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Welcome to The Jerry Banfield Family!

Thank you for being one of the few people that actually decided to read the terms and conditions! You are here today because you want to build the best life possible for yourself and you believe I can help with that!  I trust you to use responsibly and am here to help you every day!

Email and Text Message Marketing?

When you sign up for an account on my website via you are becoming a member of my family!  I am accountable to my family members online by sharing what is new with me each week via email and/or text message if you give me your number at checkout.  You can expect to receive one email written by me each week with new courses published, updates to existing courses, in person events, helpful tips, and/or coupons for you!  An hour after you sign up, you will get a welcome email giving you an overview of the top 5 ways we can work together.  Every time you place an order, you will get an email confirmation.  Anytime you want to leave the family, you are welcome to use the link in any email to unsubscribe.  If you gave your phone number, you can reply STOP to any text message you receive to prevent any additional messages!

What is My Privacy Policy?

I love you the same as I do my family and friends which makes it easy for me to treat your privacy the same as my own.  I use cookies to help me provide you with the best website experience including whether you are signed in, products added to cart, pages viewed, etc.  I also use Google analytics to help me see where you found this website, how you are interacting with each page, and to show you personalized ads to bring you back here.  I use MailChimp for email marketing and sharing additional products with you that I imagine you will love!  You can clear your browser cookies anytime to remove these and you can request your account deleted anytime by emailing Michel at!

Do I Use Affiliate Links on My Website?

Yes and you will see disclosures in proximity to these links to let you know where you can help me earn when you use my link to purchase!

Display Ads with Google AdSense and Ezoic

You will find the privacy policy link for Ezoic at

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