Live Daily Q & A Vlogs? Reacting to First 24 Hours on Kickstarter

Here’s my first Live Daily Q & A Vlog and honest stories from my life. I’m interested to know if you want some more of these, especially the live streams on Facebook or YouTube.

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I’m going to react live to my Kickstarter project. I launched my 5th Kickstarter project yesterday and I am doing something a little different from the Kickstarter project.

I just posted it and then didn’t like to obsess and watch how many orders came in within the first 24 hours. I just put it up. Live Daily Q & A Vlog.

I saw that my friend Tomas bought the online 2020 digital marketing course for $27 and then I didn’t check it since then. So, I’ll take a look at it live. There is so much pressure and expectation that I feel with this.

I keep endlessly thinking about what can I do to reach the top so to speak? How do I take my game to the next level? How do I make the best videos for you?

I was walking this morning. I took my son and the dog for a walk. I’m like, “What can I do to like up my game and just do the best?

Live Daily Q & A Vlogs? Reacting to First 24 Hours on Kickstarter

Sometimes it’s like it might be more of “How can I just do good like stop doing great and just try to do something good that’s useful every day”.

I think relentlessly about how I can make something that’s the very best. Well, what if what’s the very best is just honest and just sharing stories? I love listening to books and reading stories.

If you look at my life, it already is successful. If you look at this last video or post I did i.e. 35 with $484K debt and a plan.

That is the only issue in my life. Whereas, everything else is completely fixed and settled.

I remember I got so impatient with dating from 15 to 25 and wanted to find the one. Now, dating has been the most stable area of my life since I met my wife almost 9 years ago.

Live Daily Q & A Vlog

My biggest struggle at one point is now one of my biggest certainties and I’m remembering that.

It’s funny how I consistently get away from live streams. Just showing up, talking honestly about my life and sharing what I’m learning is the best I can do.

Let’s look at the Kickstarter project and react. I’m a little nervous about it and get so excited. I put so much pressure on myself and on everybody else to help me and I launch something in 24 hours and I’ve failed 4 Kickstarter projects before.

Live Daily Q & A Vlogs? Reacting to First 24 Hours on Kickstarter

$136 pledged by 6 backers. It is the best start that any of my Kickstarter projects have ever had within the first 24 hours.

Thank you. I’m so excited to see all those backers on Kickstarter. This is what I’ve been working on recently to get out of my debt by taking suggestions.

Live Daily Q & A Vlog

4 people chose to buy the digital marketing 2020 course bundle. That is super awesome. There are a lot of fun rewards on this Kickstarter. I’m so grateful for $136 which over 10% towards the goal in the first 24 hours.

Thank you. I’m so grateful for that. Now, the question is “Why are people buying it”?

It’s a complete digital marketing course bundle for $27 which is the cheapest it’ll ever be. I’m making all new digital marketing courses to address that video I made previously about being in debt.

So, thank you.

Zain: Can I Have Some Of The Android & Python Courses?

Yes, I’ve got previews at the Android course on YouTube. I’m planning to put some more of those out there. If you check my free coupons page, you might find something on there. Live Daily Q & A Vlog.

Go to There are lots of free courses on there.

We’re getting courses up on Uthena on all kinds of things. That is what I’ve been putting my money, time and energy into this year, especially after I quit gaming. We’ve got 506 courses which are a lot of good courses there for a really low price.

Zain: How do I contact you for free?

You can go to You can send me a message. I have the option to email me. I have workshops every week in the Partner Program.

I stopped doing the webinars. We had some interesting webinars. Some of them were pretty interesting but people were showing up expecting some kind of sales pitch but I have stopped doing the webinars.

The partner program has been going really well for Private Label Rights. So, that’s how you contact me.

Addington: What’s your favorite type of music?

I was just listening to “Separate Ways” and “Don’t stop believing by journey” right before this live stream. I listened to a lot of deadmau5 and my personal favorite kind of music is electronic dance music.

I’ve got a new album coming out on Black Friday I think which is November 29th or something like that. It’s 3 weeks from today.

If you want to get my new album, it’ll be on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify & Google Play. I’m behind on SoundCloud but we’re working on getting it on SoundCloud.

I’ve got a song on there. It’s called “Beautifully Differently Abled”. I’m interested to see what you think of that. It might be good for a laugh.

