Let’s Fail Together

Let’s fail together. Have you been through a painful ban or suspension or lost something big in your life especially when it comes to working online?

I have had some of my best videos or things that have gone wrong, getting a bank account closed, getting my Facebook Ads account disabled, and getting up my Udemy profile suspended.

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If you’ve got stories like this, I’d like to interview you and share your stories because a lot of us don’t want to talk about our failures and yet we learn so much by seeing the failures of others. It helps us to avoid getting into them ourselves.

Let's Fail Together

Thus, if you’ve got a good story of something you’ve failed at and you’d like to do an interview with me where we can record it and I can put it up on my YouTube channel. What you can do is go to my website. You can request your free one-on-one call and I recommend putting some good time and effort into the application on that page. Make sure you share the basics of the story including what the failure was, for example, you got banned from Fiverr or you lost your Skillshare profile.

I’m most interested to share the story on my channel because then we can educate others especially those who might be thinking about using the platform that you’ve failed on. I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I hope this is useful for you.

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Jerry Banfield