The First Jerry Banfield Show – Leap of Faith

Would you like to know what encouraged me to take a leap of faith creating the Jerry Banfield Show because this will help you do the same?

The First Jerry Banfield Show – Leap of Faith

In my work, it was a shocking realization to see that I need to clear out everything. I need to sell everything before I even know what I’m going to do, and now I’m going to do it.

The First Jerry Banfield Show - Leap of Faith

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As I cleared out and sold all my studio, as I cleared everything out, I started to get more of a clear idea. I reached out and asked as many people as I could for help.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

Half of you in here helped me a lot with this show. I asked you questions about it. I talked to you about it for hours. We met up for tea or had a massage and talked about it.

I went so far as to hire John for coaching.

I’m like, “I need some detailed help from somebody who’s actually done what I want to do before and who can sell it.”

When I started out, I had no confidence, like “Yeah, in my mind, I know the show is going to be good, but can I communicate that to anyone?”

Who in here has something in your mind? You know, it’s good, but when it comes out of your mouth, it doesn’t sound good.

The First Jerry Banfield Show - Leap of Faith


One of the things people asked to talk about is, “How do you get confidence?”

Well, you get confidence by working with someone that helps you get confidence.

What John really did is draw out of me, and draw attention to the things like, “Well, why are you doing this?”

My answer, “Well, here’s why I’m doing it. That’s worth something, isn’t it?”

People pay lots for other things and you’re doing something that’s worth a lot to people: “Oh, that’s valuable, isn’t it? I can have confidence in what I’m offering.”

I want you to have that confidence, whatever it is you want to do, whatever your soul or your heart is begging you to do. It probably doesn’t beg, but makes gentle little nudges.

Hey, I tried to have this revelation a bunch of times. I was listening to Gary Keller on Tim Ferriss’s podcast one day and he said, “What’s the one thing you can do in your life?”

For me, I put it in terms of my business. What’s the one thing I can do on my business that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?

This, get out in person with people, and that day I said, “I’m not doing any more videos in my studio. I’m going to focus totally on this.”

After one week I talked myself completely out of it. I rationalized, “Well, it’d be stupid to just not use all this equipment. I can hardly get any money for it. My finances, I need some money now, just to pay the minimum payments, let alone taking a leap of faith on something new.”

I’m glad my wife is so supportive. I told her this. She was very happy. The first two months of the staying at home, I locked it down. Did what? I know how to make money. She was really happy with that. She’s like, “Good, I got some security,” and then I sit her down and said, “I’m not doing that anymore.”

She’s like, “Oh, not again. Not again. It’s like, I was just getting to feel comfortable.”

She fact checked it. She asked tough question. She got upset and she gave me the chance to verify that this is what you really want to do.

It’s good when people give us opposition and tough questions, because that showed me this is what I really want to do.

Who in here has some bad ideas, some things you thought were going to be great and when you tried to do them, “Who else? Stupid?”

Bad ideas will fall very quickly to criticism and what I see is this withstood a ton of criticism. I asked lots of people out for help and they said, “Jerry, this is not a good time to be starting an in-person show. This is not, people are scared. No one is going to come see your show right now.”

The First Jerry Banfield Show - Leap of Faith

I knew that what they were really saying is, “This is a great time to start a show because everybody else is thinking like this too.”

Everybody else who puts on events is thinking like that, which means if you’re like me, I want to get out. I get out of my house every day. I want to learn something, do something, meet people.

For all the people who fit that criteria, there’s almost no other options. If I start a show now, you don’t have a lot of other choices. You’re kind of stuck with this show.

There’s no other shows or almost any workshops or anything else like this. If you want this kind of uplifting, networking, grow a little bit, there’s nothing else hardly going on right now.

When I heard people saying that this isn’t a good time. I thought, “That’s proof. It is a great time.”

If I had done this a few months ago, there are so many other things going on, who’s got time?

Everybody’s booked all the time.

When you’ve got something you really need to do, everything will start to sound like it’s pointing you in that right direction. But it can be tough to take that leap of faith sometimes and I’m here to help you take that leap of faith because I felt so good since I made the decision to clear out everything in my studio.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.