How To Learn and Grow From Each Experience

Everything that is here today is here to help me. This idea helps me to stop taking issue with things that are here. It is done in honor and remembrance of the things that were hard that have ended up being a big help to me in my life.

When you  see that everything is done in your best interest, then it’s easier to accept what you don’t like. It helps you see that sometimes you don’t even know the best way for things to work out. I know with dating I thought I knew how things should work out all the time. I thought I should immediately meet my wife and have a happy life and family. I thought everything should go smoothly.

For every girl I dated, I expected things would work out a certain way. When it didn’t I was mad and frustrated. I had to make up a story about what was wrong with her and what went wrong. It’s complicated to have to explain everything that happens to protect your idea of how things should go.

It’s tough to live when there’s so many things that happen that you think are holding you back. You think if this person just would’ve treated you better then you could’ve been your true self. You think if they would’ve said something to you when you were nicer to them then you wouldn’t have had to act that way. You go through life taking issue with all the things that are put in front of you to do, see, listen, or learn. When you say your experiences aren’t helpful, you miss all your opportunities to learn. I’m sharing this as a person who missed a lot of learning opportunities.

If you learn from the things that have gone wrong in your life, then they weren’t wasted. If you can see that, then maybe when you go out with someone, you won’t expect to be on your way to marriage by the first date. Next time, you will try to get to know them a little bit. If you have to be on a bunch of dates with people and screw it up a bunch of times to learn that, then it’s worth it.

I know today I have an amazing wife that I love and that inspires me and we have a wonderful family together. If things would’ve worked out my way, then I never would’ve got to where I am today. I would work hard to prove that life was screwing me over all the time. I thought that if life would cooperate with me and everyone would do what they’re supposed to, I’d be happy.

I’m grateful today that I see everything is here to help me. Lots of times in the past something trivial set me off and I would just lose it. I would be mad and I would have to do something like drink to numb the pain. I would act out and make someone else wrong. It’s hard to live that way. I live today in a normal state of peace and serenity by using thoughts that are helpful to me.

Everything that happens is here to help me. It’s one of those kinds of thoughts I have. It’s a beautiful thing in life to have what you need in life. Then you don’t have to be afraid of not having what you need. All wanting and striving is based on the fact that you don’t have what you need. If I had a better car then I could pick up chicks. Then, if I could pick up chicks, I could impress all my friends. If I impressed all my friends then they’d pay me more. If I earned more money than people would respect me and wouldn’t say nasty things to me.

Isn’t it better to say that you do have enough money today. You have enough of everything in your life. People who have enough tend to also have more. The people that you think have everything often felt like they had enough before they had what they have now.

I’m grateful today that my business is going well. Yet, I felt like my business was going well before it was going well by anyone else’s definition. I felt like it was doing enough before it made any money at all. I felt like it was enough before anyone would agree that it was enough. When you  have everything you need, you see that everything around you is given to you to be helpful for you. All you have to do is pick the tools up around you.

You can also let things go.When someone says something nasty. For example, someone posted something nasty on my Facebook page the other day. It helped me to see ways I could improve and be of service to you. It helped me to see where I’m building up this definition of who I am that’s vulnerable. I found the criticism helpful.

If I wouldn’t have seen it from a negative perspective, then I wouldn’t have gotten any of the help out of it. I would’ve missed an opportunity to learn. Today, I’m grateful for the opportunities I have. I’m grateful to see that other people are getting the same learning opportunities.

When I see someone who is sick or struggling, I also see that they have what they need. It’s not up to me to judge how they are in any way accept that they have everything they need.

It also motivates me to get to work. If whatever happened to me is everything I need then I better be using that to get to work. I have to share that with people that need my help.

I’m grateful that so many of you guys online like my videos and that motivates me to keep making them. It motivates me to keep trying. When you have what you need in life you can see what’s really worth doing.

I create inspirational videos to help people. There’s no financial reward in the short term. I’m doing this because I want you to have the life you were meant to have. I want you to have a chance to be of service to people on this Earth. I want you to have a happy existence. If you are going to be a part of working miracles in your life, I want to let you know that. I recognize that you already are how you should be today. I don’t need to assume you’re messed up or you’re in a place where you shouldn’t be. I just need to talk about my life with you and just by watching this, you’re getting what you need also.

I don’t have to put anything on you or tell you things that would make you better. I can just tell you what I’m doing that’s working for me to have a happy life today. This is a tool that’s been placed in front of me. A lot of people taking my courses say they came across my videos at the right time in their life.

Since I have a full life that I love, it’s my duty to share that with you and to be of service. Once you have everything you need what is there to do? Service is the only things that’s left to do. When you have everything you need, you don’t have to strive after things. I don’t have to do anything to get any more followers or fans out of it. I can create videos with the belief that I have everything I need and I’m here to help you.

That, to me, is a life worth living. My mom went through a lot of pain recently after falling off her horse. It’s obvious that she’s going through all that because she loves me and she wants to be there and be helpful for me. My mom had everything she needed in her life. She already had a 30 year marriage. Dad passed away and she already has grown kids with families of their own. Mom could say she’s had enough of this life, but mom stays here to be helpful and be of service. She’s willing to go through hell to be of service. She’s willing to go through hard lessons to help me to learn from those lessons so that maybe I can have a better life.

I’m willing to do that with you. I’m willing to do my best to show you exactly what you need to hear today. I’m willing to do my best to honor the experiences I’ve had already that have been challenging for me. I can share my experience with you with the hope that you can learn from them.

I pray that I see that I have everything in my life I need. I pray that I see that everything in my life is here because I need it. I pray today that in seeing I have everything I need and that everything is here because it’s supposed to be here. I pray that I continue to be of service and that I am open to sharing that and giving away what I think is most precious today. I pray that you have the same opportunity today to see that you already have everything you need in your life. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day today.