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Make Money Online Selling Services

Let’s talk more in concluding here about individual service issues. For example, questions like do you price based on services in terms of projects like do I price like this, or do you price hourly? Well you can see I price like this, and this worked really well by service. But it wasn’t sustainable and it took a lot of extra work. If you can get away with pricing in an hourly rate you’re happy with, I would do that and so far I’ve had almost no luck pricing hourly, because no one wants to pay me what I think I’m worth hourly. People are willing to spend $400 on an ad campaign set up, but if they realize it only takes 30 minutes to build that campaign out and then figure another hour or two for communicating with them about it, they’re not as happy as paying over $100 an hour to get the exact same thing done. I learned that the hard way. I tried to price hourly and no one wanted to do it because there’s something in the human mind with the ego especially, people don’t like paying more money per hour to someone else than they’re making themselves. Some people will do it, and especially some people that have plenty of money are willing to do that. But most people, and if you’re getting started you’re usually going to run into most people, most people do not want to pay you a bigger hourly rate especially if it’s twice or three times what they’re making an hour to do work for them. Often you’ll be working with a gatekeeper as well, if you’re working with a bigger company, and the gatekeeper, if the gatekeeper is making 30 an hour and you’re charging 80 an hour, the gatekeeper is liable o just cut you out of the process and block you getting the work with the client.

So I usually recommend to charge on a product or service basis. That way, if you’re really effective, you can turn your hourly rate up. Often on these ad campaign set ups, my effective hourly rate would be between 50 and $200 an hour. But the thing is, I’m telling the client on these how much they’re paying and what they’re getting. It’s simple. Hourly has a limitation that the client doesn’t know exactly what they’re going to get. So if you work on, you’ll see there’s a lot of fixed priced jobs but if you can land an hourly job and you’re happy with that, then go for it. There’s hourly, is ideal in a lot of ways if you can pull it off. Hourly is ideal because it’s transparent. You’re giving an hour of work and you’re getting paid an hour of time and an agreed on rate. If you’re really effective, the right type of client should appreciate paying hourly if you’re really effective. So in that sense, it’s just some trial and error. You sometimes just have to test, is hourly better or is project better? But I would start with project or service based. That worked best for me. Hourly never worked good for me because the obvious problem was scaling hourly up. If I’m making 20, 50, even $50 an hour I still have a pretty much maximum threshold of around $2000 a week. That’s practically my maximum limit. And if I’m going to get paid hourly, I’d rather just go to a job where I get benefits and where I don’t have to stress out as the owner of the company about everything else.

So usually if you’re a consultant you’re going to have to do service based unless you get something up like a passive income source or you get something up like a group where then your time is not directly tied to how much money you make. If you’re trying to get started though, making this work from the beginning takes a long time. You see, three months here of writing and I had this domain for a over a year before I did anything but forward it to my LinkedIn profile. The beauty of it is though, especially if you’re working on ODesk or Peopleperhour, or any website where you can make some money or you already have a job paying you, you can skip straight to this business model. You don’t have to go through how I did of this service set up or in here of just having something that makes no money. You can skip straight to the service model, or the value-based model like this, where you give give give for free. And then you can sit back and just collect the people that want to work with you.

What I used to do was direct marketing and what a lot of businesses and business consultants still do is that direct in your face kind of annoyance and interruption marketing. That works, or people wouldn’t do it. But the thing is, this is the future, attraction marketing. And it works a hell of a lot better. This is where you can skip ahead as a business consultant. This is where you can optimize everything you’re doing and so the simple formula is just what I’ve done, you make a website with your name, the idea is when someone searches for Jerry Banfield, they heard about Jerry Banfield, then Jerry Banfield comes up right here. My YouTube channel, my Facebook, when someone searches for me, I own those search results and that’s my business model. So you can do the same thing, you insert your name here, you buy your custom domain, and then you start writing or start making videos or start making podcasts or whatever you want to do. If you’re a photographer, you start taking pictures and you stick them on your website, and the best part it is you can stick anything you want to on your website. For example, I started writing a novel. I felt like writing the beginning of a novel one morning, there’s 2500 words there, I need to do 19 more of those and I have a novel. I just stuck that on my website because why not? Why not? It’s up there, maybe it’ll pull search results in, I get some feedback on it. That’s the power of setting your business system up like this, instead of strictly a service based business system where you have a company website, you’re trying to just sell sell sell on it instead of giving.

