The Jerry Banfield Show Kickstarter Launch!

Welcome to the Jerry Banfield Show Season 1 Kickstarter project, launching for live workshops in St. Petersburg, Florida, on how to make the shift, here with me and YouTuber Jerry Banfield.

I’m grateful for the chance to live the life of my dreams and to have taught millions of people online, everything that I know, in free video tutorials and online courses.

I am doing this Kickstarter project so I can stop filming videos by myself, in my office, and we can move out and do some live workshops together and help each other even more, to make better videos for my YouTube channel, for over 2 million followers online, to have a powerful in-person experience where we can help each other go from broke to wealthy, go from single to having a partner, go from upset and mean at our family to be grateful for the family we have, to go from ambition and striving to having a meaningful life today.

The point of the show is to leave you feeling better every day than when you arrived. To help you feel motivated to do your best, to enjoy the life you have today as I feel every single day. I’m grateful for the chance to do this show with you and I’m asking for your help because leaving my home office to film videos and going on in front of a live audience is a big change, there’s venue to rent, there’s filming, there’s having guests on the show.

My vision for this is to have something like Tonight’s Show done locally and when we raise enough funding for this we can start doing that immediately. You can read ore about me on my website, I’ve made over 5000 videos online, I am ready to go to whatever level you are ready to help. 

The Jerry Banfield Show Kickstarter Launch!

When you share this project, that’s a massive help, just dropping a link on social media, messaging it to a friend, that is a huge help. When you give funding that helps us cover the venue to start immediately and the more you give the fancier venue we can get, the nicer the show can be for you to love and enjoy.

I’m so grateful to launch this Kickstarter project with you today, to be open to your help and I’m so excited to meet you in person for a live filming of the Jerry Banfield show. We are currently starting filming at the beginning of September, Monday and Tuesday night, 7 to 8PM. You can find out more, see the live story, see everything you want to in the Kickstarter project URL.

I love you, you’re awesome, let’s go and let’s make this an amazing Kickstarter project together and I’ll see you in the comments.

Jerry Banfield