#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

What is the best WordPress web host for 2019 and beyond for search engine optimization, scalability, and performance? My choice after using HostGator, GoDaddy, and other web hosts is Kinsta because it offers the best speed, infinite scalability (my website will not crash even if a million people come through in one day), and 20% lifetime affiliate earnings! If you want to join me on Kinsta, will you please use any link to Kinsta such as http://jerry.tips/kinsta on this page because you will love the hosting as much as I do and feel good you are helping me earn as a partner?

If you’d like the answer to this, would you please watch this entire video, because this has taken me seven years of having a business online, to get right?

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

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This post might save you a ton of aggravation going through different web hosts over the course of your business. I’ve gone through a ton of annoying research trying to find the best web host, I’ve had several different hosting solutions from shared servers, dedicated servers, and virtual servers.

Finally, I have a really good solution that now I’ve had for two years, that has worked absolutely incredible, as good as the hosting you are used to on something like Google.com.

This is what I use on my own website, which has almost 100,000 visitors a month, because it has indefinite scalability. I can literally just pay more and keep the same web host.

You can see on JerryBanfield.com/blog, or on JerryBanfield.com, I’ve got 580 posts now, which is bringing me in a lot of traffic.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

Which web host do I use?

Why do I use it?

All of that, right here.

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Here’s the web host I use.

I will explain how I found it, why I use it, and everything.

It’s at Kinsta.com and when you want to research and buy this hosting, will you please use my links in this post because I am a partner with them, and you will feel good helping me earn a percentage of each sale?

It says, “Premium WordPress hosting for everyone.”

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

I found Kinsta because of these three little words, “Google Cloud Platform.”

After going through a bunch of lower quality web hosts, and looking at a website that was continuing to grow over time, I realized I wanted the web hosting quality of Google.

When you go to Google.com, it’s always fast.

Fortunately, one of the web hosts I had used before, was Google Sites and it was extremely fast, although very hard to use as a content management system.

WordPress is the content management system I use, which is outstanding for making any kind of website you want.

I was searching, two years ago, for “how do I get WordPress on the Google Cloud Platform?”

After a bunch of digging, I found Kinsta.

Kinsta makes it ridiculously easy to do WordPress hosting, with a content management system being WordPress, on the Google Cloud Platform, which as they say gives ultimate speed.

They also do daily backups, it’s really nice.

Now, here’s how much it costs.

The starter plan is $30 a month.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

Now, I’ve seen some people I’ve talked to about this say, “Well, that’s more expensive, I can get shared hosting for cheaper.”

Yes, you can.

I’ve had cheaper shared hosting, I’ve had cheaper virtual servers, and guess what?

You get what you pay for.

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for so much, when you use these cheaper options it’s not easy to upgrade.

I was on the highest plan on another host for a virtual private server, and in order to upgrade, I had to move to a dedicated server, and to upgrade the dedicated server, there wasn’t even an upgrade available after that.

I had a dedicated server before which cost a fortune when you are just starting out, and then when you need to switch a dedicated server, it’s very annoying to move the website back and forth.

What’s amazing about Kinsta, is that you can start on the starter plan from scratch, and you can scale with one web host, with one server. You don’t need to keep switching servers.

Right now I’m on the “Business 1” plan and I’m just about to move up to the “Business 2” plan, because I’m hitting a 100,000 visits, and it’s about time, bandwidth-wise, to move up to the “Business 2” plan.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

The nice thing is, you can see I can literally just click my way up. I can go up to 1.5 million visits a month on the same server or on the same web host.

That means I can just stay indefinitely on the same web host.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

If you go through the same process at another web host, any of the ones I’ve used, you have to move servers, and then you will top out around a 100,000 or 250,000 visits, and it will actually cost more to have a dedicated server than it does for better quality on Kinsta.

Now, the thing that puts this together is the Google Cloud Platform. Other web host that I’ve used, I’ve used several, I’m not going to name names because I don’t want to promote them.

The other hosts I’ve used have basically a single server in their own data center, and if you are on a shared plan there is a bunch of websites on that server.

I recommend to never use a shared plan to host your website because if anything good happens, you are done. You have lost the majority of your opportunity.

Regardless of the fact I get 100,000 visits today, let’s say my website goes viral and gets a million visits in one day, all I have to do is pay more, I will get billed more, and I won’t miss any of the traffic.

What happens on most web hosts that aren’t with the Google Cloud Platform on the back end, most hosts, your server just crashes if you go viral.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

Now, think about that.

