Make Money Playing League of Legends on YouTube in 2015!

How can you make make money playing League of Legends on YouTube?

League of Legends is the most popular video game in the world you’ve never heard of.  League of Legends is a great way if you play video games, if you put your League of Legends games on YouTube, it’s a great way to make money on ads.  So here’s what it looks like to make money on ads.  Watch the video above to see my complete strategies for making money playing League of Legends on YouTube.  This post is part of a four part series on passive income on YouTube.  Read part one here.

Here are the three simple steps to use to make money playing League of Legends on YouTube.

  1. Start recording all of your games with fraps.  You might need a new harddrive because WOW the fraps files are BIG!  If you want to do commentary, try doing it during the game and recording over the game with it to see what works best.
  2. Use camtasia, Windows movie maker, or iMovie to save your recording in a smaller file.  Make the name of the file to highlight the best part about the video and why people should watch it.
  3. Upload your League of Legends games to YouTube.  Use the tricks in the video above to properly tag, title, and describe every video you make.  If you can afford to, advertise your videos a little bit at first to get them to rank higher.
  4. Sign up for AdSense and get approved to show ads on your YouTube channel.
  5. Repeat the process hundreds if not thousands of times to make your channel one of the largest in the world.  The bigger your channel gets, you can explore options like Patreon to get even more people to pay you to make videos.
  6. In 6 to 12 months, you should be able to make $100 to $1,000 per month playing League of Legends just by recording all of your games and uploading them!  You should be able to do 5 to 10 games and videos per day to make this work every day.

This is an ad and this is where you can make money on your videos.  Now you see the problem with this is, you make almost no money, that ad cost I guess Google, well Google didn’t pay anything for that because it’s theirs.  But if someone else would have shown an ad right there, that ad is very cheap.  You can get a view, you can show an ad like that in the U.S. for ten cents an impression so what I just saw would have cost someone else ten cents.  You could have put that ad there for ten cents.


Now if you’d run all the numbers it gets to be about the same more or less expensive than TV depending on how you cut it.  The difference is, you can get paid to put those ads on your videos and that’s what most people think of when they hear about passive income on YouTube.  When they hear about passive income on YouTube, most people think of making money that way with ads.  The problem is, you have to get a lot of views to make money with ads.  The usual rates I see are around two dollars per thousand, that means if a thousand people watch your video, you get two dollars out of YouTube.  After they show ads on all of it.  So if you scale that up you think well I get a million views on a video, then you make $2,000.  Well that sounds a lot better.


Let’s take a look at my channel real quick.  All of my views combined are 1.3 million.  Now if I theoretically would have had ads on all of those and theoretically got the same number of views which I wouldn’t have, you’re looking at, I could have maybe made $2000 on that in the last year.  That sucks.  Udemy and Patreon offer much better options in terms of making passive income that way.  But if you have a topic that doesn’t lend itself to active income through getting clients or that doesn’t lend itself well to making a successful Patreon page about it, for example, you have a video game based channel, then ads are good bet.  But in order to do ads you need to pick something that will get watched a lot.  Video games get watched a lot.  You can see how many views these have when you search for League of Legends, these videos have millions of views.  You search for things like League of Legends tutorial for beginners 2014, 300,000 views, and that’s a pretty specific search results.


Let’s search for something like Facebook ads tutorial 2014, well there I come up first and second.  Facebook ads tutorial, I have 33,000 views on the number one video.  This video has tens of thousands, you can see the audience for this is a lot smaller.  You can see I own most of the first page of this here.  The audience for some topics varies greatly so for example, healthy food recipes to lose weight. This is a giant topic.  Hundreds of thousands of views on a six word long search term.  If you want passive income by showing ads on your videos, then you want to pick a popular subject.  But that all goes back to what I said in the very beginning of the video: if you pick out why, why you want to make money on YouTube and then figure out what you’re value proposition is as a part of that why, then you can match up and figure out an area to make and create videos in that will give you an audience.


So whatever your audience is will determine partially the method you choose.  If you choose something like this that has a popular, that has a lot of people looking for it, you can make money just by showing YouTube ads or for example, this lady has a, another set of, another passive income set up she’s using, a weight loss program, and here how much is this?  Um, and straight to paypal, it’s $27, that’s actually, that seems about right for the first offer and then you get the eight upsells after that.  So you can see this lady here already is doing that.  She has fat loss, and health food recipes, she’s got a sales page right here that gets you into a system where she’s making passive income on these searches on YouTube.


