A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book “Left to Tell.”

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book "Left to Tell."

I’m very grateful that two days ago Facebook just approved the option for me to have supporters. There is a button on my Facebook page that says, “Become a Supporter.”

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book “Left to Tell.”

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If you are familiar with Patreon, it is similar except it’s built directly into Facebook where anyone who has got their payment information in Facebook, in a few clicks can click on “Become a Supporter,” pay $4.99 a month on mobile or desktop, and pledge that to my page until the subscription is canceled or the payment method is declined.

I’m here to share my journey and thoughts on that with you today because I imagine this will be helpful for you in your life both if you are in this exact situation or you are hoping for this, or if you are not and you have no idea how this could possibly be relevant today.

Six weeks ago Facebook invited me to have the “Become a Supporter” option on my page after I had been hoping for this for weeks seeing other gamers that had this on their page, seeing that other gamers had hundreds and often thousands of supporters on their page.

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book "Left to Tell."

After years now, four years of being on Patreon and struggling to get a good following and a good consistent earning there, out of almost everyone going to Patreon and not even being willing to sign up for an account, I was so excited to see this because to me this looks like job security.

I can have an idea of how much income to expect. All I need to do is show up and do a great job for the supporters and everyone else watching, and then I get a paycheck finally as an entrepreneur online without having to hustle or do a bunch of crazy stuff.

Naturally, I’ve been wanting this. I was very excited about this especially as I transition out of what I was doing for income before on the Steem blockchain and into a new unknown world of first trying to do music and enjoying that, making three albums, and then transitioning with a huge leap of passion into doing video games again after a year and a half off of gaming.

I’m grateful for the huge positive response to all my gaming videos and that’s what helped me think it was a good idea that I just keep showing up and doing this and focus on it, which I’m doing every day.

I’m intending to do one episode of my vlog podcast where we can get directly into the inspirational and helpful stuff, and then also do a live gaming stream for a few hours where we can play around have some fun and do some entertaining with the idea that these build each other.

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book "Left to Tell."

People find the gaming videos and end up watching. To me, this is my game as I do the gaming videos, and then you get into the podcast and the inspiration, and that makes a massive difference.

Alternatively, you might be into the podcast and inspiration, just enjoying the entertainment and seeing the gaming also, and then it just fuels each other.

Facebook with the “Become a Supporter” option makes all this super easy. In fact, I now get a “Become a Supporter” button that I can put on every single one of these podcasts videos, which is amazing because even people who don’t care about my gaming, who just love the podcast might be inspired to support directly that way, and then everyone that loves the gaming is essentially supporting the podcast.

It’s beautiful.

What you can see after all this time me explaining this is how bad I wanted this, especially as each month I’ve been spending thousands of dollars more than I’ve been earning.

My bills for paying for my house and student loans, health insurance, and then groceries for my family, I don’t have any extravagant expenses. My total bills are about eight thousand dollars a month with four thousand a month being debt payments on the student loans and the house, and then another about a thousand fifteen hundred for health insurance, then another thousand or so for groceries, then everything else I spend money on total comes out to about eight thousand dollars a month.

Meanwhile, with transitioning out of what I was doing before and all the energy and effort I put into it, I ended up hitting almost all of my sources of income and knocking them down and not paying attention to them.

The last several months I’ve been doing gaming, I’ve been spending the prudent reserve I had in the bank for a rainy day in case there were any problems and I’ve been doing it based on a leap of faith, and this “Become a Supporter” button was the click out.

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book "Left to Tell."

I get that “Become a Supporter” button, I imagine based on what I’ve seen on other pages, there is plenty of love and support for all I do online. The supporter button plus all the other income will easily cover all of the expenses that I need and/or I think I need in order to keep showing up here and giving you something I hope is entertaining, useful and inspiring every single day.

You can see I wanted this really bad.

So, here is what happened with it.

Facebook invited me six weeks ago to do it. After two weeks, when the message said it would take three to five business days to approve it, after two weeks it appears what I submitted was deleted.

Facebook, whoever looked at it simply deleted it giving me the option to resubmit, but also forcing me to restart if I wanted to submit again, which I did.