You have been trying to go viral, you have been hoping and working really hard, and you finally go viral, and your website crashes at the very beginning of going viral, you miss 95% of the traffic you were getting from going viral.

Then your website hosting crashes your ability to go viral even further, because when people click your link they can’t read it, they are annoyed.

If you want to be able to go viral, you need something with immediate scalability.

Kinsta has immediate scalability, because it’s on the Google Cloud Platform.

The Google Cloud Platform is like Amazon Web Services, you just literally pay for what you use. That means when my website goes viral and gets a million visits in one day, I just get a bigger bill, and the website continues to function.

Now, consider that I normally am getting about a 100,000 visits a month, when I have a day where I get a million people coming through my website that day, I want to be ready.

Yes, that will be worth a $1,000, it’s probably about what it costs to have a million people coming through my website in one day.

That’s essentially a year of traffic in one day, but you have to be prepared for that before it happens. On all the other web hosts I used, I was not prepared for it, and I paid the price.

My website crashed every time anything good started to happen.

On Kinsta, for the first time, my traffic is blowing up organically and continuing to grow because my website runs good all the time, everywhere in the world, thanks to the Google Cloud Platform.

The Google Cloud Platform, as we can see on the Wikipedia article, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

That is what we want to be using. We want to be using the same infrastructure that Google is using, because Google works really good. YouTube works really well.

My website is on that same infrastructure.

All Kinsta does essentially, is helping me put my WordPress website on the Google Cloud Platform. It is possible, if you are tech savvy, you can go put your own website on the Google Cloud Platform without Kinsta, and just pay Google directly.

If you are tech savvy enough to do that, I’m not sure exactly what languages you need to know. If you can do that, I recommend doing it.

Go for it.

Go directly on the Google Cloud Platform.

If you have got the coding knowledge that you can do that, put your website straight on the Google Cloud Platform, you don’t even need Kinsta.

I’m going to guess, though, odds are 95% chance, that if you are like me, even if you could do it, you don’t want to invest all the time to learn how to do it.

It’s much easier to just let Kinsta, when this is what they do, just put the WordPress onto the Google Cloud Platform. That’s why this website hosting just blows away everything I’ve had before. It’s on the same infrastructure Google uses, and it makes a huge difference.

Now, I said this is the best for search engine optimization, but why did I say that?

Here is why I said that.

If we go to the Google Search Console over here, as you can see on my website, there is one key metric that makes a huge difference for search engine optimization and user experience that from my view, a lot of users, probably the majority are overlooking as a very valuable tool for search engine optimization.

If you go into your Google Search Console in the Webmaster tools, it’s under “Crawl Stats.”

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

This is one of the big metrics that when you consider how it collectively adds up influences ranking in Google.

Since I’ve switched my web hosting to Kinsta, it has drastically lowered the amount of time that the Google robots take to index my pages.

In layman’s terms, that means my website is faster and Google knows it.

Think about this for a minute.

What websites would Google want to put at the top of search results?

Google wants websites that load fast because users are impatient.

Users want a website that immediately loads and gives them all the information.

Google therefore, as one of the ranking signals, considers how fast a website loads.

The baseline, as far as I can see, that Google uses to do this is this little metric, “Time spent downloading a page.”

This, on a different web host, might be pretty good when you start out.

The worst thing is when you switch your web host and start out, this might be good, especially if you have upgraded your plan, but as you continue to grow your website traffic over time, and if any page becomes successful that has a lot of resources on it, especially if they are not properly cached or put on a content delivery network, like some of mine aren’t still, then what happens is all of a sudden, the time spent downloading a page continues to go up and up and up.

Google then is getting this signal that this page is going down and down in quality in terms of downloading a page speed.

When your page downloading speed goes up, in other words, when it takes longer to download a page, that’s signaling to Google that the web hosting is not that good on this website. This probably is not a website people are going to have a good user experience on. Therefore, this should go farther down in search results.

I am guessing that one of the top things most users with a website comparable to mine that’s getting good traffic could do to optimize for search engine optimization is switching to a Google Cloud Platform web host or Amazon Web Services web host.

Kinsta is one of those, there are others.

Kinsta knocked my page load time down.

My page load time was over 500 milliseconds on average.

That’s a half second and in Google’s mind, that is an eternity.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

That means you are getting the penalty for lower search engine ranking either directly from Google because it takes so long, or indirectly because users go to your page, it takes too long to load, and they back out.

When users go to your page and back out, that signals to Google that this is not a positive user experience, and that’s how your page gets ranked lower.

Your page get ranked high when you have a user who clicks in, the page immediately loads, the user gets what they want on the page and either continues forward or closes the page.

