Simple Guide To Landing Page Optimization for Google Adwords

If you want to have a great keyword score on Google Adwords, the key is having a trustworthy landing page. This is especially important for conversions.

The cost per conversion is where is it is because of the landing page. The landing page is absolutely critical in a sense of having a trustworthy relevant landing page. One of the main things you can do to be trustworthy is having a domain name that’s recognizable. is one of the top 1,000 websites. If someone is searching for Udemy and they see that my ad goes to a landing page that that’s very trustworthy. It promotes a very high click through rate and then it lowers the cost per conversion.

When you see all of it work together, you can see it’s important to have a trust worthy landing page. If you’re not having success usually the problem is the landing page. You could’ve picked the wrong keywords, you could’ve picked the wrong product. If you know your product is already selling, then it’s just a matter of matching the ads up and making my landing page perfect. These Google Ads I have up encouraged me to make a better landing page. I could see that my conversion rate plummeted anytime I did something people didn’t like on this landing page. That includes having a title people didn’t like, having the subtitles that weren’t clear or reviews that weren’t good. If the promotional video wasn’t good, if the description and promotional video all the way down the page. If that didn’t come out good, the conversion rate instantly plummeted. With a conversion page like this, the page is all about conversion.

I have found video tends to be very helpful. The video then directs people to take the call to action right here. I show them that they have to click to take the course. That helps to increase the conversion rate.

I had problems with my Google ads when things weren’t running as good. The changes I made to the landing page made the most noticeable changes to the conversion rate. You may feel helpless most of the time in the actual Google Adwords interface looking at it and wondering why your ads aren’t working. Most of the work you can do to get your ads working better and get a higher keyword score are on the landing page.

It will make it harder if you use a domain that is not recognizable which often could be your own domain it’s harder to have a trustworthy landing page simply because people have never been there before. works well because it’s trustworthy. If you don’t have a domain name that’s recognizable sometimes putting things like putting it on a recognizable domain somewhere can help you get a better result.

This goes all the way back to the product. My product is on Udemy so I’m doing ads for the Udemy audience and on Udemy. Lots of times you won’t be able to have a good conversion rate or a good keyword score if your ads don’t send to a trustworthy relevant domain.

Here’s a good example:

landing page optimization

These are Rob’s ads and you can see the conversion is very low. It’s much less than mine is on “buy bitcoin” and if you look at the keyword score, you’ll see that Rob’s keyword scores are in the same area of mine and a little lower. The average position is a bit lower, there’s more competition on those terms.. The actual landing page is at wallofcoins.

landing page optimization

This is a very simple landing page. There’s not a lot of flare here. What you’ll notice now is they have chat. The chat is one place you can really make up for not having a landing page that’s not recognizable. is likely to have a lot of people that have never been there, but when there’s people to talk with you it’s more engaging.

This website also has trustworthy elements here that make users stay on the landing page a lot longer than traditional landing pages.

wall of coins

Here you can go into the site and perform almost any action without entering your email address. You can even go in and see bank options, which would help the users trust the site and engage with the landing page much more. When you don’t have a recognizable during that time, you can make the landing page simple and interactive. When appropriate, you can use recognizable brands and names to add credibility to your site.

These are two different examples of campaigns that are converting that are using different types of trust elements and good quality scores. If you want to succeed on Google Adwords those things are helpful to keep in mind. I appreciate you watching this and hope this has been useful.