MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

ActiveCampaign vs. MailChimp. I’ve used both of these email marketing services and if you are wondering which one is best, will you please take a look at this because you will enjoy seeing the differences and planning and picking the right one from the beginning?

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

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MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

It’s really annoying if you choose an email marketing service that doesn’t work with you for the long term because then you have to change everything.

MailChimp and ActiveCampaign, both have some really good ups and downs here. I’m currently using ActiveCampaign now. I used to use MailChimp and I’ve used each of these for at least almost two years each.

So, I’ve got a good period of time to compare this to and they each have their ups and downs.

In some situations, MailChimp will be a very clear choice for you and others ActiveCampaign, and then some you might be having some indecision.

So, what I will do is we will look at both of these and I will help you out with maybe the indecision.

First, let’s look at MailChimp.

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

MailChimp is ideal if you don’t think you are ever going to build a big huge business that needs a bunch of people involved in it.

If you just want to do simple email marketing, if you just want to send one email a week and you have got a blog and a YouTube channel, and you just want to send out what’s new, and you don’t imagine that you are ever going to do much more than that, MailChimp is ideal.

It’s simple, it’s pretty easy, it’s widely known and the pricing is pretty good on it.

I’m on the pricing page here and there is also an option that you can do for free.

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

You can use the free option on MailChimp, which is nice. It’s free and you can have up to 2,000 subscribers on it.

If you get your MailChimp set up, it doesn’t take that much work to set up, and let’s say you grow up to 10,000 subscribers, you will see your cost is $75 a month, which is pretty good for ten thousand subscribers. You can send lots of emails to it and it’s very straightforward.

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

If you don’t imagine you ever want to do more than just do straightforward simple email marketing, MailChimp is great and that’s why so many people use it.

You might ask, “Well, what’s ActiveCampaign? What can this do?”

ActiveCampaign is really nice if you think someday you might want to get into some advanced email marketing, but at the moment you don’t necessarily see that happening within the next few weeks, so to speak.

You can look at the cost here.

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

So the cost is significantly more to use, even the cheapest option on ActiveCampaign.

If you go over to monthly, it’s $139 a month or if you pay yearly it’s $111 a month for the Lite option.

This is why a lot of people use MailChimp because it’s cheaper and it does a great job for simple email marketing.

However, what you won’t often think of in the beginning is the pain of switching.

I actually deleted two different MailChimp email lists because I wasn’t investing that much in it to start with. I stopped paying attention to my simple email list and I ended up just getting an old list, and once you have got an old email list, that is not good to use for emails anymore.

You will get a lot of spam reports and when you get spam reports, you can get your MailChimp account suspended. I had one of my MailChimp accounts get suspended. I since made more and didn’t have any problems. You can get your account suspended using old lists.

You might look at these two right off the surface and say, “Well why would I even consider ActiveCampaign when it costs more?”

What happens, when you decided you are going to grow your business, you may need some more advanced email features. You may need some things that can integrate directly with your website. You may want to do some really good automation or sales funnels.

Now, if you have done like me and you had your list in MailChimp to start, what happens is you realize that MailChimp can’t do all the things you need it to do.

MailChimp has some great features you can do. You can do segmentation, you can A/B test stuff, it’s a lot of great things if you just want the basics. You can even set up some little funnels.

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

However, if you want to add some additional users who have got access to their own lists, this is a really helpful feature in ActiveCampaign, one that you are trying to grow.

Now, at the time I signed up for ActiveCampaign, I did not realize all these things I would want to do in the future, but I’m so grateful that my friend told me and suggested I use ActiveCampaign because I’ve been maintaining my list in ActiveCampaign, and as soon as I started launching the Uthena platform, I didn’t even have to switch email providers.

I was on the Lite plan on ActiveCampaign and all I then did was bump up to the Plus plan, then I can seamlessly scale up all the way to the Enterprise plan. I can have up to 50 users on the Professional plan, and then I can have as many users I negotiate on the Enterprise plan.

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

I can scale up my business and have incredible automation. I can add other users and let other users make their own email list.

I can do site messaging on ActiveCampaign, which means when someone is signed into their account on, I can pop up specific messages on the site directly to that user.