Sam: Why did you stop gaming?

I lost my passion for gaming. It started to feel like a chore. I got back into gaming because I was all excited about playing the new Black Ops 4.

Live Daily Q & A Vlogs? Reacting to First 24 Hours on Kickstarter

The first couple of months playing the new Black Ops 4 were really exciting. I was watching tutorials and was having so much fun.

I’m not sure what happened. Whether it was financial insecurity or starting this Uthena platform in January. I started Uthena and as soon as I started it, my passion for gaming just started to die.

I was trying to split my time among gaming, Uthena and the rest of my business. It just got to be too much.

Here’s a detailed video on quitting gaming.

Steven: How can I sign up?

For Uthena, you can go sign up and take all the 506 courses right on the homepage i.e. Uthena Scholars.

I’ve got a partner program that even gives Private Label Rights to all of my courses and with this new Kickstarter project, I’m planning on making up to 18 new digital marketing courses for 2020 which would be really good to sell.

You can go right on Uthena and sign up for any of those things if you’d like.

If you want to make sure not to miss any of my livestreams in the future, make sure to hit “See First” on Facebook. If you want notifications, you’ll have to subscribe to YouTube by hitting the bell icon.

Live Daily Q & A Vlogs? Reacting to First 24 Hours on Kickstarter

I have an option where you can come to film a video course in my studio on this Kickstarter project. If you want to get to come hang out in my studio and do a video course, I’ve got an option on Kickstarter.

One person, Tomas George, has done this with me before. We filmed a complete 42 secrets of influence online video course and audiobook. That was really good.

We had so much fun doing this too and Tomas even helped me get my studio off graded.

Sam: What’s your view on #TeamTrees movement?

If you’re new to it, Mr. beast on YouTube did a video and collaborated with a bunch of others to launch this charity to plant 20 million trees. Live Daily Q & A Vlog.

I like the idea. It’s a great idea. The trees are like the lungs of this planet, especially for human beings. Trees convert carbon dioxide to oxygen which is an essential function for human life on this planet.

A lot of the things we’ve done as humans have cut down a lot of the trees and we haven’t replaced them. I love the idea of planting 20 million trees and spreading awareness for the value of trees.

I often see that getting large sums of money together often leads to a lot of waste. I hope that all of this fundraising results in the trees getting planted.

For example, I read a bunch of stories about how there was just a fortune when there was the earthquake in Haiti. There was a ton of money donated and there was a shockingly small amount of homes that got built with that money.

Almost all the money that was donated to the Red Cross to donate to this huge disaster relief fund for Haiti, almost all of it was wasted in admin and bureaucracy. Almost nothing got built.

Thus, me going out and planning a tree is really good as well as me doing a little gardening at my house.

The little things we do individually make a huge difference and if trying to do something collectively encouraging planting trees can help us do things individually then that makes a big difference. Those are my thoughts on that.

Live Daily Q & A Vlogs? Reacting to First 24 Hours on Kickstarter

Trey: COD Modern Warfare is pretty good. I hope your passion for it comes back because you’re the man.

It sounds like a game I might love and enjoy playing. It’s a humbling realization sometimes to look around at one’s life and say “What is most important? What am I going to make time for?”

I love the idea of playing Modern Warfare and if I had 48 hours in a day instead of 24 and we had childcare for all those 48 hours or whatnot, I would definitely play call duty modern warfare.

I would continue to live streaming video games because it is fun to do sometimes. It’s difficult with gaming and live streaming to just kind of casually occasionally do a stream. Live Daily Q & A Vlog.

Usually, you get wrecked if you don’t play the game that much. You don’t look good on stream. People don’t want to watch you. They get bored.

I find my studio really nice just not having all the gaming stuff and not having to think about it. In a lot of ways, it’s better to have a simple life.

That said, I’m not saying never in gaming. Brendon suggested I wait until the PlayStation 5 comes out and maybe get back in then.

What I see today is if I decide to play any video games, I’m deciding not to do something else. That’s a tough choice sometimes because I love video games. I’m good at them. They’re fun but life’s full of tough choices, right?

Live Daily Q & A Vlogs? Reacting to First 24 Hours on Kickstarter

Zain: What are the benefits of Kickstarter?

The nice thing about Kickstarter is it’s a very organized platform and Kickstarter allows me to pre-sell my online video course.