I immediately submitted again.

I imagine they deleted my first submission because I put $19.99 on the “Become a Supporter” button. I’m guessing they left the option to use something besides $4.99 just to see if anyone would do it. I actually did it thinking that I would have more benefits for a greater monetary amount. I’m glad now because everyone I’ve ever seen with this button on Facebook set $4.99.

I’m glad they deleted it and let me submit again. It took four weeks after that when it said three to five business days. Now, keep in mind Thanksgiving Week was in the middle of that, and then they approved it.

I went through the journey of wanting this in my head for six weeks and experiencing so many thoughts of fear thinking, “Well, Jerry, you did those crypto videos before. They’re going to look all the way back through your videos, they’re going to decide that you’re such a scumbag and scammer because you got excited about a cryptocurrency and told everyone about it, then got really down on it and started selling it before you told anyone, and then told everyone, then the price tanked. Then you’re just a scumbag, a scammer and you don’t deserve to have a ‘Become a Supporter’ button.”

I heard all kinds of thoughts like that for weeks.

“Jerry, you’re not going to get this. Everything’s going to fail. It doesn’t matter how much people like you and your work. You don’t have a message. The world doesn’t want to hear things that inspire them. The world’s interested in what’s going on. They’re not interested in your stuff.”

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book "Left to Tell."

I had so many thoughts like this over and over again thinking of reasons why they wouldn’t approve it. The littlest trifling detail, and then resenting reasons they wouldn’t approve it like, “Well, just because I didn’t start a brand new page from scratch like a bunch of gamers and I’ve put 1,500 videos or something like that on Facebook or because I’m just not perfect in whatever way, then they’re not going to approve my ‘Become a Supporter’ button or they’ve got some grudge.”

I went through all these things in my head and you know what I did?

I prayed.

I said, “God, please help me with this.”

But I often didn’t pray and I just let it go and I would try to fight it. I would argue with it and I would say, “No, there’s no reason based on what everyone else I’ve seen is doing these affiliate programs on these things, there’s no reason I can’t get a ‘Become a Supporter’ button just because I shared some stuff in cryptocurrencies before.”

I see all kinds of partners on Facebook sharing all these affiliate schemes without any disclosures. Clearly, they have some flexibility and tolerance.

They didn’t invite me to “Become a Supporter” and have the button just to then delete and have me not do it. They are simply going through what they need to do to check off their processes.

“They don’t know me well enough to not like me.”

That was one of the funny thoughts I kept thinking.

“They don’t even know me well enough to not like me.”

They don’t know who I am and no one is going to sit there and go through every single video I’ve watched and try to find one reason why they shouldn’t approve my supporter button because I had one bad day or whatever.

I went through my own videos, I scrolled back and I deleted any single video that I thought might look bad if they went through and looked at every single video. I went through and took things off on my website. I went through and kind of cleaned up my online presence.

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book "Left to Tell."

I’m grateful today that I got a story from Left to Tell that really helped me with this because after five and a half weeks and hearing other people got theirs approved so fast, I was all over that impatience game.

I’m sitting there thinking, “Come on. This is ridiculous.”

And every time I checked the page I was afraid it would say either what it already said, that it was pending approval or it would say I was rejected.

I said, “This is ridiculous.”

I got so tired of it and I listened to what the lady said who wrote the book “Left to Tell,” survived an incredible genocide, she talked about the conversation she was having with God in the book. As there are killers circling the house she is hiding and they are trying to find her, trying to murder her as desperately as they can.

She is sitting there praying to God, “Please, God, you didn’t lead me this far just to let me die in a bathroom like this. Please, please, please.”

The devil kept talking to her, the devil was saying to her, “Why do you deserve to live when so many other people around you have died? Do you think you’re special? How dare you reach out to God and try to get help when these horrible things are happening around you?”

I recognize that, “My God, that devil voice in her head in the middle of a genocide sounds just like the voice in my head when I’m in the middle of paradise, I’m walking my dogs, absolutely everything is fine, I’ve got enough money for the bills today and for several months, I’ve got just hoards of people who loved me online, I’ve got food in the refrigerator, I have a healthy family, I mean what else could I possibly want?”