These are very powerful features that if you are just trying to send an email once a month or once a week and say what’s new, you don’t need those. If you need them in the future though, it can be really annoying to take your list out of MailChimp, put it into something more advanced like ActiveCampaign, and then try and figure ActiveCampaign out all from scratch.

Since I’ve been using ActiveCampaign for years, I knew ActiveCampaign could do all the things I wanted and I already had things set up where I could easily start scaling.

Another thing you actually get from paying more that’s counterintuitive, I actually was on the Plus plan.

Before it’s too late, if you would like to sign up for ActiveCampaign, will you please use my link because ActiveCampaign has a 20% lifetime affiliate program commission. That is a huge advantage over MailChimp.

When you sign up for ActiveCampaign using my link, you are able to help me earn 20% of everything you ever pay.

I love knowing my friend who got me on ActiveCampaign is about to earn a fortune. He has already earned something like a thousand plus dollars off of me using ActiveCampaign, and as I move up to Enterprise, I may be able to single-handedly fund his entire life off my ActiveCampaign account as the cost snowballs, probably thousands of dollars a month as we continue to scale up Uthena.

I love knowing that I’m helping him out with the affiliate program.

The MailChimp affiliate program is the worst. It’s got all these little links to refer. I don’t think I ever got one credit referring someone to MailChimp, and it was not for lack of effort. I tried. I did videos. I did an entire video course about MailChimp. What stinks trying to affiliate market MailChimp is so many people already use MailChimp as people already have a MailChimp account that they just didn’t use for a while.

When you do affiliate marketing for ActiveCampaign, it’s often new to people as ActiveCampaign may be new for you.

When you are able to bring even one affiliate can make you good money and if you know how to use ActiveCampaign, you can help other people learn to use it. The big downside to ActiveCampaign is it’s more challenging to use than MailChimp.

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

Now, if you just are on the Lite plan and you just want to send an email out each week, you can do that pretty easily and I’ve found an ironic thing that’s happened.

When I started out on ActiveCampaign, I made a commitment to doing a good job with my email marketing.

MailChimp was so cheap that I just kind of thoughtlessly built my list up and often didn’t invest much in it because it wasn’t costing me that much.

When I signed up on ActiveCampaign and paid $4,000 for a year of ActiveCampaign, which I think was, whatever that is, the 10,000 contacts on the Plus plan times a year. When I paid $4,000 all at once for an annual payment on my ActiveCampaign plan, I made a commitment to hiring someone to help me make sure I did a good job on my email marketing.

My friend Michel Gerard, if you are on my email list, you can subscribe to it and see it for yourself. He writes these beautiful emails out on ActiveCampaign every single week. He has written 70 of them. He has not missed a week in over a year and the reason I did that is because as soon as I paid the four thousand dollars for ActiveCampaign I committed to saying, “Well, I paid $4,000 for this. I’m going to make sure I really use it and stick with it.”

When you have got some of these cheaper plans, even when things go well, and since MailChimp does great, you only pay as you go.

So, if you have got like a couple of thousand email subscribers, it can be free, or it can be like $20 or $30 a month. Well, when you are just putting twenty or thirty dollars a month into it, it is easy to forget about it. It’s easy to stop caring about it. It’s easy not to do a good job with it and I’ve been on a lot of people’s MailChimp plans where exactly this happened.

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

There was no consistency with their emailing. They send an email once one month, they send five or ten emails the next month, which after not hearing hardly anything, and then suddenly getting spammed with a whole bunch of emails. I say spam because it’s too much. You send one email the past several months and you send ten emails in one month, it’s too much.

You need some consistency with your email marketing. When you are not investing that much into it, it can be very easy to go back and forth in these.

“All right. I forgot about my email list for three months, now I’ve got some new affiliate program like ActiveCampaign or whatever, and I’m going to hammer that thing every two days to people. Come on, join this. Come on.”

Then what do you get?

Spam reports, then your account can sometimes get suspended. Other times you can burn out your list. Then what happens?

You get frustrated as the list has now gone cold and you have emailed a whole bunch of times, now you are mad. You have spent all this money when you add it up on your email marketing and I did this twice. I literally got sick of my stupid email marketing and just deleted it.

I said, “This is pointless. I’m not consistent.”

I’ve been that person. I will send an email once, not send something for three months, then I will start sending regular emails again. People unsubscribe, no one goes through and joins my offer or buys my course. I get frustrated, and delete the whole list.

