LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

Would you like to create a course in real time with me on LearnDash because this will be very useful for you if you are a course creator?

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

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LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

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We are going to create an online course in real time in LearnDash within my WordPress website. LearnDash is the LMS of my choice to put my video courses directly into my website on WordPress, which is then on jerrybanfield.com.

The last video or blog post showed exactly how to install LearnDash and now we will make an online course in it.

We go over to LearnDash LMS and click on “Add New” up above my head here.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

I’m going to use a video course I’ve already made called “Film a 30-Minute Video Course in one Hour.”

Yes, that actually means film an entire 30-minute video course in one hour of real time.

It’s an outstanding quick video class and what I’ll do now is grab the title, put that in here.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

Then, I will go over to Skillshare because I already put this up on Skillshare and I will take this description and put it back over on this page.

The description then shows up on the landing page.

I’ve got a lot of different options here and the first thing I want to do now is to click on “Save Draft.”

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

“Save Draft” will put my course here and I’m not ready to publish it yet.

What I really do want to change is the URL slug over here.

I want courses as short as possible. The URL has to be nice and small.

Something like “30-minute-video-course-in-one-hour,” that’s too long of a URL over here.

Let’s see if we can get it into something shorter. I’m going to call it “30-minute-course,” there.

Or maybe a “1hourcourse.”

Since it will be /courses, we’re just going to call this “1hourclass.”

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

There we go.

That is a nice short URL slug to it and now it will be at https://uthena.com/courses/30mincourse.

Then I can put course categories over here.

I can put course tags in.

I’ll hit “Save Draft” again.

The next thing I want to do is add a featured image. We will upload files, drag a file in that I already put up as a thumbnail before and I’ll click on “Set Featured Image.”

That will now give me the thumbnail on my page.

Now, I can go put a course category in or I can put a tag on this as well. I can put something like “video production” in as a tag. I can put something else like “teaching online, teaching courses, teaching,” there.

I can put a new course category in such as “Video production” if I want to, but I can’t be bothered with that right now.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

We’re going to “Save Draft” and I’ve got the basics done of this.

What we’re going to do now is go over and do the real work to setting this course up and that’s in the “Builder.”

The builder is where you actually drag in and drop your lectures. What you need to do beforehand is get your videos uploaded somewhere that you can put them in and I’ll talk more about that in just a second.

The first thing to do is to put in, I can click on “New lesson” here.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

Then I’ll put a title into it.

Since I already uploaded this over on to other websites, we will go over to video lessons and I will copy these straight from Skillshare and paste those in there.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

I click “Save lesson.”

I click on “New lesson” again and we’ll go over real quick and grab these straight from Skillshare.

Just copy and paste.

What I usually do is just film the courses and they’re straight in my library. The ideal thing to do as soon as you film a video is just name it the exact correct name you want it to be. Put the name of the file as the lecture name, and then you can upload it on lots of different websites at once.

We’ll go back over here and I’m grabbing all these different lectures and adding them, just the title first, and then we’ll actually put the video in.

I’ll put that here, add the lessons and we’ll edit and put the videos in all at once on these.

I’ve got seven lessons.

Make sure you’ve got the right number of lessons.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

Next step, we need to edit every single one of these.

Hit “Save Draft” because I’m sure I don’t want to do that again.

Now, what we’re going to do is right-click “Open link in new tab.”

We’re going to open all of these edits in new tabs.

Edit, right-click link in new tab because I want to do all of these lectures at once.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

I don’t want to have to go over and do this a whole bunch of times.

We click over and now what we’ve got is the actual lesson within this course.

What I need now are videos. I need to put videos in here.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

There are several different video hosting options you can use. I’m choosing to use YouTube because, first of all, YouTube’s free and I like teaching in a way that costs you the least money.

Thus, you can simply upload your videos on YouTube and put them as unlisted. That means they’re not publicly discoverable by people searching or browsing on YouTube. However, people if they have a direct link to the video can watch the video.

What I really like is I’m able to set some of my videos in my classes public, which makes really good tutorials to essentially put less than half of the class out available for free. Then, when someone’s watching a public video in a course, that adds to my watch time that I get.

It also helps me build from people who’ve bought my courses and never watched my YouTube channel, it helps me build YouTube subscribers directly from my online courses. It helps me sync my business together really good.

Now, some people express concerns and say, “Well, YouTube’s not professional. What are people going to think?”

