Maintaining Relationships – How To Make (And Keep) Friends

The most precious part of any relationship is the friendship you have. I’ve noticed this in some of the most precious moment I’ve had with my wife, the friendship is what I love the most. The friendship,the love, and the understanding we have for each other is most special.

The beautiful thing is you can have friendship with anyone. You can be a good friend with your family member or co-worker. You can be a good friend with anyone you game with online. You can be a good friend on the street. There’s no limit to being a good friend. The most precious part of any relationship is the friendship you have.

You can’t have everything with anyone either. This comes into play with a romantic relationship. If you feel like you’re spending quality time or being intimate with a person then you have everything with that person. You see that person when they’re most vulnerable or you see them without any clothes on. You get to see them in all these situations that no one else gets to see. That takes over the idea that you have everything with that person. However, you don’t have everything with that person. There’s lots of things you don’t do with that person is not around anymore. There’s lots of parts in your life where you spend not around that person. No matter how long you’ve been with them or the history you have, someday you won’t be around anymore.

Someday every relationship ends whether it’s in death or divorce or neglect. Every relationship comes to an end. You can’t ever have everything with any one person. You can, however, be a good friend and you can be a good friend with every person that’s in your life. You can be a good friend to each person in your family.

With my mom, the most precious part of our relationship is friendship. What does that mean? A friend pays attention to their friend, calls their friend, thinks about their friend. Whatever roles you’re playing it boils down to the friendship. What kind of friend are you in that relationship?

If you are a good friend you will have a good relationship with anyone. These things get messed up when you start thinking of these relationships as different.

For example, my mom used to get mad because she felt like my dad was so much nicer with his friends. She felt like he did things with his friends that he didn’t do with her. What my mom was noticing was that my dad did things without her. My mom noticed that my dad had other friendships. He had the thing that was most precious with mom with his other friends.

A lot of people feel a similar way that you can’t share everything with this person you’re in a relationship with. I noticed that the most important thing I can with my wife is friendship. That means that which is most essential with my wife, I can also have with every other person. Obviously there’s certain things I do with my wife that I don’t do with any other person. Yet, there’s things I do with all my friends that I don’t do with other friends. For example, there are friends I play video games with and I don’t do it with other friends.

In that sense, my wife and I don’t share video games together. Therefore I have things with my friends that I don’t have with my wife. You can be a good friend with any human being on the planet. That which is precious in any relationship is there in all relationships. That helps me to know what to do in every relationship. I don’t have to be something different or act different with my friend I play this game with than I do my wife. I treat my friend the same way.

If you want to make a new friend, you want to be aware of that which is most precious. In making a new relationship or fixing a damaged relationship, remember that friendship is the most precious part of it. Then all you have to do is work on the friendship. For example, if you’re having a hard time with a friend or family member, all you have to do is work on the friendship. If you looked at it like it was your best friend, what would you need to do to repair the relationship?

Whatever you  do with your best friend to repair the relationship is the same thing you can do with a family member. If you’re mad at your wife or girlfriend, the same thing you need to do to fix that is the same thing for every family member. I’d honestly ask to do my best to apologize. I would talk with my friend especially when I can’t just give them a hug to make up. What I can do is apologize or say something to recognize what I had done and I could repair the damage from there.

It’s the same basic things. When you see what all your relationships have in common then everything becomes simple. You think that if you have a partner or spouse there’s all these different rules that go with that person. You think that you can make up in a physical form with a spouse, but you don’t understand what to do with a parent or a friend. The same thing goes for someone you don’t know. Your friendship, love and understanding is what’s most precious with everyone.

If you have a co-worker, you may not have all the tools you have available with your family but you can still repair that relationship. If you’ve been mean and selfish with a co-worker then you do the same basic things to repair it. Not in the details but in why you’re doing it. You apologize for what you’ve done wrong and you accept them and love them as they are. That will repair all the relationships you have in your life. When you see that friendship is the most important part of any relationship, then there’s motivation to take care it.

In romantic relationships, you get the idea of possessing the other person and the other person is yours. The idea comes in that you don’t need to fix anything because they’re yours. The nice thing is if you can see that it’s a friendship, it’s the most valuable part of the equation. You realize any friendship can be destroyed. The friendship is dependent on both people paying attention to it. It helps you to see if you’re in a romantic relationship with someone, that you can screw it up. I screwed up a lot of relationships in the past. I had a lot of first dates and not very many second dates.

I learned the hard way on so many things. That’s why I share this with you. If you want to learn the easy way, that option is there. If you don’t want to learn the easy way, that’s fine with me. You will learn the way that I learned. I’m okay with you learning the hard way because it’s your life. I’ve learned that if someone will tell me what to do, I will appreciate that advice a lot and I’ll try my best to take it. It’s a lot harder to learn the hard way.

I appreciate you being here with me for this. I hope what I’ve shared here is useful for you. I pray today to remember that the most precious part of any relationship I have today is the friendship I have. The friendship I have goes beyond any exact scenario. It goes beyond any specific place or time or exact method for fixing it. The friendship is precious with my wife, family and friends. I’m thankful to understand that today.

I pray that in knowing this I can see how to take care of all the relationships in my life. By knowing how to take care of the relationships in my life I can also see how to not destroy the relationships in my life. I can see how to be a good friend and how to be a good family member, husband, father, and son. I can do all these things at once through being a good friend each moment to everyone in my life. Thank you so much for reading this. I’m honored you spent time with me today. Have a great day today.