That devil voice sounded the exact same in my head and I did what she did. She said she prayed as hard as she had ever prayed to God.

She said, “Please, God, help me. Please, God, help protect us. Protect this house.”

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book "Left to Tell."

And she got an incredible vision of Jesus that she shared. Jesus came to her and Jesus said, “Faith can move mountains.” But if faith was easy there wouldn’t be any mountains to move.

She also remembers some verses she heard from the Bible that said something — I don’t know which one she said, but to speak it and it shall exist, that you will be given whatever you ask for and what you speak will be brought into reality.

I cried and I listened, and I felt ridiculous too, because you know, it makes sense for her praying to God in the middle of a genocide wanting to live. But me, I mean, come on. This is a pretty little thing in the game of life, isn’t it?

I want a little button on my Facebook page and that devil voice came right in and said, “How trifling are you? Really? This isn’t important like what she was praying about. This doesn’t matter compared to what she’s going through.”

I prayed, “God, please, please, if you’ve guided me to be in this position I trust your help. And if this is what you’d have me do as you’ve said, so many other people have said they’ve liked this, will you please put this button on my page because I think it’ll help all of us? Will you please do that? And if it’s not your will and this is just something for me to learn, will you please let me not want this or care about this anymore? Will you help me let this go and forget about it and not care whether I got a ‘Become a Supporter’ button or not?”

I prayed and I remembered that other verse she said and I spoke the words out loud. I did the video that I made one before with a black panther mask on, and I saw a comment requesting to do another one and explain it better where my voice wasn’t muffled and I looked professional.

So, here I am. I am showing up. I’m doing another one to tell you because this to me is a powerful story and experience. I spoke it out loud and I rehearsed this video before I had any reason to do so. There was no indication that there was a reason for me to practice and do a video imagining that I had a supporter button unlocked and I imagined exactly how I would react jumping up and down in the shed.

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book "Left to Tell."

“Yes, Facebook approved supporters. Yes. Woah. Facebook approved supporters, baby. Yes. Today we did it. We’ve got supporters on the page. I’m so excited about this.”

I pictured that and I practiced it, and I said the words.

I said, “Today Facebook approved supporters. We’ve got supporters on the page. Thank you very much. This has happened because of what you’ve done. You did this. Facebook would not have invited me to have this button without the generous love and support of thousands of people. Facebook invited me to have this button because they already saw a horde of people wanting it, willing to use it.”

Thank God for that because that’s divine help right there. That is amazing that we can all work together like this and I imagine and I spoke the words and I said, “Thank you, God.”

I said thank you to everyone at Facebook who had helped make this possible and I imagined the heart moving of the person who would go through and click the button. I did not check it that night and I did not check it the next day until I noticed on my page as I was scrolling through putting a video up, I looked through and I saw, “Oh, the little notification disappeared.”

I went over and it had been approved.

I believe that whoever approved it, did it at the exact same time I was having that very powerful experience I had. It was probably about the exact same time that whoever reviewed my page actually went through and hit it to make the button live.

I had a feeling while I was praying, I had a feeling while I was rehearsing that I was bringing this into reality and it was happening and being done on the other side as I asked for it and imagined it.

Now this in particular on this little issue you could say it is not really a big deal or not even worth concerning yourself with. Think about this for all of life. You want a wife or a husband, you want a perfect child or a partner, you can literally speak them into reality.

I will do another one of these.

My wife and I were sitting on the couch after taking fertility tests, after doing all those tests, after taking medication, and I swear we spoke our child into existence. We imagined and I started talking and this was hard because we had been struggling, stressing and afraid.

I was listening to Wayne Dyer, “The Power of Intention.”

I sat next to my wife on the couch with her about a year and a half ago and I said, “So, what’s the name going to be of our child?”

She said something like, June.

And when she said it, it was as if we summoned the soul. We made our hearts open to the soul.


We both loved the sound of that name.


We said it and it felt like something magical happened in the air.

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book "Left to Tell."

We spoke of our child as if they already existed even though there was no data. There was no evidence, there was no reason scientifically we should do that.