I don’t care what people think anymore.

It’s all about what is practical? What’s the easiest?

YouTube is very fast to upload courses and it’s free.

It’s easy to preview and do marketing for my courses by putting out some of the videos for free.

For example, I’m going to put this OBS video production setup video out from the course for free.

YouTube videos

Then that will be the only one or two of the videos I will put out and that way, I will probably get 10,000 impressions on YouTube for free putting this out, and then a small percentage of people will see the description, find the link and buy the full course off of seeing this free preview video.

It’s a beautiful setup.

Now, if you want it to look professional, if you can use something like Vimeo or Amazon or a different video hosting solution.

However, I’m using YouTube because it works outstanding.

What I do is then, since I’ve uploaded these and you can bulk upload 15 videos at a time on YouTube and it’s way faster. By comparison, Vimeo, I’d need to pay almost $1,000 a year to have similar functionality and it takes longer and it’s more annoying.

On YouTube, I literally just go grab the exact lecture I want in the studio.

Thus, the very first one is this one, “Start filming 30-minute video course in real time.”

Now, watch what I’m about to do here.

I’ve got the video already uploaded on YouTube.

I’m going to right-click and do “Copy link address” directly on the view on YouTube icon.

YouTube videos

Then, I will tab back over here.

In this one, I will click on the “Add YouTube” over here.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

This button that says, “Add YouTube,” I click on that and paste the URL in here and I click on “Embed.”

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

It will now put this video from YouTube directly in here.

Now, this isn’t a public video, you won’t be able to look for it and find it. You’ll only be able to see this if you’re actually watching the online course unless I choose to publish one or more of the videos in the course for free.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

Once I’ve done that, I hit “Update.”

Now, when we do all of these, the entire course will be ready and what I do on here to make sure this worked, I hit “View Lesson.”

This allows me to go over and look at the actual lesson.

Now, this is what the actual lesson will look like on my website when you’re actually taking the course.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

The beauty of this is I’ve got two plugins that make this an even smoother experience.

I’ll show you these plug-ins right now. We’ll go back to my dashboard and I’ll go over to my plugins and I’ll show you the installed plugins.

I have two plugins that help make my YouTube embeds even better, which is important for having good online courses.

I’ve got the first plug-in called “WP YouTube Lyte.”

WordPress plugin

This allows when I put a YouTube video in, it puts just a thumbnail with a clickable button on it and caches it locally instead of pulling the heavy YouTube embedded player in.

This makes the pages on my website load a lot faster, which is very important where you’ve got a YouTube video on almost every page of your website and you want to rank high in Google for search engine optimization.

I’ve got this on, which is why in the lessons I’ll show you in the future, it doesn’t look like the regular YouTube player but it does at first glance, but you’ll notice is not an actual embedded YouTube video. It’s just a thumbnail, which is much faster.

I’ve also got another YouTube plug-in that I just put in yesterday that for having video courses specifically is extremely helpful.

Because one reason you might not want to use YouTube is when you upload your videos on YouTube and then someone watches a video in your course, let’s say the first one that’s only two minutes, and then they get a bunch of recommended videos that are from some other YouTuber, and then you end up losing your student by having them go over to the related videos.

What I did in this, I use “Embed Plus for YouTube.” I click on “Settings” on this and I put the setting to only show related videos from my channel.

WordPress plugin

That way, when you watch a video on my online course, it will only show related videos from my channel, which is great. Because, if you’re watching my online courses, I want you to go watch my newest YouTube videos and the related YouTube videos.

On the end of every video, there will be three to nine different thumbnails for my videos, which is great. You buy my online course, you start watching my other videos on YouTube. You finish the course, that’s awesome. That just works together beautifully.

Now, these two plug-ins combined make that possible. The first one gives the thumbnail. It loads fast and the second one hides all those related videos from other channels on it, and it’s very helpful.

Thus, for doing YouTube, those are essential things you want to know.

Next thing, I go back over to my YouTube channel and I literally just go through and grab all these different URLs.

I’ll just start with the next one down.

I right-click “Copy link address,” to every video and embed them in their respective lecture.

Now, we want to make sure it’s the right video for the right lecture, because if you put the wrong video on there, then well, that’s going to mess the course up.

Then I just hit “Update” on here.

I don’t manually change the URLs for these.

These will be some long URL and that’s fine because these URLs will not be public. I will show you how to change a key setting in the course that will make sure it’s not public.

