Learn to Teach Online Without Any Experience

One of the ridiculous things I’ve done teaching online is I’ve simply learned things and started teaching them.

If you want the best experience with me, you can join my partner program. My coaching program is for full-time online entrepreneurs. If I had to start all over again, I would join something like this right away. There are weekly group calls, one-on-one calls and you get all my courses.

I’ll show you things that I pretty much learned with no previous experience. I went to school for criminology originally for engineering in college. I switched to criminology and then I did a master’s degree in criminology. I dropped out on my Ph.D program to do my business online.

8 years ago, I could not have taught any of the courses that I’m teaching right now.

Learn to Teach Online Without Any Experience

How did I get to teach these online? The courses that are on Uthena collectively have made millions of dollars in sales and the ones I specifically narrated as an instructor have made about a million dollars or so in sales maybe like $700,000 or $800,000 and the top one was Facebook Ads.

I had the first really good Facebook Ads course on Udemy. You might call that luck, I call that divine guidance. I looked on Udemy after reading a comment online, I saw that there was not one good Facebook Ads course. I was the first one to put serious time and effort into making a great Facebook Ads course.

Learn to Teach Online Without Any Experience

That course made over a hundred thousand just for me in what I was paid. The actual sales were well over $200,000 and maybe $300,000 in that course.

Thinking about this, in 2011, I had merely been using Facebook for 6 years as a regular user. I had never done business on Facebook. I had never done anything but message girls and try and get girlfriends on Facebook (which worked) and just post mostly worthless gossipy or complaining statuses combined with some random things when I was drunk.

Over the next 3 years, I learned how to do Facebook ads and marketing for myself and for clients good enough to teach online the best-selling course on Udemy on “Facebook Ads and Marketing” before Udemy and I had our little breakup.

Learn to Teach Online Without Any Experience

I think that the least among you can do the same as me. I’m telling you this not to say how great I am but to say that I’m an ordinary person that you have these same abilities and when you see what’s possible for yourself, you will have a hunger to realize it.

When I saw that I could start a business, I read a book about the founders of Google and what I thought is that these guys are so ordinary. They made a great company but they’re so ordinary. They literally looked around, saw what could be done, they were in a good environment at Yale I think and they just made something and solved a problem and then took a lot of help from people.

I saw that I can make an amazing company. I can help people. I can do just the same. Thus, I started believing that I could really help people and make a difference first. Then I started looking around and saying, “Okay. What do I need to learn so that I will be in the best position to help other people?

Learn to Teach Online Without Any Experience

I went and learned all the courses you see on Uthena. Now, some of these have not gotten very good reviews and for others, people have said like “Wow. This course changed my life”. Genius in 21 days, several people said this course is absolutely life-changing and amazing. The Facebook Ads course had hundreds of positive reviews on it.

For the YouTube course, I literally followed my own advice and have built up a channel that has hundreds of thousands of subscribers on it. I learned all this stuff and then I taught it. I learned how to do gaming online. I learned how to do digital marketing, film courses and I am ordinary. The trick is to realize you can learn anything you want and then you can teach online whatever it is you’ve learned.

I have time throughout every day to rest and I get consistently 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night. I have AA meetings where I sit down and listen for an hour every day. I’ll take some time with my family. I have some time to rest and relax and go for a walk built-in every single day.

Learn to Teach Online Without Any Experience

Therefore, I don’t need too many days where I just completely rest. What feels balanced to me is to do a little bit every day. Some days it gets uncomfortable for me to rest because I love what I do so much that I want to do a little bit of it every day.

You could call it addiction or you could call it that passion. It’s a delicate balance. I tend to take the most time off of what I do during the week because we are with two children and my wife’s family being right down the street. Often her family is around a lot on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Therefore, I am best able to help my wife by being around more on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have a massage on Tuesdays. I do personal training on Mondays and Thursdays. I have a hypnotherapist I see on Thursday. So, I do a lot of things to relax, to unwind and to get help.

Learn to Teach Online Without Any Experience

I don’t usually take whole days off and less like if I get sick, then sure I’ll take the whole day off. That doesn’t happen that often. We were going on a vacation this weekend until it looked like a hurricane was coming but then it didn’t. I didn’t worry about it. I was told that we’re not going to Disney though so here I am today.

I’m imagining over 1 million subscribers on the channel. It’s been such a journey for me on YouTube without sticking to a niche. Almost all the advice says, stick to a niche and make videos on certain topics. YouTube seems to have an algorithm that positively reinforces just being one way. For example, making the top 10 videos. Well, what if you don’t want to make a top 10 video anymore? Well then YouTube often will be confused or your audience will be confused.

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