So I wish someone would have told me this three years ago. I wish someone would have told me what I was doing right on this website that I could have done right on this website, without going through the massive ups and downs in order to get to this. And if you want more on the steps that go into this, you can go to my website and then I have a Udemy course, entrepreneurship online, a ten step success blueprint. And this takes you all the way through from step one to step ten of beginning your business and scaling it up. And you can get a great discount if you use the navigation link straight on my website and go to the entrepreneurship course. The course is designed to make it a lot easier for you to go through anything from getting started or thinking about getting started all the way through to where I’m at now which is things are working really good and I just want them to keep working good without me having to put constant attention every day, but with me choosing to do a little bit of the right work every day.

You can see here’s what I did today, my G-d you’re a real, you did all this today? This is around a 2000 word post I wrote on five mistakes people make, five mistakes people making online should avoid when getting started. These are all mistakes I made myself, so that makes it easy to write. And I wrote this today too, which is like 2000 more words about Patreon. You can see the beauty of this set up, you have a, your name up here so whatever your name is you make your website and a couple of quick notes before you ask the questions, what is this? This is WordPress with Hostgator. And I have a dedicated server on Hostgator so that means one server in Utah or something sits there and does nothing but host my website all day. Is that something you want to start out with? No, and that’s not what I started out with. I started on the Hostgator shared plan as I wrote these first, well not these first posts, but some of the ones down here, as I wrote these very earlier posts I used a Hostgator shared plan with WordPress after learning the hard way about how much it sucks to use something else, Google sites, although Google sites did work good but WordPress on Hostgator, WordPress on Hostgator works great on a shared server. It’s very simple to set up, relative to things like Google sites, and it’s very easy to maintain and build for the future. And the beauty of it is, when your website starts getting serious traffic, when your website starts pulling in hundreds of visitors per day, then you can make a leap to a better server and it’s really to do within Hostgator. What I did, I asked them, I just purchased a dedicated server and I paid $1000 extra for it over the sale they had the next week, so these are the kinds of things you want to look at over time. When you’re ready to move up, get a dedicated server that’s all on your own so your page loads fast, your search results depend on how fast your page loads.

But start out on something low cost. Start with something low cost that you can afford. A custom domain name, and a Hostgator server, will cost you less than $200 total per year. And that’s if you get some of the nicer ones, you can do it for less than that. But if you are trying to have a business that’s successful online, you can have all the basic things you need for less than $200 a year. To have a very professional set up like this with your name, with WordPress to where you can put all the things you write or YouTube videos you make. And then you just keep working at it everyday a little bit, everyday a little bit. I wrote a post on that, the power of daily work. You can see I make posts and I also make YoutTube videos too so sometimes they don’t always match but you can see I consistently do a bit over time. I did two today, I’ve been doing a lot of webinars so those come up in YouTube videos without a post on it, you can see I consistently do every week I do several creative things. So doing that over time really adds up.