That signals to Google the user got what they wanted, therefore, that should rank higher. It’s ultimately a game of giving the user what they want. Users want websites that load fast and if you want search engine optimization to be ideal, you need your website to load really fast for users all over the world.

Another problem a lot of web hosts struggle with, is that they are just in a data center in a certain part of one country, then often the connections to that data center don’t work that well all over the rest of the world.

Kinsta using the Google Cloud Platform and combined with the caching and content delivery they have works really good to consistently deliver a fast page load all over the world, just like Google.com provides.

That’s why it helps so much for search engine optimization to use anything that’s on the Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services for the back end, for the actual, where the servers are making the delivery.

The front end, in my layman’s terms of putting this, is the content management system where the user actually interface in it. The web host is kind of the back end where they deliver the actual content to users.

This helps a ton with search engine optimization because of the user experience.

This reflects a better user experience.

I can’t tell you how much time I wasted when I had a different web host. I used to go through and just editing my own website took me to anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes longer because every page took longer to save. When I’d open up a blog post, try to edit it and hit “Save,” that little bit of lag every time added up to a bunch more time wasted editing my own website.

Ever since I’ve got Kinsta, I fly through editing my website.

It’s absurdly fast.

I just edit, save, it immediately saves.

I immediately view pages.

I immediately edit again, save.

It just rips through saving and editing.

The amount of time when you have got 580 blog posts, it might not seem like a big deal that it takes one extra minute or even five extra minutes to edit the post. Even at one extra minute, 580 blog posts, that’s 10 hours of time saved editing my blog posts.

Kinsta gives me the ability to produce better content faster by cutting all of that waste out. I’ve tested Kinsta for two years because I used to switch website hosts, and then I’d try to pitch them immediately because they had affiliate programs.

Thankfully, this time, I said that I’m going to wait until I know this works and I know it scales, because then I will have something I can stick with and honestly present.

You can see the results from this today, if you look at my Search analytics I’ve got 16,000 clicks to my website tracked from Google Search.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

Now, Google Search doesn’t track lots of clicks in many circumstances.

For example, if someone is using an ad blocker, this may not track it. According to the data I have on Kinsta, I’m getting a lot more actual traffic and I’m getting email sign-ups.

All kinds of great things are happening for me as a function of my web host.

For example, I’ve got a free coupons page where all my courses are available for free.

You can see this page and it is the top trafficked web page on my website.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

This is a perfect example of the page you want to load fast.

You have got all kinds of text on it and lots of images. You want this page to load fast because when people come here, they are looking for free coupons.

Then, when someone googles free coupons and sticks on this page and loves it and shares it, then I get to rank higher and higher.

This page, ever since I switched my web host, has continued to rank higher and higher over time. As more people find it, I keep the coupons updated, and then people share it.

Organic traffic like that is extremely valuable and that is the ideal way to build web traffic. Especially if you are using paid ads, which I don’t use any paid ads anymore.

If you are using paid ads, you really need scalability, because then you are sending all this extra paid traffic. My paid traffic before has crashed my website and that left me feeling stupid that I paid to crash my website.

When you have got pages like this on your website that then start to get more and more traffic all the time, you have got to have them prepared for scalability. Let’s say that page goes viral one day and maybe 100,000 people come to it one day, I’m ready for that. I might get 10 thousand plus email sign-ups in one day from that viral traffic.

With the web host I had before, I was not prepared for that.

How much does it cost you?

I’ve seen that people complain, “Jerry, it’s $30 a month for the starter plan. I can get a shared plan for $5 a month.”

How much is 10,000 email sign-ups in one day worth?

I’ve gone through this over and over with entrepreneurs that want to pinch pennies on things like web hosting, and then do paid traffic.

Don’t do paid traffic and get good web hosting!

It makes a huge difference.

I know because I’ve done it the opposite way.

I’ve spent a bunch of money on ads, I get nothing, then my web host is also slowing me down and my ads crashed a website host.

I’m prepared for 10,000 email sign-ups in one day. I’m ready.

My web hosting will handle a hundred thousand plus visits in a day. It’s ready to go, I will just get a bigger bill.

10,000 email sign-ups in a day, if you had to pay for that with paid traffic, it could easily cost $10,000 or $20,000.

What a lot of entrepreneurs have a hard time grasping is all the things you miss with a low-quality web host. You miss out on those viral days where you would have had just waves of email sign-ups come through, but you never even noticed that you didn’t get that because your website crashed or your website never got ranked high enough to start with.

