Did Jerry Banfield Stop Gaming?

Did Jerry Banfield Stop Gaming?

What happened to my gaming videos?

I played video games since I was in elementary school and got a Gameboy. I’ve played 10 thousand plus hours of video games in my life.

Did Jerry Banfield Stop Gaming?

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I have had all kinds of amazing achievements.

I got number one in the world on the leaderboard on PlayStation 4 on the “Call of Duty Zombies Revelations Map” in “Black Ops 3.”

I’ve been one of the best in the world at several different video games. I used to have a great “Counter Strike” kill death, I even dropped a 2 KD after not playing for like 10 years on one of my first games.

I’ve done so much gaming.

I’m grateful I made the Twitch homepage gaming, I had 700 people watching me play “Call of Duty Zombies” one day on “Zetsubou No Shima.”

I’ve had a lot of fun gaming. I’ve spent thousands of hours gaming with my friends. I’ve knocked the Easter egg out on Origins solo a ridiculous number of times, and I’ve got a video viral on “League of Legends.”

Did Jerry Banfield Stop Gaming?

I’ve done so much gaming and I’m grateful I consistently see comments asking, what do you do?

Why aren’t you doing any more?

One night I asked myself this question.

I said, “What would my life look like without video games?”

As soon as I asked that I really wanted to hear the answer. In fact, I wanted to see what that would actually look like.

What would my life look like if I didn’t play video games anymore?

I don’t know or I didn’t know in 2016 at the end of it, December 25th I think, on Christmas, I wanted to know what my life would look like without gaming because I had not seen ever what my life would look like without gaming.

I had always played video games whether I was in college, whether I was in high school, middle school, whether I was in a master’s degree, a police officer, corrections officer, girlfriend, no girlfriend, job, no job, living on my own, living with my parents, married, not married, sober, or drunk.

The only thing that was consistent through my whole life was video games and I started my business to help people with video game addiction because I realized I could not stop playing video games.

Did Jerry Banfield Stop Gaming?

I had tried to quit playing video games and I couldn’t even stop doing it, and I even just gave up.

I started my business to help people with video game addiction, and even starting a business to help with video game addiction, I still didn’t quit playing video games, and in fact, I was just trying to avoid my alcohol problem and a gambling problem, which mixed up really well when I gambled on video games while drunk.

After years of that, I started my business to help people with video game addiction, and then as you can see a few years in I’m making viral video game videos.

Whatโ€™s going on with that?

So, what I did as I asked, “What would my life look like without video games?” and I decided I really wanted to see the answer to that, and that’s when I got into cryptocurrencies heavily.

That’s when I started getting into music.

Tomas George just joined the Facebook stream. He is listed on my Jerrybanfield.com/music under the “Meet Tomas George” section.

Did Jerry Banfield Stop Gaming?

I think he’s the best music teacher and an incredible music mentor, and what I’ve done since I gave up and just wanted to see what my life looked like without video games, I’ve started producing music.

My first album just came out a few days ago, which I never imagined.

I don’t think I had ever imagined before 2017, ever even considered it, never even crossed my mind that someday I might have an album out.

That’s why I stopped playing video games because I want to see and experience more of life. I’ve played so many zombie levels that’s why I’m so good at the video games. I have played it all and it gets boring after a while.

It’s like I start a new zombie level and I already know so much about it because I’ve played so much of everything else.

I could probably pick a controller up right now and run around and shoot backwards, and it’s like I want to see what else there is to experience in life.

Especially as a married man with a family, there is a limited avenue for me to express, experiencing new parts of life, and I’m grateful for that today.

I’m loving learning and doing music because the skills I have from video games helped me a lot in Ableton Live. I am ripping through learning this program. I’m learning so fast because it’s just like a different kind of video game for me.

Did Jerry Banfield Stop Gaming?

So, that’s why I’m not making any more gaming videos. I’m not saying I will never make any again. I love some of my old gaming videos, but I also find it’s nice to just close the door on things in life sometimes, to just close the door on playing video games and say, “Look, I’ve done enough playing of video games. I’d like to experience some more of other things and just, you know, forget playing video games.”

You know what?

Joel, aka deadmau5 sits there and plays video games online when you might say he’d be better off composing music, and I sit here and compose music when you might say I’d be better off playing video games.

I guess maybe he feels the same way. He just wants to play PUBG. Even though he’s one of the best in the world at making electronic music, he sits there and plays PUBG and at least as far as I’ve seen on the stream, I don’t think he’s one of the best in the world at PUBG, but he has fun doing it.

I’m grateful for the chance to experience some new things, to have the courage to try something different instead of just sticking with what I know because I know my brain loves learning and if I do ever want to play video games again, there’s nothing stopping me.

I can go buy an Xbox anytime I want to.

The question is, why do that today?

I’m guessing if I buy an Xbox, I will want to play it.

We got a fixed number of hours in each day and I know if I bring video games back into my life something else is going to go.

If I bring video games back, then my music has got to go, or maybe time with my family has to go, or maybe time just doing things besides music or family has to go.

Did Jerry Banfield Stop Gaming?

Today I’m not willing to give anything up to play video games. That might change though.

I don’t judge anyone for playing video games most of the time either.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing video games. I’ve experienced so many things in video games that were fun, that were exciting, I’ve hung out with my friends.

One thing I noticed is that my friends, we didn’t seem to be having that much fun playing video games together and when we used to play a lot we used to have a lot of fun.

At least I think we did.

I noticed a lot of times gaming with my friends was really stressful. If we didn’t win, we weren’t having fun and even if we won we might not have fun.

So, I love making music.

I have so much fun making music and that’s what I’m doing today.

My son thinks it’s time to wrap this video up.

Thank you for watching this video at the top of this post and I will keep doing the live stream until he throws a complete fit.


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