Surviving a make money affiliate program failure.

You will survive this make money affiliate program failure.

To give you the most valuable information possible and to make every minute of work I do matter, I share some of the fan messages and contact forms I receive in an anonymous format like this.  The idea is that by sharing what has happened to others that maybe you can avoid the same failures.  This post covers how to survive a make money affiliate program failure.  Note that any personal information has been stripped out of the message to preserve the integrity of your communications with me.

Subject: Awesome Facebook Ad Tutorial!

Hi Jerry,

Thank you so much for putting up that incredible resource. You are a stellar example of how experts should market themselves!  My business partner are very interested in scheduling a consultation with you. You’ve clearly shown your expertise and great teaching style in the video.  We’d like to schedule something in mid-June once we have everything up. Here’s why.  We put a several thousand dollar “make money as an affiliate” “in-a-box” “system” on our credit card. This so-called easy-to-follow system ended up being total crap. The training videos are a handful of 10 minute introductions to facebook, pretty links, building a basic campaign, and how to write a post in wordpress. We’ve started some one-on-one training with the company owner over the phone as well, but it’s clear now he’s not an expert at all and he is a horrible instructor.

That’s when I turned to the web for help and found your video.  Now we need to turn to a real expert to help us with our campaigns. We believe in this affiliate business model and that we can profit from our $8,000+ investment.   We hope within the next month to have met with you so that we would have at least completed setting everything up with the owner of the “system” we purchased. From there, I’m anticipating we’ll need help fixing things. For example, when I follow the training we received so far, my leads cost $5-$10 trying to sell something with $20 commission. If we don’t have a 50% conversion rate, we will be in the red on our ads.  I’m scared because I can’t afford to lose that money PLUS not be able to earn an income for the mortgage.

Sorry if this was a little too much to put into an intro letter, but I’m very excited to setup the consultation with you.

My response on how to get through this make money affiliate program failure.


Thank you very much for watching my video and sharing with me! How long ago did you put the system on your credit card? Most credit card providers give you the option of a chargeback in almost any situation for between 90 days to a year.

In the majority of my work, I have found what I was choosing to do was usually the place where I had the most opportunity to succeed or fail. For example, I have spent a lot of ad money on ad campaigns that technically were built well but the sales approach once people got to my website was a total failure. For everything I have got right, I have probably failed at 10 to 20 things. What makes everything work is surviving my failures and putting all the things that work together. My short answer is that based on the data you gave me, you might want to see if you can get your money back.

Failure is scary and it gets a little easier the more times I do it. My first big failure cost me a few thousand when I just started my business. The last big failure was over $20,000 plus hundreds of hours of time and lost work. The failure was having a nice corner office at the HuB that seemed like a great idea at the time but that I had no use for. I loved the location, the people, and the place.  Still, I work better at home and have moved my work home where I am working twice as many hours and have the same level of energy I had for my work before I moved to my office which is really high!  With every failure, I learn something and get a little bit better. What makes it all worth it is that my successes together are nearly ten times as big as many failures combined.

If you want to schedule a consultation, you can do it with my calendar any time at You can count on me to provide you positive inspiration during your Skype chats and give you honest feedback. Since I receive thousands of messages from people watching my videos, I schedule my Skype sessions for 30 minutes each and a charge $199 prior to starting the call.  You can depend on me to give you positive inspiration for moving forward at a minimum!

My closing thoughts on getting through this make money affiliate program failure.

I wish now in my reply I had been more thankful for all the kind things that were said about me.  I got so overwhelemed by the sadness of seeing someone get scammed like this that I rushed to try to be helpful and I hope I succeeded.  I also hope that maybe this post will save you or someone you know from spending thousands on any similar system.

What might be a good idea to try instead of ending up trying and suffering a make money affiliate program failure?

I made a video above on this that might be helpful or might be a waste of your time.  The simple message in the video is that you can learn to be successful and consistently build yourself up using these three steps.

  1. Figure out what you like to do.  You may have to try a lot of things.  Notice what you pour your energy and time into willingly.
  2. Discover a skill within what you like to do that might prove valuable.  Learn that skill and related skills deeply.
  3. Find people that need the skills you have learned.  Find a way to impress them with the skills you have and a way to charge for helping them.

You can repeat this system indefinitely to continually build yourself up in value to the world.  You are likely to suffer a make money affiliate program failure out of a lack of trust and value for yourself.  You can remedy this by focusing on building yourself up which in turn will make the world value you more!  Thank you for reading this far and if you want more, try the video above!