Transforming Energy: How To Truly Live An Eternal Life

All matter and energy in this world are immortal.

Matter and energy don’t die. They are the building blocks of this universe, have always existed and will always exist. Even with a nuclear reaction, matter simply switches into energy. Theoretically, a black hole collects energy and matter and turns it into another form.

What does this mean for me? I am made up of things that don’t die. I’m made up of things that have always existed.

If you look at it like baking – I can know what the nutrition facts are of whatever I’m going to bake by what I put in it. For example, I have these Christmas cookies that I love, I put butter, sugar and flower in them. All I need to know to see how many calories it has is what the calories are of each of the individual ingredients. When those ingredients are mixed up they take a different form. But, they have the same fundamental properties.

That must apply to me also. I am made up of ingredients that live forever. I’m made up of ingredients that don’t die. They change from all the time. Why would I think that I have a birth and a death specifically when nothing around me seems to have a birth and death? Everything I see is made up of matter and energy. That matter and energy constantly changes and lasts forever. It’s here right now, it has no memory of the past and the future. It’s here right now, it always has been and always will be. So why do I think that I’m in some different universe than that?

When I hoard a particular group of atoms as mine, then the necessity to be born and die comes in. When I say these atoms in this body are mine and the rest of the atoms in the world aren’t, I define who I am in terms of this body. This body changes forms constantly. Before I was born, there were not atoms that you could say made up this body.

If I limit my definition of who I am to Jerry Banfield, then that has a life and death. I just had a bunch of dreams last night and I did not know who I was in most of those dreams. That is proof right there of life without knowing anything about this body. I can live and go be anywhere without this body.

Here’s another thing that’s easy to see right now. I’m talking about eternal life. It is right here in front of us and you already are living eternal life right now. You don’t have to do anything for it, you don’t have to be a good person or a bad person. You don’t have to be anything, you already have eternal life, you’re already living it right now. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I can’t be destroyed if the ingredients in me can’t be destroyed.

Sure a disaster can come along. An anchor could fall out of the sky and this body would then fall apart. But the consciousness would simply back out of this body and find something else to do.

I take it on faith that I was born into this body because I do not remember being born into this body. My memory is actually limited in the past. I don’t remember the first years of my life and this is evident as I’m raising my daughter now. She’s 6 months old, she’s an equal, she’s just as alive as I am. She won’t remember any of what she’s going right now when she’s older. Yet, I can see that she’s alive and she’s experiencing everything she’s doing right now.

I must have went through that but I don’t remember. I take it on faith that I was a 6 month old baby. I don’t remember being a 6 month old baby, but it must’ve happened because this form is right here right now. That begs the question what else don’t I remember. I could’ve died before and don’t remember that. I could’ve been an old man or an old woman in a hospital and died. I don’t remember it.

If I look around it’s obvious that I’ve done a whole lot more than I remember. It’s kind of like if you see any of those total recall movies where the guy is stuck in this tiny life. He doesn’t remember much, but he sees that he has this whole life before. I know that I’ve done so much more than I can remember. In fact, I would rather believe that before I was born, I talked with the creator of the universe and accepted the chance to come into this body. I chose to create this entire life to start with. When I’ve had enough of it, I will let it go and I will do something else.

That is reassuring because I have no fear. It doesn’t matter what happens all I have is today to experience and love and enjoy it. then, often I’ve been gripped a lot in my life about fearing my loved ones. There’s no need to fear it because it’s certain. Everyone I love and everything I love will fade away. The love of this life itself. That’s what created me and that never goes anywhere. The thing I love about my wife the most is that she reminds me to love the creator. Love that which created both of us and brought us together. I can’t love my wife any less or more than I can love that which created us and brought us together. That love is infinite and it doesn’t have any requirements, it’s here now and you don’t have to do anything for it. The only thing that can happen is you can forget. You can forget that everything that makes you up is immortal.

You can forget that there’s a lot more to you than you remember. You can forget a lot of the things that you went through before. You can get stuck in a small world that feels like prison though you are the creator of your universe the same as I am of mine. I put myself in prison for a lot of my universe and then I asked to be let out and I’m out now. I’m talking more of a mental prison, a small definition of life. I’m talking about fear like a little rat running around afraid to get stepped on. for most of my life. I’m grateful that now I’ve created an exit from that. I’ve asked for and I live in a wonderful world today. I do what I can to share that with you because that’s how I was held.

I can only give you what has already been given to me. I pray today to remember that the ingredients that make up what I think of as me in the form of this body can’t be destroyed. They’ve been around for ever and they’re not going anywhere. I pray to remember that because I have all the ingredients that can’t be destroyed I must share. I cannot have different properties than that which makes me up any more than a cookie can be separated from the sugar, butter and flour. I pray that you have the same chance to have peace in your life that comes with seeing the eternal life is right here. You’ve already got it, there’s nothing to worry about or be afraid of because the real you can’t be harmed. Thank you for reading this. I hope you have a great day today.