And then once you get that, you can use those things like this entrepreneurship course I made was based off of a lot of other work I did. And so by the time I made this course I had already done everything on it and I just basically had to do, polish it a little more and put it in a format people could use. Or when, once you’ve done that then it’s very easy for you to get clients, increase your sales, and have more opportunities. If you want to learn and you can see my business model, if you did this in the live training, or on a YouTube video, if this is a YouTube video it’s a completely free format, if it’s in a live training then you’ve given more already to be in that, the next step then, if you want ongoing active help, you want a community of people working on these things that you can invest in the community and get help and get a mentor and be a part of people trying to do the same thing, then I have a membership at We meet online every week. We have a close Facebook group, and our group is founded on positive energy, trust, and love for each other. I’m very thankful there’s at least one of my group members here that attends this live, and I’m very thankful we had our first meeting today and it was just a huge positive feeling out of it. So I’m looking forward to what’s possible and I’m very happy with what we have now. We’re creating a group that is unique. It’s personal, you talk about who you are, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, where you’re from. You really get to know the other people in it, and we work together. I listen to what you’re saying. I offer what I’m doing that might be relevant to that. So it’s a group where you share and you connect at a personal level. You build networking and relationships.

In growing my business through these steps, those were the two biggest frustrations I had. Learning and community. Learning and community were both my biggest frustrations. I didn’t know what to learn. You can see right here, I’m doing video game addiction when I started out, I had no idea what to learn. It took me seven or eight months before I made and the original looked awful, and this still doesn’t look that good but it looked awful. And I was trying to do everything. I didn’t have a good group of professionals I could work with who could show me what was worth learning and who could be there for me every week while I continued to grow and continued to learn. I joined BNI groups, I joined the chamber of commerce. I did it wrong over and over and over again. I did my learning wrong. I got my Google adwords account suspended. I got my Facebook profile suspended. I got my LinkedIn profile suspended. I got YouTube videos removed. I swear I’ve done damned near everything wrong, I’ve learned damned near everything you can learn the hard way, and that’s because I couldn’t find a good community to learn with. I just had to learn freestyle and if you want to be a consultant that’s successful, being a part of the right community is fantastically helpful. And by right community, I want something that’s available online. I don’t go to conferences because the cost is prohibitive and if i have to go to a conference, it’s a lot of time and investment of energy and I could be doing work that’s useful to people online. And so I’m looking to build that online. So that’s my primary value.

So what you can see in the grand conclusion of this, work up to building your primary value and it just takes one day at a time. But work up to your ultimate goal or work up to offering value. Offering something that’s really useful for people. Even if it is free posts online, if it’s something that’s useful to someone, work up to value. Work up to something that’s awesome. Work up to something people will share and like and love. When you work up to value, then your work every day builds on itself. So my work now builds on itself. This post about Patreon was really popular, I’m pulling in a lot of Google clicks. I’m thankful for all the clicks Google’s sending me every day. So what did I do a month later? I wrote another post about it. My work builds on itself. And if you want to be successful with your business system, set your work up, set everything you do based on offering that ultimate value, and set it up so it builds seamlessly on itself.

I hope this has been helpful for you. Everything I do is intended to give you that value, to share the genuine love I have for you. I want you to be able to do this or whatever you’re trying to do easier than I did. Because I was blessed with a lot of good luck, good opportunities, and gifts that allowed me to do it the hard way. And I still spent seven years in failure where I tried, failed and gave up, and I worked a bunch of jobs often which were stressful, I was a police officer, corrections officer, I was a grad student, I was a census crew leader, I did neighborhood watch, I did sales door to door, I did medical billing and I just pictured hanging myself and if you do medical billing, thank you, that wasn’t for me, but thank you. I spent seven years between when I wanted to get started and when I actually did start and thank G-d I’m thirty now, I feel really lucky. I started at 27 years old after trying to start when I was 20.

You, I hope you can use this to start now instead of having to weight seven, ten more years to get started. It’s going to continue to get more competitive in the future and now is a perfect time to get started and to do what I’ve shown you to do while the opportunity’s wide open. Before someone else has your exact same name domain. Before another consultant’s already done such a good job you can’t hardly grab any of what’s left. So thank you very much for watching this. I really appreciate your time and I think about how many people spend time watching the entire length of this and I’m honored that you’re willing to listen for me that long and I hope what I’ve given you was worth it. So thank you.