Hi! I’m Jerry Banfield!

YouTuber at youtube.com/jerrybanfield with 8 years sober you can text 727-513-0014


I have spent years researching the best products and services to use for myself!  You will love knowing that when try them too, you will help me earn as an affiliate!

Crypto Portfolio


  • God, health, and relationships are my top 3 priorities. Everything I do follows from these principles which means unity, service, and transparency. I will not create from an assumption of secrecy, conflict, or confusion!
  • My life is balanced among family, friends, self care, community service, recovery, and creating online. I will only film videos after ensuring every other area is receiving enough attention. I will not skip quality family time, yoga, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, massages, or exercise to make time for live streaming!
  • I have enough money and want what I create to be available to everyone. Thus, everything I create now is available for free on YouTube. I will not create anything for the primary purpose of making money which includes online courses, exclusive content, or sponsored videos I would not be willing to do for free.
  • You following and watching is enough! Therefore, no paid advertising, marketing, or creating content primarily for the purpose of getting views or followers.
  • You can expect me to be live for a few hours daily on YouTube gaming and to read any messages you send via text, discord, or telegram!