One thing to me that’s critical to present this data to you is to show you I am actually using this. One of the most annoying things to me when I go through and see other people talking about which website host they use, because when you are researching for a website host it’s really difficult out there.

You just get affiliate programs, almost everyone you encounter is hustling for your affiliate commission. The shocking thing I’ve discovered is lots of times those affiliates are not even actually using the hosting on their own website.

I found one, which will not be named, promoting a host, which will also not be named, that I almost switched to because they had such a good affiliate program, right before I switched to Kinsta.

The thing that brought it all down for me, I saw the person who was promoting this website host on their affiliate page and who said they were making tens of thousands of dollars a month in commissions, I was able to verify that they were not using that website host on their own website.

They were not using that on their own website, because the web host they were selling wouldn’t have run their website.

Think about that for a minute.

You have got affiliates all over the internet pitching web hosts, many of which they are not even actually using, because the web host they are pitching is cheaper and often great affiliate commissions, because they don’t scale.

This, I’m using.

This is my website.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

You can see my actual bandwidth.

You can see my unique visits on here.

This is in the last seven days, 23,000 visits.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

My website visits are consistently going up for the first time from organic traffic, because this web host, Kinsta, is allowing me to do that.

You can see when I click on “Sites,” that it is Jerry Banfield on here. You can see the monthly visits and verify yourself that I am using Kinsta on my website hosting.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

That makes a fantastic difference in the honesty of pitching a host.

You know if it works for me, that it can work for you.

I’ve already said that I’m on the $100 a month plan, and I’m going to be going up to the $200 a month plan shortly.

Now, if you noticed, my bill is going to be more than $100.

Right now it will be about a $114 because I’ve gone over my bandwidth usage.

That’s $1 per additional gigabyte.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

That’s where the infinite scalability is, because if my website just goes viral and drops a million views in one day, then I might end up with a big bill, but I’m also going to end up with a ton of good results from that.

This might be a ton of email subscribers, people listening to my music, course enrollments, and perhaps paid consulting calls and partner memberships. There is likely to be a ton of good things that will come out of that.

Kinsta just bills me whenever my existing plan is overboard. You can see what your usage is on all these. I’ve got one site JerryBanfield.com and you can see Database, Disk and Bandwidth.

I believe when I upgrade my plan I also get more bandwidth.

Right now I’ve just kept my plan the same, because I don’t need to pay $200 a month when they will just bill me and it will be about $120 a month, instead of upgrading.

This is a absolutely awesome system here and all of my traffic now is organic.

I have no paid ads running, this is all traffic I’m getting for free and I’m very grateful for that.

If after reading this post until now you feel, “Thank you. You’ve saved me a huge hosting headache,” then this was worth it.

I don’t even know how much time I spent, just hours and hours over seven years that I’ve had my business, trying to find the best website host.

The first really annoying thing that happened in my business is I chose a very poor quality website host. I chose a website host that was just terrible.

The quality was horrible.

I don’t even mention the name of any of these hosts because they all stink for scalability. They all stink for SEO when your website starts doing better, when you want your website to load globally, when you want to use WordPress as your content management system and stick with it indefinitely.

They all stink, even the dedicated servers are not good when you get viral.

When all of a sudden you go viral, even the best dedicated servers which cost much more than Kinsta on these other web hosts usually cannot handle going viral, cannot handle the one million people coming through.

You might think, “Well, when’s that going to happen?”

If you are prepared for it, it can happen, if you are not prepared for it, it can’t happen.

I’ve found that when I prepare for things, they do happen.

Now, if you have watched the whole video or read all of this and you are thinking, “Thank you, Jerry,” you might just be able to start comprehending like I’ve saved you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours fooling around with other website hosts that ultimately will waste your time that you wish you hadn’t used.

If you are thinking as I’ve seen some people saying, “Jerry, I want to just give you a tip, please, thank you. This information is really good. How can I give back to you?”

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

For the first year I was on Kinsta, they did not have an affiliate program. I’m grateful for that because it encouraged me to choose it just because of performance, not because I can make money with it.

I chose Kinsta, even though it had no affiliate program, because it gave me the absolute best experience as I’ve explained here, and it still is today, and it seems to have the ability to do that for the rest of my business.

Now, if you would like to sign up with me, will you please use my affiliate links which I’ve just started sharing because you will feel good knowing that you are helping me after you have got this help yourself?

You are one of the very few people who have made it to all the way to the end of this and I’ve just started sharing my affiliate links.

I have a Resources page if you would like to see everything, all of the stuff I use.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

I’ve got a Resources page where I’ve had these on there for a few months now and I finally made a video about this.