I just launched a project yesterday. I’d love for you to join us on it called “The Digital Marketing Course Bundle With Jerry Banfield in 2020”.

Live Daily Q & A Vlog

What’s awesome about this project is that it allows me to pre-sell my online video courses before I film them.

Thus, Kickstarter is really good. I’d say Kickstarter is the number one platform to pre-sell a product before you’ve made it.

The question then comes is “Why would somebody presell? Why would you buy on Kickstarter?”.

Live Daily Q & A Vlogs? Reacting to First 24 Hours on Kickstarter

What’s awesome about buying on Kickstarter is that I’m able to offer huge discounts on Kickstarter because it’s a pre-sale. Because I haven’t made any of the courses yet, I’m willing to offer all of them for $27.

Whereas, once I’ve gone and filmed all the courses and they’re ready to be bought, there’s no way I’m offering all of them for $27 as a one-time purchase at least.

If you go on Uthena, they will be in the $9 a month bundle but that’s a subscription. Live Daily Q & A Vlog.

What’s nice about Kickstarter is that I can also throw in the kitchen sink. I can do much more than pre-sell courses on Kickstarter.

If you just like watching the debt video and want to help out with the Kickstarter project, you can just put it in without getting anything back.

Thus, I can just accept any kind of contribution to the Kickstarter without even really doing anything.

I’ve thrown in the kitchen sink in with the reward in that. I’ve got t-shirts. I’ll send you a t-shirt not even washed if you want it. I hear some people are into that.

Then I’m able to sell things like calls, coaching, a video and even coming to film in my studio or having me come to film on location with you.

The Kickstarter project starter is an awesome platform if you want to launch a business or a business idea.

Live Daily Q & A Vlogs? Reacting to First 24 Hours on Kickstarter

It is also good if you’ve already got an established business, you’ve got something new you’re doing and you just want to pre-sell it or determine interest.

The way I look at it is if this Kickstarter project gets funded, that’s a very clear validation that it’s a good idea for me to film a new set of digital marketing courses.

Live Daily Q & A Vlog

If this Kickstarter project is not funded, there’s probably not much of a demand for me to make digital marketing courses.

If it’s not funded, the odds of me being able to sell my own courses are pretty low and therefore probably not worth taking the time to film all of it.

Thus, the Kickstarter project is nice.

One of the main things in teaching courses online or making products is verifying that there is demand and Kickstarter is a really good platform to verify that there is in fact demand for your product, course or idea.

Kickstarter does not work very well for purely creative endeavors where you’re not offering something.

For example, on previous projects I’ve done on Kickstarter, they’ve just been kind of like, “I’ll do a show. I’ll write a book” and those were not successfully funded.

In this, I’m offering video courses, coaching, filming entire courses of video and calls. It’s about giving something that’s very clearly established and understood.

Also, if you’ve got a very clear goal like you want to make a new album and you’ve already made music before, Amanda Palmer was able to have a Kickstarter project raise millions of dollars for one of her new albums.

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Syed: What’s your total goal?

The total goal is $1,234. I figured that’s an average over 30 days of like $40 a day basically selling a course bundle or two every day on the project and/or one bigger contribution.

That’s a bare minimum to verify it’s a worthwhile desire.

The cool thing about Kickstarter is if the project doesn’t succeed, you don’t give any money to the project until it’s successful.

Thus, the 6 people who have ordered so far haven’t spent any money. It’s just authorized on the credit card and then once the project finishes then it’s charged on the credit card.

Nnn Nnn: Can you help me earn money?

The digital marketing course bundle I’m making on Kickstarter, this is the best thing I can think of to help you earn money online because digital marketing skills are really valuable to earn money online.

Once you can do digital marketing, it’s so much easier to get jobs and apply all your other skills.

Here’s the playlist on how to make money online I recommend. It has a bunch of different videos. I also got a post on my website. Live Daily Q & A Vlog.

Top 10 Ideas for Making Money Online in 2020.

I’ve got so much information. This is a complete blog post here with all the best ideas I can think of that’ll help you make money online.

The key thing though is mental. The key thing is to believe that it’s possible. Once you believe then take action on that and ask for help.

I love hearing what you have to say. I love you. You’re awesome. I hope you have a wonderful day and I intend to be online tomorrow for the next live stream.

Jerry Banfield