We spoke and Laura got pregnant that cycle and our child was born in June.

Our child did not end up being named June because we thought we were going to have a girl, but we ended up having a boy.

What I see is that if my heart is true and I open and I pray to God for help, I might not get the delivery method exactly how I would expect.

In this case, the “Become a Supporter” button came just as expected, although I didn’t expect I would have to turn it on after it was approved. That was a little surprising. I thought it just all of a sudden be on.

What I prayed for came into existence.

A simple way that we could easily collaborate. For me to show up and help, inspire and give you the best of what’s in my heart, knowledge, wisdom, be of service to you every day. A simple way to give you something that you really care about, you love and are passionate about.

That came into existence.

The same as our child came into existence.

We spoke the word June, our son who we thought was going to be a girl that was named June, we spoke the word and our son was conceived and born in the month of June as soon as we said that.

As soon as we stopped looking for confirmation from the world, as soon as I stopped acting on fear that it wouldn’t come true, it came true.

The power of intention is fantastic.

When we go forward and act as if, it’s amazing because God wants to give us exactly what we want and a lot of us misguide our prayers. We think and imagine all these things we don’t want to happen, and then they happen and we ask God, “Why did you do this?”

God then says, “I gave you what you asked for. You imagined things not going your way a hundred times. I figured that’s what you wanted.”

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book "Left to Tell."

I realized in this journey with my page, if I sat there and imagined things going how I didn’t want them to go, I was literally praying to God for them to go that way, and I felt like I couldn’t even change it.

I said, “Please, God, here is exactly how I want things to go. Will you please help with this or let me get a new vision of how things are to go if this does not serve you and your children.”

I’m so excited.

I pictured doing this video with you because I imagine you might have something that feels really important in your life. You might have a relationship, you might have a job, you might have a child, something you really care about and you have been afraid, you have been obsessing, and you have been scared.

I imagine when you do what I’ve just shared here with you, and I recommend if you want a really good version of this story, listen to the whole book Left to Tell or read the whole book.

You can get the same powerful experience.

Listen to The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer.

Do that, and it will manifest.

Now, that’s not to say this should be used to control other people. I don’t go around saying, “God, I wish, do this to my wife or do that to my wife.”

This is about me and my world.

Now, you might say I asked to be directed and guided that either this is on my page that I’m making.

“Either put this on there or let me get a new vision of it.”

So, with relationships we could pray and say, “Look, God, will you please help my partner to either regain some sanity?” if your partner is having a hard time.

“Will you please help my partner to see your light of your love or help me be okay with how they are or let them go. Whatever thy will is. But please help me to be a better partner, to really love your child,”

Craft your prayers in a way that there is a little bit of flexibility in the results.

A Journey Through the Facebook Supporter Review with the Book "Left to Tell."

Like with our child, we prayed for a child. We didn’t pray specifically for a son or a daughter. We thought we were going to have a daughter, but we had a son.

We asked for a child. We got a child.

I asked for a way for me to just show up this easy, where I can just show up, do the best, share my heart with you, and then it doesn’t have to be awkward or weird or complicated where I’m trying to sell you and scheme you, where you can just give because you love it and I can just give because I love it and that’s it.

So, I’m very grateful to have this to share with you, which is why I’ve gone on and on about it for 20 minutes.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I appreciate the chance to just play video games and share in a vlog, podcast and blog post every day the very best story, the very most powerful thing that I’ve encountered recently in my life that I hope gives you, unlocks for you that exact same thing.

I trust when this makes a difference in your life you will share the video on YouTube or the video on Facebook, the podcast on iTunes or Spotify, wherever you listen to podcasts and/or the blog post on my blog.

It is up everywhere for you so that you may access it wherever you prefer in whatever format you prefer.

Thank you for giving me this chance to serve you today.

Thank you for all you have done to help me be able to just show up and do what I love and earn enough money.

I know if you think that’s not possible for you today, I know it is possible for you today because it is possible for me and I’m nothing special in God’s eyes. We are all his children. He wants us all to have a beautiful wonderful life together and I’m grateful that so many of his children have helped me remember that today.


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.