I get a $100 commission if you sign up on one of these plans. I’m not even sure which one it is, but when you sign up and you have stayed active, I think it’s for sixty days or something, Kinsta is generous enough to give me a great $100 commission.

I just got my first payment and I’m really excited about that, and then I get a payment of $5 a month indefinitely. I think this is on a Pro plan I’m getting that payment. I think that on the $60 a month, I get $5 a month on that indefinitely.

Now, I know from affiliate links I’ve used, I feel really good when a friend tells me about something.

For example, I had a friend that told me about ActiveCampaign, which is the email marketing software I use after using several others. ActiveCampaign is outstanding. It costs more, just like with Kinsta, but it works really well.

ActiveCampaign is also on my Resources page with the link.

My friend gave me his link, I signed up, and he made $800 by me signing up with him for I think a $3,000 a year email marketing plan. I’ve used these other cheaper email marketing and I always ended up just giving up and deleting my list.

I felt, and still feel, really good knowing that even though I don’t talk to that friend anymore, he gets a commission off of my payment. I pay the same thing and yet I’m helping him make money and have his business.

I am certain, or fairly certain, you will feel great signing up with my affiliate links for Kinsta.

Now, if you want to do that, I’ve got two different ways.

If you are on the blog, these links will be available directly.

However, if you are on the video, these will be available in the description.

You can go directly to Jerry.tips/kinsta and that will take you straight to the Kinsta home page over here. Alternatively, if you want to go directly to the plans and pricing, which is usually the first page I like to use, will you please use Jerry.tips/kinstaplans, because this will take you directly to the Kinsta plans page where you can pick out what you need.

Now, if you are just starting out, I recommend the starter plan at $30 a month, and you get all of the things I’ve talked about here, just for less visits and less bandwidth.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

Then as your website grows, you can simply choose a higher dollar a month plan, but a lot of us are likely to be good on the starter plan for maybe a year or two, if we are just starting out.

Now, if you are switching from another web host, you might need to start directly at a higher plan. If you have been thinking about switching from a different web host the whole time, I highly recommend it.

If you are imagining your website ever might go viral one day, if you are ever imagining you want to increase that organic traffic, and you want the same results I’m getting, which I showed you here, 16,000 clicks a month, every month, and it’s continuing to go up and up because I keep publishing more blog posts.

When you see those Google crawl stats, if you want those really low crawl times and maximum search engine rankings, I think you’ll find this really good for SEO.

My SEO has continued to get better.

If you would like to sign up for Kinsta, will you please use my affiliate links because you will feel great helping me get a percentage of what you are already paying, the same price every month from your web hosting?

You will know that you are helping support my business.

That way, I can share this information.

My business, as you have seen, is based on Free.

If you go to the free courses page, I’m giving all my courses away for free and I’m doing free tutorials. My whole business is set up to just make sure you have the very best information for free whatever country you are in, regardless how much money you make.

I wish more people had been doing that when I started my business instead of trying to charge me $1,000 to take a course, to give me a few tips about Facebook ads, or several hundreds of dollars to give me some generic inspirational information.

I put all of my stuff out there now for free, and the affiliate links of products and services I use like this.

This is how I’m able to do it.

You will feel great knowing you are helping me out with that.

Thank you very much for reading this post or watching the video above.

I love you.

You are awesome.

If you would like more, will you please subscribe on YouTube because I’m doing more videos like this consistently, things that can save you a fantastic amount of time or money? If you want to make sure not to miss new videos, you can click the bell on YouTube to get notifications.

#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

If you would like to see little updates in my blog posts, you can sign up or you can follow me on Twitter. If you want to hang out with me live, most of my live streams are on Facebook at Facebook.com/JBanfield. I currently do a lot of gaming on Facebook.

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#1 WordPress Website Host for Google Organic Search and Going Viral?

Thank you for making it to the end of this post.

If you found this helpful, will you please leave a like on the video, because that will help you feel great about knowing other people will get this information instead of all of that other scamming affiliate marketing stuff I’ve seen about what’s the best web host?

I’ve given you this here because it’s honest and it’s what I use.

Honestly, I don’t care if you use my affiliate link or not. It helps me, but I’ve already got enough money. It helps me paying my debts down though.

I’ve shared this because it’s the truth, because I love you.

You are awesome and I want you to have the chance that I have, a self-sustaining business in my own studio, where I can do whatever I want to, every day.

That’s why I share this with you.

I could go on for another hour, but we might as well wrap it up now, right?


Jerry Banfield

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