Join Jerry Banfield Youtube Channel for Early Access and Credits in New Videos

Join Jerry Banfield on YouTube for Early Access and Credits in New Videos!

Do you want to help make sure that I keep producing YouTube videos every day for you? Are you interested in having your channel name listed in the credits on my videos?

If you will enjoy reading and contributing to the discussion for this post, will you please join us on the YouTube video above and leave a comment there because I read and respond to most comments on YouTube?

If you find anything helpful in this video or funny, will you please leave a like because you will feel great helping other people find it?

Both sometimes in the description and or in the video itself?

Are you available to spend $5 a month to help make all this possible?

Are you interested in getting early access to new videos, YouTube has a membership option which you can go Youtube Jerry Banfield and Join where you can do the following. I’ll show you exactly how it works right now.

So if you go to the channel, and you find the Join button,

this will be on desktop and it’ll be on Android. But if you are on iPhone, just go to the direct link and you’ll be able to get it, you click on the Join button.

And then what will happen is you will see the following pop up on here, you click join. And then it says Jerry Banfield join this channel and you get access to member. And when you hit join, then you’ll start a payment for for which I’m really grateful and will immediately start giving you rewards.

If you want to help people find your channel and have your videos potentially show up in relation to my videos, what you can do is join and then what we’re doing now is taking the member channel names directly and copied and pasted and putting them in the credits of YouTube videos.

We’re just getting started with that now and I’m really excited to offer this. We also are just getting started with a new feature on YouTube where you can have early access to videos.

This means you’ll get access to the video as soon as we upload it before we actually have the title and description and thumbnail all finalized.

You’ll be able to watch the video as a member before anyone else has access to it which I love stuff like that. And the bottom line of doing something like this.

It’s a feel good thing you feel good supporting the creation I pledge and have given I don’t know if it’s 10’s of thousands yet but something like 10’s of thousands of dollars in donations, pledges, I have pledged over $100 a month to support the creators I fallen I know it leaves me feeling really good at least me feeling like I’m wealthy, like I have money to give to people to make sure they keep creating what I think is really valuable.

Even if sometimes only watch someone once or twice a month. I get really excited and support channels. So this is an opportunity for you to feel good to give back to feel that little exclusive extra and I trust when you’re ready. You will jump right on top of that with both feet.


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