Learn From Top Instructors to Make Money On Udemy


If you want to have exceptional opportunities and teach full time on Udemy, what I share with you now will help you see where you can go and how to get there. What I’ve done on Udemy, I have 19 courses now with 37,000 students, 473 of you as of March 26th 2015. I’ve done almost all of that with this spreadsheet I showed you and by working a little bit each day – after spending 3 years working with my own company online learning a lot of skills first hand.

That is often a prerequisite is having spent time actually doing things and learning hands on prior to Udemy. I know you’ve done that already so you have that key element, what you don’t see on all these things I’m about to show you is all of the hard work that’s went in to it, all of the frustrations that have been overcome, all of the experiments that have failed and all of that consistent love and energy that’s applied every day. I hope by sharing that with you to start, you can then make sense of what I’m about to show you.

What I did before I had almost any of this, I started studying the other top instructors to collectively learn what works between all of them instead of trying to take out the strategies that work from one or another instructor. This is my instructor bio what’s working for me is consistent daily effort, making lots of courses, getting tons of students and then working intentionally to get as many people to tell me what they think of my course as possible.

That’s put me in a position, I don’t know exactly where I am, I would guess I’m somewhere in the top 10, top 25, or top 50 and I’m getting rapid growth. What I’m doing is putting together the principles I’m showing you from these top instructors.

udemy top instructor- oreilly media

This is the number one quote instructor on Udemy, it’s really a company called O’Reilly media that was called Infinite Skills. This company has 267 courses on Udemy, 408, 000 students. They are easily the number one instructor on Udemy their courses technically are made up of many different courses but they are all under one brand.

What can you and I learn from this? Nothing beats having a lot of courses. Absolutely nothing beats having a lot of courses and having courses on technical subjects. You’ll notice theses aren’t how to make money online courses. These aren’t how I make 6,000 a week. These are courses on very technical subjects. I’m scrolling through their newest courses now, which is how Udemy sorts by default when you’re not logged in. You’ll notice these are very technical subjects on just about everything. Cloud Services, Workflow, JavaScript, what you might think of as boring courses to sit there and create. I don’t know exactly how they do it, but what they have are an army of people who come instruct these courses, who I would guess are contractors that they then pay to make the course and then that put the course on Udemy.

This is what the number on instructor does on Udemy and I would guess the number one instructor, which in O’Reilly Media, which is a company, I would guess they make as much as the next three people I’m going to show you combined and multiplied several times. These guys are very good.

Udemy top instructor Rob Percival

Rob is the number on individual instructor on Udemy, not a company, but a one individual person. Rob has 5 courses and what you’ll note is this one course is the most single course on Udemy. The complete web developer course has over 5,000 reviews I’m enrolled in this course as a student. This course is the number one course on Udemy by far. 5000 review, 87,000 students. What can we learn from this course? A well rounded, deep technical course is the top course on Udemy. That’s what kind of students are on Udemy. People who want a deep well-rounded technical course. 29 hours of video, 236 lectures. A deep technical course is by far the best formula for making sales on Udemy.

On Udemy Studio, there’s a lot of discussion about what works. This is a clear proof of what works. Rob has one course, but you’ll note now, he started building more courses and he’s getting tons of students and sales out of those. From what I understand, Rob makes over 100,000 a month. His part of the take, Udemy actually makes a lot more than that in sales.

Rob is the number one individual instructor as of right now,  as far as I know.

udemy top instructor Victor Bastos

Number two, as far as I know, is Victor Bastos. He has four courses in web development and he even has his own how to create a million dollar course on Udemy which I’m not sure if I’ve enrolled in or not, but I probably will if I haven’t already. You’ll notice he has a deep technical course. 600 reviews on it, 36 hours of video. This isn’t a 3 hour how I got rich course, it’s 36 hours 226 lectures. Tons of deep technical information. Udemy sells tons of this course every day and according to Victor, he’s made a million dollar course on Udemy.

udemy top instrucor - Alun Hill

Allen Hill has inspired me with his course, to make this course all inclusive of everything I know about Udemy. Allen has 10 courses now and he has 50,000 students and as far as I know he is about the third place instructor currently on Udemy sales making about 30,000+ per month, which is 1,000 a day from Udemy. You’ll notice he’s doing 10 courses and he’s got a wide variety with one very heavy hitting course. This was the first course I bought on Udemy. This has been the single most useful course I’ve ever used on Udemy and its inspired me to make one that’s even better.

That’s the idea on Udemy. You want the people you might think of as your competition to show you how to do better. This is the first course I bought and it’s inspired me to make my own YouTube course even though I didn’t use it. Keep that in mind, if you can make courses people will buy, that’s most important. If you scroll down here, If you can actually make courses people will love, use, and buy, then you have an incredible formula for success. I make almost every detail on this course, but you’ll notice it’s only three hours. It’s got good information and it’s primarily inspirational.

What I thought when I took this course is I want a more technical course combined with inspiration. When you look at these people and company in this case on Udemy, what you can see are different things that work, but common themes. You can see the common themes I am applying – deep technical courses. Collaborate with people that have information that’s in demand is very good opportunity. You can reach out to people who have talent partner with them one course that you don’t know how to teach individually, but combined with them, you can teach it.

For me, this is my most successful course, a deep technical course, lots of reviews, lots of students, 12 hours of video, it’s on its way to even more. What I’ve done is I’ve applied what I’ve learned from the number one company teaching as an instructor on Udemy and the top 3 instructors on Udemy. I’ve combined all of that knowledge here for you and I’ve given you  a brief summary of all the most important points. You need lots of well rounded deep, technical courses. The deeper your courses are and more demand subjects, the more you can get away with having a small number of courses. The less depth you have in the courses, the more you need to make a wide variety of courses.

I am loading this course up with you with everything you can imagine and possibly need to make money on Udemy. I hope you have the courage to understand exactly what you can do a little bit of every day, which is make Udemy lectures in order to very quickly get yourself in with all of the rest of what I’ve shown you here.