Trade In Your Know It All Personality For A Do It All Personality

Why is it that we know what to do in life yet, we don’t do it? For example, I know that if I want to maintain a healthy weight and look good I needed to eat clean and exercise. I always knew that yet, I couldn’t practice it for most of my life. Now, I’m grateful I have the chance to practice it. I eat clean and I exercise and I’m grateful to be in the best shape of my life since I was 18 years old. I feel the best, I look the best and the only reason for this is that I’m able to practice what I know.

I try to be aware when I say I know. Often, if I’m being told something and my response is I know them it’s likely that I’m not practicing what I know. Now, that’s my cheat sheet. I realize that I never want to assume I know something. What I want to do is practice what I know.

The videos I make help me practice what I know. Doing these videos helps remind me to practice everything I share in my daily life. I’m not sure exactly why so many of us get into the same trap in life. We know what to do, we know what the right thing is. We know how to fix our problems and we don’t fix them.

I started fixing my problems when they became overwhelming and painful. That seems to be the point at which most of us become willing to do something new. I think the core of what makes practicing what we know how to do difficult is both fear and laziness. For example, when you’re used to eating a certain way, it takes a lot of energy to eat a new way.

I’ve recently been trying to figure out what kind of allergy I have. It takes time and energy to eat things that are gluten free and try to eat things that are different from what I’m used to. It takes a lot of work.

When most of us try to use will power to make these big life changes, there’s no energy left to do something new. Most of my life I tried to control everything including other people with will power. For example, when I try to diet or exercise, I tried to use my will power to make that happen. In other words, I would disregard what I wanted to do and then tried to force myself to do this diet. I would also run everything else in my life on will power. Then I would end up running out of will power and then whatever diet I had would fade away. In a short period of time, I would’ve just given up on the diet and said whatever. That happened over and over again. The same thing happened with exercise. I would set up these exercise routines that I didn’t like doing and my will power would run out and I would give up on them.

Why is it that I knew what to do, but I couldn’t actually do it? The answer gets revealed to me a little bit more each day. When you think you know what to do already and knowing is enough, that often gets in the way of taking action. When you think that all you need to do is know how to solve a problem, you won’t actually solve it. I’ve known how to solve most of my problems most of my life. Being a know-it-all, I often felt like knowing it was enough. Now I see that knowing it is only the first step in figuring out how to solve your problems.

To me, I have to now figure out what I don’t know. Once I’ve done that, then the only option I have is to practice what I know. It does no good to know something and I see that today.

That allows me to not fall into that trap of thinking I know and that knowledge is enough. The other part is setting my life up in a way where I can afford to not waste any of my will power in other areas. I don’t use my will power to run anything. I set everything up in a way that I enjoy doing it. For example, I track everything I eat now with my Fitness pal. I enjoy doing that and it gives me the ability to practice eating healthy. I use the tools I have available to do what help me because I take the time and energy to figure out where my problems are. Since I realize what I don’t know now by being more honest about what I’m practicing. So if I think I know how to eat healthy, but I’m not eating healthy, then there must be something else I don’t know also.

That’s not the whole problem. What I didn’t know is I couldn’t eat healthy by leave everything else the same in my life. I had to change the way I looked at my life to eat healthy. Eating is a big part of life. It’s not like a bad habit that you can drop and you don’t have to do it anymore.

You have to eat and eating often exposes the worst things you’re doing in life. It exposes those areas you’re being dishonest, struggling, and trying to do everything yourself. Eating exposes that so for me, I had to get a completely different way of living. I had to get help living my entire life before I could try to eat better. You may not be as unhealthy as I used to be. You may be healthy and all you need to do is see that you’re not doing what you know how to do. That may be enough for you to start actually doing it.

If you realize that even in knowing what to do that you’re still not going to do it anyway that that’s a good point. That’s where it’s a good time to start getting help. I realized I know what I need to do and I can’t do it, whether I want to or not. In that case, I must need help doing the right thing.

When you see that you know what the right thing to do is and can’t do it, getting help should fix the problem. In my experience it’s not always as simple as trying something new. If you keep learning and putting in effort, you can fix almost anything in your life. Anytime you see something wrong in your life, then you can fix it instead of living life that way.

I’m grateful that I have the chance to do that and that’s why I’m sharing this here with you. This is an integral part of me practicing change in my life. When I tell you about it and provide a testimonial of what’s working in my life, then it’s easy for me to do it everyday. I have to tendency to forget almost anything. We say things in our lives like hindsight was 20/20. Try to put together a clear picture of the past and you’ll realize that it’s not so 20/20. I can’t even tell you exactly what I did yesterday and that’s a perfect example.

How would you know exactly what happened 5 years ago? 2 years ago? The answer is you don’t. Hindsight is more like the art of creation. You create an idea of the past and you create it to suit whatever is going on today. That’s why things are often hard, we create an idea of the past to suit what’s going on today.

One day you decide to lose weight and you say that your past puts you in the perfect position to lose weight. I’m going to do everything right. The next day if you’re not feeling good anymore, you say your past proves you can’t lose weight. My past proves I’m hopeless and there’s no point in trying. That’s how hindsight works.

That is the importance of remembering. When I remember how I am and I remember what is important and worth remembering, that takes a lot of work every day. I’m practicing how to do things instead of running on autopilot like I’ve done for most of my life. Instead of saying I know, I work on actually doing the things I know how to do.

Today I pray to make sure I’m doing the things I know how to do. If I find that I’m not doing the things I say I know how to do, I pray I’m willing to start trying. If I find I can’t, I pray to get help. I pray that you have the same opportunities today. I pray that my self knowledge is useful for you today in your self-knowledge. Thank you for reading this today. I hope you have a great day today.