Lowering Expectations in Life and Enjoying the Simple Things

When you expect nothing in life, everything that happens is a great gift. Everything is an opportunity to find love, happiness and joy. When you expect things and don’t get them you feel fear, frustration, and anger.

Gaming is a perfect scenario for explaining this. How many times do we sit there while we’re gaming? I suffered in this game because I thought I should be able to kill two people. So when I didn’t do that, I’d get frustrated. My expectations aren’t met and I’d get angry and resentful. I would have to make up a story about why things didn’t go as expected. This game sucks or people are just bad. My teammates are bad. I would spend so much time and energy to try to explain why my expectations weren’t met.

If you just play the game, you can have fun playing it how it is. I’m playing the game and asking myself: What do I win if things go positive? What do I lose if things go negative? It doesn’t matter. Am I playing the game to make money? No, I’m not playing the game to make money. Do I have a good enough life today? Yes. What can I lose out of playing the game?

What can I lose out of having no expectations? There’s nothing to lose out of having no expectations. You could say if I have no expectation then I just let people walk all over me, I just let anything happen to me. I could just play a stupid game that no one cared about and have just as much fun with it.

It doesn’t have to work that way. You can have no expectations and you can still have your self-respect at the same time.

My mom said after being married to my dad for 30 years, the only way she could be happy with him was to expect nothing. out Then every single good thing he did was something to be grateful for. When she expected things out of him, she was disappointed when he didn’t do what she expected.

Now, she would get upset because the expectations she had on him weren’t met. That’s often what I’ve done in my life. I would set up expectations on what the world should do. The world should do this for me. The world should put me in this position. The world should do my bidding. Then when the world wouldn’t do my bidding, I would say that’s proof the world sucks. Why? Because I set up an expectation that at one moment in my mind that wasn’t met.

Today I  try to have less expectations in life and now I have a lot more fun. I go into video games not having any idea what to expect. That’s a  great freedom because whatever I get out of the game is something to be grateful for. In other words, I played better than I thought I would.

I can go in with low expectations of how I should play. From there it was pretty easy to have fun. I didn’t play the game for a few months, meanwhile, everyone else has had a chance to get better. If I expected I was going to play as well as I played before, I likely would’ve been disappointed.

I likely would’ve had no fun at all playing the game. Here’s the thing: If I have no fun playing at all how am I supposed to enjoy my life? How am I supposed to do anything good for you? How am I supposed to be a good husband if I’m not happy with how things are? It’s easy when you don’t expect anything out of life to forgive other’s  imperfections.

For example, I get a lot of comments about how my videos suck. If you expect my videos to do amazing things for you, if you expect my videos to show you how to be great at the game, then yes, they’re going to suck for you. My videos don’t show you how to be good, they show you how to be average or slightly above average at best. If you’re looking for commentary on them, this is not like that either.

A lot of people that watch my videos are disappointed because they’re expectations aren’t met. I am okay with that today because I am okay with my life. I don’t’ expect that everyone should love everything that I create. I expect nothing. I expect that I do my best to make an effort and then I look at how people respond. It discourages a lot of people today.

There are a lot of people who could make videos just like I make them. Yet, the negative feedback is one of the things that discourages people that try to film their gaming. For a few hundred dollars and a few hours of learning about it, you could make these videos that I’m making today.

The thing that’s scariest about making these are the expectations that people put on you. The ways people share their disappointment and take out their frustration with life on you is hard to deal with. If you don’t expect anything out of people, it solves that problem. All the relationship problems out there can be solved the same way.

It goes back to the same problem I mentioned earlier. If I don’t expect things out of a relationship, then how am I going to have any self-respect? Just because you don’t expect anything out of others doesn’t mean you have to let people treat you badly. It actually promotes the opposite. For example, with my wife. When I don’t expect so much out of her, I can also have a reasonable expectations on the basic things. It’s easier to make healthy expectations.

There are some expectations that are healthy. For example, you can expect that the person you are with doesn’t mistreat you most of the time. You can expect for them to have a bad day is normal also so you can expect that they will mistreat you occasionally. When you have fewer expectations, it’s easier for you to set up useful expectations.

What I found with most of us, especially with most of my life, we have so many pointless expectations . You have expectations that the person you’re with shouldn’t abuse you. In other words, they shouldn’t be screaming at you, or telling you what a horrible person you are. If you are with someone who is calling you names and abusing you every day, it’s hard to do anything about that expectation.  When you have a ton of expectations on everyone, it’s hard to make any differentiation and say this is a healthy expectation.

I should expect that my employer should not give me a hard time about not coming to work when I’m sick or when my family needs me. When you have a few expectations then you can have only expectations that are helpful. You can stand up for yourself as needed. It’s much easier to be a responsible person that respects and loves themselves. If you have so many expectations that you’re disappointed with everyone, you’re helpless to actually do any better. The way to start doing better is to drop all expectations. It’s to drop every expectation so you can then isolate what expectations are helpful if any.

More than likely there could be a few expectations that are helpful to have. There could be a few expectations that can do you good. As long as you are aware of the expectations you have, you can only have expectations that are helpful.

I realize you expect certain thing out of my videos. You may be looking for entertaining game play or commentary that helps you to see into your life. I try and deliver into your expectations, but I realize that I can’t deliver every time. Sometimes I’m going to disappoint you because I can’t be aware of all the expectations you have on me. I realize that no matter how hard I try, sometimes I’m going to disappoint you. That’s okay because then I can just not expect anything out of you.

I love that you’re here. I’m happy you’re reading this and that’s enough for me. I don’t have to ask anything else. It’s a good situation when creating things to have no expectations at all. If you want to make videos like this, having no expectations on what you should get will help you move forward.

Today, I pray to have no expectations on people, places, or things by default. My normal state should be no expectations. I pray by having fewer or no expectations on my life, it gives me the space for the few expectations that I need. I pray that my expectations are in areas that are related to my safety, health and how I’m able to function in this world. I pray that by sharing this with you, you have all the same opportunities I do today. I pray that you are able to have a happy life that’s peaceful and full of purpose and joy each day. Thank you for reading this, I hope you have a great day today.