How To Learn Important Life Lessons – The Easy Way


Is life really like Groundhog Day or a more recent version of that movie Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise? I think it is and I’ll explain to you why right here. If you haven’t seen the movie Groundhog Day or the Edge of Tomorrow, the basic idea is you live the same day over and over again and I’ll bet you have watched a TV show or seen a movie where this is the main theme of it.

I know there’s an X-files episode, for example, where they day kept happening over and over again. Often, the day has ended by something like a death or something going wrong and then you wake up and start the same day over again. In Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise was a soldier and he kept waking up right after he fell asleep on a pile of duffel bags and he would go get killed every day at the end of the day after that. When he’d get killed he’d wake up on that pile of duffel bags again.

This is really useful for life because life is really like Groundhog Day or like the Edge of Tomorrow. Life is really like one day over and over and over again. I thought I had to know all these things about life and I had to know how to deal with all these situations I thought I had to have a script for everything that could possibly happen, but it’s so much simpler than that. It’s just like Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow, all you really have to do is figure out how to live that one single day.

A way to live the one day because yesterday and tomorrow are figments of your imagination. You can show me things now about yesterday or show me things that might happen tomorrow, but you can never be in tomorrow, you can never be in yesterday because you already were in yesterday and you may be in tomorrow. So now, today is all you really have and what happens is you get today over and over and over again. Life gives you lessons to learn on the one day. That makes it easier to understand than trying to look at the whole course of history and put all these things together because there’s so much going on you couldn’t possibly go through and understand everything that has happened or everything that will happen.

What you get are little lessons from the universe or the creator or God, or some higher power, or whatever you want to call the intelligence that runs and makes the whole universe, you get little lessons to learn every day and the lessons will be repeated albeit in a slightly different form until you figure out what you’re supposed to learn from it. I know for me there were years of my life where I woke up and every day was just like the day before or I felt like life kept happening the same way.

That’s because I was refusing to learn the lesson I was given. Just like in Edge of Tomorrow, when Top Cruise tries to do basically the same thing, he gets the same result. He goes through and get’s on the plane and gets killed. He goes through and tries to go through and talk out the war again and gets killed. The same thing keeps happening to him and that’s how life is. Except life will keep throwing things at you, things like you need to love yourself as a lesson to learn. What you’ll do is as long as you keep not loving yourself, you’ll keep getting the same things thrown back at you over and over again in slightly different forms. Things like you need to serve others and treat others as you want to be treated. These are big lessons to learn and you’ll keep getting it in one way or another until you learn it.

It’s as if we are all born with this knowledge and then at some point growing up we forgot it and we have to re-learn it again, every day. It’s just like Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow; I have to learn the lessons every day. When I wake up, I go through much of the same thing every day and the day tends to go better, if I’m willing to learn. I can make progress one day at a time if I’m willing to learn. In the edge of Tomorrow, he wakes up and does basically the same thing and get’s killed then he realizes that he should do it a different way the next day, but he doesn’t know exactly how to do it and get’s killed again.

Each day, he learns something until finally he lives the day where the cycle is broken and then there’s some new freshness to life. I know a lot of my adult life felt like it was in some cycle. It didn’t matter what job I got or what girlfriend I had or what game I was playing it felt like life worked in this cycle and no matter what I did, I was stuck in that cycle. If your life is like that, there is some lesson you are ignoring, something you are not open to, it’s as if the universe is trying to tell you something and you’re saying no and it will just try and tell it to you over and over again until you say okay and listen, then you’ll get a new one.

What I’ve noticed when I been more open I’ve gotten a lot of new ones. I keep getting all these new lessons in life and life is really cool when learn what you’re supposed to learn. You keep getting all these new things. That’s why you can see I keep teaching these courses online. That’s why you can hear I do so many of these videos and podcast episodes. I do that because I’m trying to learn and listen to what life has to tell me. I’m trying not to reject, I’m trying to love and be open and then things go fast. If you feel like your life is just stale and if you feel like things are not changing or you feel stuck in a rut, it’s because you’re not open, you’re not listening to what life’s trying to teach you because life and God, it’s a really personal relationship, and it’s as if God gives you all these things to learn each day and if I’m willing to surrender and learn and be open to what there is to learn, then I can consistently have a great day. I can consistently get new things to learn. What I’m learning is how to live one single day then try and live my life and that’s really cool.

Then I wake up every day feeling like a sense of belonging is there. This day is not something that is crazy or something to be afraid of, I’ve done this before and I will do it again. This day is where I’ve always been or always I will be, I never go anywhere from this day. It’s the same and yet the form of it’s a little bit different, but for me, the spiritual, the death list does this over and over and over again. Now and for all eternity and there’s a lot of peace in that and I don’t have to be afraid of all these things in the world. I don’t have to be afraid of what might happen in my bank account or what’s going on tomorrow or what I said yesterday coming back to haunt me because it’s just like Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow.

You just keep doing it over and over and over again and then there’s nothing to be afraid of. Except doing it the same way you did before and getting the exact same result that you weren’t happy with and there’s lots of freedom in that. Today, I pray to be aware that I’m living the one day that there are not past and future days to live, but just the one day. That that’s all I need to do is live this one day. This entire life is just this one day and so to be thankful. I pray to be thankful for this one day with the understanding that my entire life is this one day. This one day is all I have and what I need to be thankful for. I pray that in sharing this with you that it’s useful for you and that once you have this knowledge then you can get to work, if you haven’t already, on your one day formula.

Thank you for being here and spending this time with me, if you like just listening to me, I’ve got lots of courses on technical subjects and thank you for learning and sharing this with me. I do this every day, nearly every day, and I share this with you because it’s my one day so I do the same thing from day to day, so thank you.