Jerry Banfield Services + Experience with Making Money, Creating Courses, Facebook Ads, Google Ads

Are you interested in working closely with Jerry Banfield closely to take advantage of Jerry Banfield’s services to build your business, your brand, and share your vision online?

Jerry Banfield Services + Experience with Making Money

If so, I trust you can go to where you can get me for an hourly rate for anything that we want to do together i.e. one on one call, coaching, collaboration, and services.

I’ll help show you right now what you might want to hire me for and my experience that’s relevant to that. If you want to have me help you learn how to make more money online, I’m really good at that.

I’ve made $1.5 million in revenue. This is from my taxes. The final numbers from 2015 to 2018, $694,801 profit online all from working in my home office. If you want my bigger context, I’ve been an entrepreneur online for 8 years. I’m 35 years old. I’m a parent, a husband and I’m sober.

I have millions of followers online and I appreciate you being here as a part of that.

Jerry Banfield Spent $120,502.17 On Facebook ads

If you are wondering how I built that following?

I built the following, especially with Facebook Ads. I’ve spent $120,502.17 on just one of my Facebook ads accounts. I received almost a billion impressions on this one account on Google Adwords. I’ve spent a hundred and seventy thousand dollars on just this one Google Ads account.

Thus, my account that I’ve used to promote everything online.

If you want help promoting marketing by doing online advertising, I’m very good with that. I’ve got a lot of experience especially using video. You can hire me for and count on really good help. I can show you some more of what I’ve done here. I’ve got millions of views on YouTube. I’ve had over a billion impressions on Facebook, largely from ads and the follow-up from that.

How can you make the most of the money by hiring Jerry Banfield?

I have created hundreds of blog posts on my website and thousands of videos. I’ve been hired previously to do a webinar. I can make a video course for you. One of the things you might be able to make the most money off of is hiring me to make a video course and give you copyright and then you could sell that video course.

I can make a 30-minute video course in about an hour of real-time depending on the subject and then you could sell that and make 3 to 10 plus times as much on the course that I filmed for you.

Jerry can help you get more traffic to your website and can provide some really good business strategy also. This is what people most commonly hire Jerry for things like one-on-one calls and coaching.

Jerry, here’s what I’m trying to do that people say and how do you recommend I do it? What products? What services? How do you set this up? Where do you go to find freelancers?

Hire Jerry Banfield For Coaching

I’ve hired over 300 people on Upwork. I’ve spent over a hundred thousand dollars on Upwork. Thus, I’m very effective at making systems to hire good freelancers online.

I trust from here with the experience I’ve shared and with all the other videos you see, you can come up with some ideas. If you want to know where’s the place to start, I recommend getting one hour and doing one on one call with me and then going from there.

I have a page where I offer my services set up at 2 different basic strategies.

One: You can buy a fixed package for hours. That means you could buy 1 to 27 hours all at once to take advantage of Jerry Banfield’s Services. The hours are good indefinitely or you can subscribe and get hours monthly. You can get an hour a month or up to 27 hours a month.

The advantage of subscribing is that you lock in the hourly rate indefinitely.

As I get more to do and more opportunities, my hourly rate over time has tended to go up and when you lock in the hourly rate with a monthly, then you can, for example, have a one-on-one call each month for the same rate indefinitely until you cancel.

Hire Jerry Banfield For 1 on 1 Calls

Two: You can also lock in a certain amount of hours just by buying a package. I can raise and often do raise the hourly rate at any time without notice.

So now’s a really good time to take advantage of Jerry Banfield’s services if you’d like to which is why I made this video for you today. It also helps me to earn and keep my business here and to pay other people to help me with my business.

Thank you very much for being here with me today. I’m grateful for your support being available to be hired. It is one of the ways I support being a full-time Youtuber and putting my videos on Facebook.

Follow Jerry Banfield On Facebook

I’m very grateful that with being available to be hired for projects then I can just produce all of my content now for free instead of trying to charge for video courses.

I love you. You are awesome. I appreciate you reading to the end of this. If you have any questions or comments, please drop them on this post. I consistently read all the comments on my blogs as well as my Youtube channel and I’m interested to hear what you have to say.

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