When you are investing a bit more, email marketing tends to work really well when you stick with it over time.

Now, if you can stick with MailChimp, then by all means, go for it.

I’m not saying you should pay more just to help me make money.

No. If you can do a good job building your list up for free, and then once you hit 2,000 subscribers you need to switch over and start paying $30 a month, go for it. By all means, do a good job on MailChimp. Just because I did not, doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

I follow a girl, she consistently sends emails once or twice every week for years with her MailChimp list. She has got a store. She has got a YouTube channel. She consistently sends emails. She does a great job with it. She doesn’t spend that much money on it, which is perfect for her business and for many businesses that may be perfect.

You got to have some honesty to get to know thyself. Will you be happy to send a simple email once a week or do you want some of the potential to easily start doing more advanced automation?

You can do good automation on the Lite plan, but on the Plus plan, you can get into some great automation.

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

You have got some deep data integration you can do.

When you get up to the Professional plan, you can do site messaging that I was just talking about. You can have up to 50 users on your account. It’s got some really powerful tools that you can use.

So, know thyself.

If you have already not done well with your email marketing and you know it’s good and you have been meaning to do it, then ActiveCampaign might be right for you, or you might just need to get MailChimp, hire someone to do your email marketing, and then just let them do it.

With MailChimp, you can do some basic automation. I found the MailChimp process kind of annoying to do automation.

ActiveCampaign though, you need to know beforehand it is a lot more to learn than going into MailChimp.

MailChimp is pretty easy. Set a list up and set a campaign.

ActiveCampaign, when you get into the interface, you might be like, “Whoa. Whoa. There are deals lists, there is automation, there are campaigns. How do I set up a list and send an email when someone signs up?”

That is good though. Once you learn how to do this, then you can get fancy and say, “Okay, well how do I bring all my business partners in, make all their email lists in the same system that I’ve got my email lists in, so that when someone joins my list and we are all in the same website they automatically do certain things?”

You can do all these rules, like to have subscribers join other lists. You can set up amazing funnels in ActiveCampaign. You can email someone every, I don’t know, five minutes. But you can build some amazing funnels and ActiveCampaign really excels at workflow.

On ActiveCampaign, you can split and say if this person does that, they receive this particular email.

What I do with Uthena, I can set up automation where if this person has bought this particular course, I can fire off a specific email and say, “Thank you for enrolling in this course. How about that course?”

Not only that, but I can allow all of my instructors on Uthena to do the exact same thing.

We use ActiveCampaign for

It’s a next generation total business platform. It’s what I see the second generation or the next generation of these online educational platforms.

We use ActiveCampaign for it because even at the Plus level, I can put up to 25 other people on the account, and then over to the Enterprise level, we can get super fancy, have a ton of different users on it.

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

When another person on Uthena has a student enroll in their course, I have it automatically add them to that instructor’s email list.

Now, if I had not already been using ActiveCampaign, I might have bought something even more expensive when I did this and had to start from scratch.

But fortunately, I was on the Plus plan to start, then I dropped to Lite plan, then I moved back up to Plus and I’m on the way to Enterprise now.

So, thankfully I already knew ActiveCampaign. I didn’t need to buy something more expensive to do the same basic things without all of the features.

I’ve gone on for 16 minutes now. I hope I’ve given you a good look at ActiveCampaign versus MailChimp. An honest look that reflects my time using both.

You might think I’m kind of biased towards ActiveCampaign because it has an affiliate program of 20% lifetime affiliate commissions. You might have some validity to that statement.

However, it depends on how you took it. I might have explained to you effectively here that if you don’t have any growth plans and you want to keep things simple, you might be better off sticking with MailChimp.

MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing in 2019!

I trust that you will feel great using my affiliate link when you want to sign up for ActiveCampaign because you will love helping me as several others have already signed up for ActiveCampaign.

I get really excited when I look at my account and I see, “Yes. Someone signed up through ActiveCampaign on my link. That’s awesome.”

Thank you for making it to the end of this.

I love you.

You are awesome.

Thank you for giving me the chance to build an amazing business with ActiveCampaign doing my email marketing and maybe I will see you again in another video or a blog post or podcast episode soon.


Jerry Banfield

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