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What are the terms and conditions for using everything I create both on and off

Thank you for being one of the few people that actually decided to read the terms and conditions! My goal is to be of service to you today in having the best life possible and I trust you to use responsibly! Will you agree to only use if you are willing to build a healthy and loving relationship with me over time by accepting that neither of us is perfect and trusting that we will​ both meet any challenges that arise with love and tolerance?

What is my privacy policy?

Thank you reading the privacy policy! I love you the same as I do my family and friends which makes it easy for me to treat your privacy the same as my own.  I use cookies to help me provide you with the best website experience including whether you are signed in, products added to cart, pages viewed, etc.  I also use Google analytics to help me see where you found this website, how you are interacting with each page, and to show you personalized ads to bring you back here.

Email Marketing

When you sign up for an account on my website via I am grateful for the chance to begin building a relationship with you via email!  You can expect to receive one email written by me each week with updates and sometimes a second email related to what you purchased (for example, if you take a course for free on one subject, I may automatically have an email setup to suggest a course related to that subject with a maximum of one per week).  You can use the link in each email to unsubscribe at any time!

Do I use affiliate links on my website?

Yes.  Some outbound links you click may result in me receiving an affiliate commission if you complete purchase of a product or service.

Where is my business registered?

Real Productive Life LLC is registered in Florida as a single member LLC through