Kinsta — Best Managed WordPress Hosting for High Traffic Websites Selling Online Courses?

Would you like to know what is the best managed WordPress hosting for high traffic websites selling online courses because this will help you make the right web hosting decision?

Kinsta — Best Managed WordPress Hosting for High Traffic Websites Selling Online Courses?

Do you want the very best hosting for your WordPress website? I certainly do, which is why after years of research and trying other hosts, I’ve stuck with Kinsta now for more than three years.

Kinsta — Best Managed WordPress Hosting for High Traffic Websites Selling Online Courses?

If you’ll notice, Kinsta is powered by the Google Cloud Platform, which is the same infrastructure Google runs on. Kinsta is super fast and scalable, which is why it’s ideal hosting.

I’ve tried several other web hosts and the hosting experience alone made everything a nightmare. I’m so grateful that Kinsta makes hosting my website so easy, which is why I present the question to you is Kinsta the best WordPress managed host for selling online courses and high traffic?

I think it is and that’s why we’re here to look at it.

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Let’s see some of the basic details of Kinsta. You may want to start with the pricing. If you look at the plans Kinsta starts at $30 a month.

Yes, this costs significantly more than some other shared hosting. However you get what you pay for. I tried some shared hosting, I tried virtual private servers, and Kinsta is by far the best with the fastest outstanding security and extremely responsive customer service.

Kinsta — Best Managed WordPress Hosting for High Traffic Websites Selling Online Courses?

The best part about Kinsta, which is essential, is the ability to scale. I used GoDaddy before on a virtual private server and they couldn’t scale my website anymore. They had to move me to a dedicated server. If a dedicated server hits its limits, then it gets even more complicated and a dedicated server is much more expensive than just running a higher Kinsta plan.

What’s great about Kinsta is it’s instantly scalable. When my website suddenly goes viral, I just get a bigger bill. As you can see inside my dashboard, I have resources on Kinsta because this is a cloud based hosting platform, I simply can use the resources up within my plan.

Server resources on Kinsta

If I go over them because my website goes viral, then guess what? I don’t lose all that traffic. I just pay a bit more. That’s why I also put some wiggle room in my plan. That way, if I suddenly use a lot of bandwidth or Content Delivery Network that I don’t immediately have to get charged more.

Many entrepreneurs like when I started out, don’t consider how important it is to have a web host that is instantly scalable because here’s what happens. If things go well in your business, you get on a shared plan. If it even works well enough to begin with, it will take extra time and energy whenever it slows down a little bit, the menu won’t load as fast. When things start going well, the whole server on any shared person’s website, on any of the websites, if they start getting good traffic will slow the whole server down for every other user.

This happened on my website where it was taking seven seconds to load a page. If you’ve been working hard to get Google organic search traffic, that will kill the whole experience.

Thus, Kinsta, especially if you are having an eCommerce website where you’re selling things, you need to depend on its reliability. You need to know that it’s going to go fast or you’ll lose customers.

I have the $200 a month plan on mine. It’s good for a quarter million visits, 40 gigabytes of disc space, 10 different websites and it’s really fast all the time.

Google Cloud Platform

Go ahead and test the speed of my website and see what you get on it.

With Kinsta, it’s on the Google Cloud Platform, which means it’s super fast as it says here, “Powered by Google Cloud Platform and interconnected over the premium tier network.”

You can choose your server location where most of your traffic is coming from. However, everything is so fast. When you use a Content Delivery Network, a lot of it will be delivered. Kinsta got a free Content Delivery Network built-in that works really good.

If you’ve already got your WordPress somewhere else, Kinsta will migrate it over there for you. You can get it directly from another host. I had it migrated from GoDaddy. It was very easy.

What I love with Kinsta is the support. When I’ve got a problem with my website, I just go down here and click on this message icon and often I’ll get a response within a few minutes.

Kinsta — Best Managed WordPress Hosting for High Traffic Websites Selling Online Courses?

For example, I was having trouble with my Zapier feed logging in. They were able to fix that in just a few minutes just by clicking on this message icon at the bottom. I had the CDN not working the other day, I sent them a message and it was quickly fixed.

Kinsta is absolutely outstanding hosting and I’m grateful for using it for so many years.

I found it because I was looking for “Google Cloud Platform hosting,” which is why I use it today. There are lots of other clients that use Kinsta, big companies like Intuit, Michigan Aerospace and GE host their websites on Kinsta because it’s extremely reliable. As you can see, there are more lists of clients on here as well.

With Kinsta, the main thing that I find satisfying about it is just the peace of mind that if my website suddenly goes viral, I won’t lose everything.

Thus, I think Kinsta is the best web hosting. All you do to sign up for Kinsta is you can use my link if you want to. They now have an affiliate program. Kinsta did not have an affiliate program when I signed up. They now do have an affiliate program, which I have the link available for you if you’d like to join through there and help me earn some money.

The Kinsta affiliate earnings have not been as good as I’ve seen out of some other programs because I guess people already have websites, but that’s okay. It’s about having a very high quality hosting experience because everything else that happens from your website starts with the hosting.

Kinsta — Best Managed WordPress Hosting for High Traffic Websites Selling Online Courses?

If your hosting is causing problems, is not very fast, then everything else you’re doing is going to be limited in functionality. It’s essential to get quality hosting set up to begin with. Then, you can do everything else from there.

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