Once we’ve updated that, then again, we can go to “View lesson” to make sure everything looks okay and we can see the right thumbnail on there, and then, we’ve got that one finished.

Now, the next one we want to do is the camera lectures.

We’ll go over, you’ll see how fast this goes.

This goes pretty fast once we just go over here.

Click on “YouTube,” paste the URL, and hit “Embed.”

Click on “Update” and “View lesson,” that one’s done.

All this goes super fast, which is really nice.

This is one I will actually put out there for free that anyone can watch because it gives me the best chance. I just look through my videos and decide which one I think gives me the best chance to get the most views and the most helpful tutorial on YouTube.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

Then I essentially put the most marketable parts of my online courses out there for free.

Then if you want the full experience, you’ve got the online course you can take. This is a good way to do it because, having the full experience is much more helpful.

Lots of times just having one tutorial doesn’t give you what you really need. I’m going through here all of these since I just copied and uploaded them in order, very quick and easy to just go put. You can see in real time exactly how long this takes.

You can see this is a super fast process. I’ve not only told you how to do this, but I’ve actually done this for my course in real time.

Now, I hit “View lesson” and every single one of these is done.

All the videos, it’s done.

All I need to do is publish my course. Every single lesson in this course is ready to go. I go back up to LearnDash, go to Courses and the course is ready.

There’s a key setting I need to switch on here to get this ready.

I go click on the course.

It’s still a draft, it’s not actually ready to publish yet.

I go over here to “Settings” and what I want to do is put “Closed.” I don’t want anybody to be able to just take this course for free. I could if I wanted to, but I have it closed because I’m using WooCommerce to actually make the sale.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

I put the sale price in at $27.86, then I use WooCommerce. I can put an automatic discount, and then if I want to put a higher coupon, I can do that. I will need a button URL for this, but for right now, I’m just going to put jerrybanfield.com.

Because I need to then create a product in WooCommerce to sell this through WooCommerce on my website.

Thus, for right now, the button won’t actually work until I do it in WooCommerce.

However, if I put “Buy now,” if I wanted to just use LearnDash’s options, I would put “Buy now” in here and LearnDash would handle the entire checkout process, but I like to have much more control over the checkout process and I have a lot more options available through WooCommerce and through my landing page builder.

Thus, that gives me the full business system.

Now, I’ve got the key settings changed in here.

I can put a course certificate if I want. If you click on “Course content,” you can see whether people are enrolled.

I don’t need any of this other stuff. I will need to go back and switch this.

I put “Free form” so users can go watch any particular video they want to.

LearnDash Real Time Online Course Creation Tutorial

Then, I also can use a Cartflows template. This is my landing page builder. I will get that later.

Right now, I hit “Publish” up here and it will publish the course.

Now, I click on “View course” and you can see what this course looks like.

landing page

You can see all the lessons I’ve got right here and that’s the basic sales page for it.

Because this is on my website and I’m signed in, then there’s no option to click on “Take this course,” but if I go over to another window and I go to jerrybanfield.com/courses, and then you’ll see all the courses I published here automatically.

For this course, you’ll see a button that says, “Take this course” right here.

landing page

When I click on this button, it will go to jerrybanfield.com because it’s not set up, but as soon as I add the WooCommerce product, it will go through the WooCommerce checkout.

This other course, you can see this has been added to my cart and WooCommerce is ready to check me out with this.

WooCommerce Tutorial

What I’m actually going to do is use that cart plug-in to make an even better sales funnel. WooCommerce isn’t even really a sales funnel. It’s just a check out.

What I’m going to do is build an even better landing page and a real sales funnel that I can then do upsales, that I can sell my membership directly when someone clicks on “Add to cart” and have it all work together smooth.

Thus, you can see exactly how from just watching this, I got this course up, exactly how long it took. I finished it in less than 20 minutes while I talk to you through explaining it.

It’s very easy to do with pre-existing courses once you upload them to YouTube, follow my process here.

Thank you for reading the post.

I hope this is very helpful to show you how to get a course completely finished within LearnDash and there are lots you can do to make it more sellable.

I recommend doing that.

However, this is the first thing you need to do in order to do anything fancier.

You can continue learning with us in the full class today “My WordPress Course for a Fast Ecommerce Website with Kinsta, Astra, WooCommerce, and LearnDash” at https://uthena.com/courses/wordpress-learndash

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.