Banfield Show here in St. Petersburg, Florida, you’re going to see that probably every video after to this will be about it.

Instead of filming these videos in my office by myself, getting a live audience and doing something like The Tonight Show where it starts out with a monologue, answers some questions, and then interviews people on the show.

I imagine this show has a so much fun coming with it have imagined the show and very clear detail a lot.

13. $100,000+ funded on Kickstarter for The Jerry Banfield Show season 1!

Unlike a lot of the projects I’ve done where I’ve just blasted into it, I’m slowing down a bit, doing a great job on the Kickstarter for The Jerry Banfield Show, getting it all ready, make a big launch with it, and get all of the people who are excited about the show together to help fund it, to help us make the best venue, make the best quality show, get the best guests, put out the best videos on YouTube on Facebook, on My Blog on my Podcast from The Show.

That’s one of the biggest money and business visions I have.

14. Officer Banfield and Speaker Meeting 2017 Reach 1 Million Sales.

I have two books that are just amazing and the stories they tell showing the transformation of my life.

Nothing on this list that I’m showing you is as amazing, or exceeds what I’ve already seen in my personal life.

Let me say that again,

There’s nothing on this list that’s more extravagant or more imaginary than what I’ve already been through.

When I was six years old, laying in bed at night thinking of having a wife that seemed really far off and today that is a reality. I imagine that over and over and over again I imagine exactly how great I would feel when I was with the woman of my dreams.

Today that’s been a reality for eight and a half years.

The idea is to manifest what we’re thinking about into reality.

I focus on what I want, what I like relentlessly, and I tell the stories of my life in incredible detail.

I have been told by many people that reading these books were “Wow, thank you for what you shared in that book is really helpful for me to look at my own life”.

These are my two autobiographies. If you really want to get to know me both of these books are amazing.

So far, I’ve done very little to sell these two books, and I’m imagining these books collectively reaching over a million in sales and helping so many of the readers go through that transformational experience instead of staying stuck and suffering.

15. Tim Ferris Interviews Jerry Banfield.

Last but not least on my money and business visions list, there’s one interview I really am excited about doing and that’s what Tim Ferriss on his show.

I’ve listened to the Tim Ferriss podcast for years, I’ve read Tim Ferriss’ – The Four Hour Workweek, and I’ve read the newest book from Tim Ferriss, the one that has the health, wealth and wisdom in it Tools of Titans.

I’m imagining an interview with Tim Ferriss. I was one of the supporters for Tim Ferriss show. I went to Tim Ferriss live question and answer session and

Jerry Banfield visions Tim Ferris Interview
I’m imagining Tim Ferriss interviewing me, how much fun that is sitting down with Tim and getting to talk to him, like talking to myself in 10 years essentially.

These are the visions I’ve put out there.

Wayne Dyer suggests —He was very big into doing visions and manifesting and doing things like these— Wayne says to keep these things secret, to just not tell anybody about the things you’re planning on manifesting.

I’m excited to tell you about these things because this opens me up for the opportunity to receive your help, for the universe to deliver these things through you, for us to feel good helping each other.

If you are wondering, why are we here on this planet, it’s to help each other.

Why do bad things happen? It’s to help each other, to enjoy life, to help each other.

I find that putting this money and business vision out also keeps me accountable.

What I’m doing today is taking screenshots of these visions, and putting them up on my monitors also so that when I log on and see my studio, I see my visions.

If you are in a place today that you want to get out of or you don’t like where you’re at, the first step is to be happy now.

I love my life, my life is amazing and this is what allows me to see that the amazing life I have today is already a miracle. Clearly, the universe is giving me what I asked for therefore, let’s get clear about what else I’d like and the universe will deliver that as well.

business and money visions

Now, these visions and goals may come in a slightly modified form. From what I’ve requested. In some cases and other cases, it may come exactly as I’ve asked, for example, “this bank account number” may come exactly like this, one day and however many years I may check my bank account and realize oh my god, the balance adds up exactly to what I said before.

Other of these: “The Biggest Profit Year in 2019”. Maybe in the short term, it might not be in terms of taxes. However, if you look at what you set up that year and get started, maybe it will be.

I’m also open to the exact delivery method on these, for example, and maybe if the Kickstarter gets $90,000 in funding for season one, that’s fine, that’s still really good.

The idea is to set big money and business visions, big dreams and big goals and they don’t need to be big in terms of someone else’s. For me, it’s how I feel about these things.

I love all of the things I’ve just written down here. What’s awesome is I’m not holding the universe hostage. I’m not saying —You will get me this or I won’t be happy.

These are things I’m excited about manifesting, I’ve essentially ordered these in a catalog, I’ve placed my order online like on Amazon, as if the universe is one big Amazon. These are the things I’ve ordered on Amazon and I’m expecting them to come in the mail now, all of them. Because when it comes to manifesting, the only thing is belief.

When I look at all this stuff that’s already happened. I thought of all of this first, I pictured making $10,000 a month online before I even made $1,000 or $2,000. I pictured, I thought I wanted to make $10,000 a month, I did a course on how to make $10,000 a month. As soon as I made $10,000 one month.

I was pictured making a million dollars online and how excited I’d be about it. Before I made hardly any money online.

I pictured being a parent and being married, I picture being sober picture starting my business and if you go back far enough, I pictured being Jerry Banfield before I was even born, I pictured having millions of followers and millions of views on YouTube, I pictured all of that.

Jerry Banfield Money and Business Visions August 2019!

It might have looked stupid at the time.

When I first said I’m going to have a million views on YouTube, I had 1000 and they were almost all my friends.

I said one day, I’m gonna have a million views on YouTube and today, I have deleted more than a million views on my channel, I have over 16 or 17 million views on my channel.

I’ve given you this money and business vision today, with the understanding that when you do this list, you will also get your list.

I don’t have any special powers, I’m just showing you what I’m doing. If you do your list like this, you’ll get your whole list too.

The universe is so abundant that all of us, all of us can do lists like this, and all of us can get everything on our list. That’s really cool.

Thank you very much for reading all this post here with me.

I’m so honored that you’ve gone through and watched all of my Money and Business visions in August 2019 with me.

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I love you! You’re awesome! Thank you very much for reading my Money and Business Vision post.

I will see you in the next one.

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