Stop Making Fun of People: The Karma of Bullying

I hope this gives you motivation to not make fun of other people or put other people down. Sometimes I can learn a lesson the easy way by learning it from someone else. This video is showing a case where I learn a lesson the hard way. I’ve been working on saying nicer things about people and not talking bad about other people in most of my life.

I’m doing well at that with family and friends but in video games, I get this ego like I’m so great where I’m not. I think at least 1000 people on Facebook have told me how bad I am. Those are just as valid as saying that I’m good.

There’s a guy names Lil’ Scoob on the other team. He’s a newer player  we had been playing with him for several games and he’d been getting crushed. He had a few games in a row where he didn’t even get one kill. I was making fun of his name and how bad he was and the result of this game is my karma for doing that.

It ends up being me and Lil’ Scoob at the end of the game. In fact, I killed their second last player who is their top player and I felt so comfortable.  I thought here we go, now I’m going to give it to Lil’ Scoob at the end of the game with everyone watching.

In the end, Lil’ Scoob gave it to me. My one friend that’s played with me a lot said that’s the funniest thing he’s seen so far. It’s the end of the game and it’s just me and Lil’ Scoob. I can see exactly where he is, he has planted the bomb on the objective. I start shooting my gun out figuring I’ll hit him and make him look terrible for walking into my bullets. He hits me right in the doorway and wins the round and my friends all exploded with laughter.

I had been talking bad about him for 30 minutes. I made at least 10 comments and made fun of him every time he died. Then, he humiliated me in front of my friends and they all laughed so hard because of all the things I said. I still take that as an easy lesson about not making fun of other people even if it seems harmless. In a video game, you might think it’s harmless but it hurts everyone.

When I’m talking about how bad someone else is, the implication is I’m good. The motivation for me to talk about how good I am is deep down I’m insecure about how good I am. Deep down there’s some shame trigger there where I’m worrying that I’m not good enough. I have to prove to my friends how good I am so they will like me and they’ll think I’m good enough. They’ll give me the positive reinforcement that I am good enough and then I’ll believe it.

To me, when someone’s good, they will sit back and play the game. They might make some jokes with their friends, but a lot of the best people I’ve played with are quiet. They are really good and don’t say a whole lot. That is usually how things work too. In a room full of people, the loudest people building themselves up are the people you don’t want to work with. Usually it’s the quiet person that’s taking it all in an watching what’s going on. When they say something everyone will stop because what comes out of their mouth will be really good.

I’ve shared a video of me getting humiliated in my current favorite video game because I hope I can pass this lesson to you. When you use this lesson in all areas of life, it’s a lot more helpful. I’ve realized it’s a bad idea to go around and say bad things about people behind their back. I learned that at a job before where I was the worst gossiper at the office. Guess who ended up having to quit at the end of all the gossip? Me. I learned that from my family. I was talking about everyone else’s business and guess who ended up having to apologize? Me.

Gossiping is a poisonous form of energy. I’ve learned now not to say bad things about my friends and family. I don’t say bad things about the people I work with. I don’t say bad things about people in any situation.

For some reason video games tend to bring out the worst in me. Almost every curse word I say is in Call of Duty Black Opps. In fact, in the clip I recorded live, I actually said the F-word after Lil’ Scoob smacked me in the face. I was so worked up over the game. You can see even that little thing in the video game got me enough upset that I cursed. If I don’t play video games I often will make it through the day without even saying a curse word.

That negative energy is so poisonous, it brings instant karma back on you. It might be funny to see something like that happen to someone else. Most of us don’t laugh too hard when we’re being told we need to quit a job we’ve loved. It’s not funny when your family is sitting down and asking why you said this about one person. It’s not funny when you have to talk to your spouse about why you were going around saying all these things.

To me, the easy solution is to just listen more. If you listen more, there’s less time to gossip. With some humility, you can see you rarely get a complete picture of any situation. Then there’s motivation in there to not gossip and not talk about it. You realize anything you say in one form or another can make you look stupid.

For example, you meet someone new you see a few things about them. You notice their clothes, their hair, or how they’re talking and presenting themselves. If you say anything judging them or critiquing them, you immediately sound ignorant. They might dress differently because it’s a style that’s similar to a friend that died. You never know. Anything you say critical or hurtful always looks bad. The only safe thing you can do is listen and talk about your own experience. That’s why I make all these talking about my experience.

For me, to talk about news events or someone else’s life comes off as gossipy. It comes off as toxic energy. I can safely talk about my life from a fairly informed point of view and maybe you can learn a little from that.  I’m doing my best to help and  that’s all that we can do each day.

I pray today that I remember not to talk bad about anyone. I pray to remember what I’ve learned by talking behind someone’s back in a video game.  I pray that you have the same chance to learn the same lesson today. I pray that you see that when you listen life gives you everything you need. You can be an amazing person when you’re able to listen to others and to not talk bad about other people. Thank you for watching this and I hope you have a great day today.