How the World Changes When You Love Yourself First

If you love yourself, you will love everything and everyone else in your life. The reason for this is that your inner reality determines your outer reality. Outer reality is a reflection of inner reality. In other words, when I go out into the world, what I see is based on what I’m projecting onto the world.

If I bring love and happiness, I project that on the world and I see love and happiness. If I bring turmoil, when I go out into the world I will see turmoil. Once you see that your outer reality determines your inner reality and you control your inner reality, you can make a beautiful life.

That’s why people have experienced miracles with this in the worst places you can imagine –  concentration camps, prisons and labor camps. In places where suffering is everywhere and that’s how I discovered this also. When I could see how messed up my inner reality was, I was motivated and encouraged to change it. I was looking at the world with frustration and not understanding and patience. That’s because I wasbeing that way with myself.

That’s how I used to live and now I see I can’t be anything that I don’t also do to the world. If I’m sitting and talking negative to myself, I will do that to other people. I will look at other people and speak negative towards them. If I’m being nice and loving myself, then I am nice to others. If I love myself, I can do it with anyone and anything else. If I’m loving and nice to myself, and feed myself, take care of my body, I won’t get angry.

If I look at the connectedness I have with all people and life, I won’t get lonely. If I get good sleep then I’m not tired. Even if I didn’t sleep as much the night before, I still feel refreshed today. When I take care of myself and love myself, then that’s how outer reality looks also.

When you see someone doing something rude. What I see is a person who’s trying their best to get through the world and something that’s okay. I love that person just the way they are, they don’t need to be any different. They’re there to teach me a lesson that I’m here to love myself. I can treat myself bad like that the moment I forget that that’s what happens. This gives me a miracle in my life then because I see the joy and the love everywhere. I notice some of the things that you don’t notice like people being rude or inconsiderate. I think of them in a different way.

When you are connected and you get to know yourself, the people you’re most likely to have issues with are the ones most like you. For me, I’ve had issues most recently with some other instructors online which you might think that’s absurd. They’re doing such similar things to what I do, then the ego comes into play. That has given me more ways that I can love myself and take care of myself better. You can just see the absurdity of having issues with someone like you.

How often do we have people in our community that we make into enemies when they’re just like us? I like Eckhart Tolle’s talk in one of his retreats. You might have got in the night before and you might have found it hard to practice your spiritual daily activities. You can find the person you’re with is less spiritual than you and look on them with judgment. Even worse than that, you might see the person you’re with is more spiritual than you. There’s an opportunity to take an issue with that person. How often do we do that in life? We take an issue with people who are most like us. I have a friend and he says his family didn’t get along, he said they were most like each other and that’s why they didn’t get along.

When you’re similar and you’re interested in being a unique person, you will be drawn to fighting so you can stand out. With the family feuds in Kentucky, the families would have these violent epic feuds. I see no difference between families. They’re all people who live in Kentucky. Those groups they tried so hard to see themselves as different. Yet, from anyone else’s point of view, they’re the exact same. How many times have you seen that in your life?

I find it useful to imagine how people outside of my life see me. Doing all these things online has been helpful for that. When I picture all the different places you are from, then I know how easy it is for me to get lost in any particular idea of who I am. What you see may be different from what someone else is seeing. The things I think I’m sharing with you, someone else might be getting something completely different out of it. It encourages from the heart because I don’t know exactly how you will receive this.

Sometimes you can just sit with someone, you don’t even need to talk. My wife and I could just sit together, we can feel the other person through all the subtle body language. I hope that this is the chance to take a look around your life and see the people in it that you most agree with. The people you find most annoying, the people you find most problematic and look at that through your inner reality.

I thought it’s funny most of my life, especially last year as I’ve gotten to know myself better. The people I can’t stand the most are the people that reflect something I don’t like about myself. The more I love myself, the less I find people that I don’t like. The more I love myself, the more I can love another person. The more I love myself, the more I see I’m not separate from everyone else. I’m half my mother and half my father. I’m not even a unique person, I’m just a merged together copy of two other people. Seeing that helps me to love myself and do my best. I pray today that I love myself each moment and that I use what I’ve shared with you to do better in my own life. I pray today that you have the same opportunity if that’s what you want to do. if you want to not have people in your life that you hate or disagree with.

Thank you so much for reading this. I am cripples at all the good feedback that you keep sharing with me. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day today.