And organic searches and also suggested videos, I’ll show you what a suggested video looks like.  So when you watch one of my videos then, or any video you get more suggested results there.  And why you want to have a big channel because you can see when someone watches this video, they see my playlist here, but then when they look at the recommended videos they see here’s another video of mine, here’s another video of mine, here’s another video of mine.  You can see a bunch of videos of mine in here.  But this really gets fun when you search for, let me take a look at the general Facebook ad search term.  Where am I at, I’m at fourth right now and I have fourth and fifth and then whatever these two are down here, that’s pretty good.  So let’s say I look at this video on how does Facebook advertising work?  Now, he’s getting paid for showing this ad on there.  Actually because I skipped it though he’s not.  So say I found his video, then look over here.  Oh hello, there’s one of my videos, there’s another one of my videos, there’s an entire playlist of my videos.  You can see there are his videos in there too.  So now I click on that, now someone watching his video just jumped over onto my channel.  So if you want passive income on YouTube, this is what you need to think about.


Videos.  Look how many videos I’ve uploaded, and my channel is one of the smaller ones compared to, I’ve uploaded video games views, I’ve uploaded a lot of videos.  You can see some of my older videos are just me sitting at a desk.  I have dating videos I paid to have someone make and here are my flattering original dating videos and even some driving tips I made.  You can see I’ve uploaded a lot of videos.  Where does it say how many videos I’ve uploaded?  It’s, I’ve got a few hundred videos I’ve uploaded, look at all these playlists.   Here’s a video game one.  So what I’ve done is make a channel about me and I recommend you make a channel that’s called you because then you can kitchen sink it, throw everything in the channel that you are doing.  And what’s cool about that, let’s take a look at some of these other channels, let’s take a look at how many videos they have.


Let’s, look how big this guy, this is a random guy I just found, he has a million subscribers.  He has three quarters of a billion, sorry, three tenths of a billion YouTube videos.  Watch my stupid ass videos channel.  If you want to make passive income, you want to make a lot of videos and they don’t even have to be good.  You can look, this guy makes a ton of videos on all kinds of things and this is someone random I just found.  This is a huge channel.  You can see he makes lots of videos, League of Legends, Bass Effect take on Mass Effect.  You can see he makes a ton of videos.  This is way more videos than I have.  And if you want to have passive income on YouTube, one of the biggest factors is just making a bunch of videos.  You make a bunch of videos on YouTube and then you’re likely to be in all the places and all the time.


There you can see I have 300 videos.  How many did that guy have?  Let me search for his channel.  Videogamedunkey.  How many does he have?  Holy.  He has 525 videos.  Now that’s not even as many as I thought but the thing is he’s got more than double the videos I do and some of the other guys on YouTube have two plus thousand videos up.  Let’s search for that health food recipe one again and see if I can find that last lady we looked at.  Let’s see how many videos she has.  Lean secrets. All right 160 videos so she has less than I do in terms of number of videos but you can see a trend by now.


You, if you want passive income on YouTube after you’ve figured out what a good topic is or what to make some videos about, you are looking at then making hundreds of videos.  So that’s why it’s important if you want passive income on YouTube to have a simple system that integrates with what you’re already doing.  If you work online as a consultant, or you’re trying to learn and make money online, the way I am, it’s really easy to just capture what you’re already doing.  This whole thing, this whole video of mine, once I have this video I can put it anywhere.  I can put it on YouTube, I can make parts of the video into a Udemy course, I can put it on skillfeed.  Once you’ve got that video, you can do a lot with it, and the biggest barrier to entry for most people is the idea that it has to be perfect.  If you look at my videos, a lot of them are pretty far from perfect.  I have lots of videos that are sloppy, I have videos that didn’t come out well.  I have videos on stupid subjects.  I have videos with, you know my shirt off and a tie on talking about dating behind a shower curtain.  My videos aren’t all great, some of them suck.  That’s okay.  What matters is that I keep trying all the time.  I just uploaded a five hour Facebook video that has a huge amount of my current material on Facebook.  It has all of, some of these last videos plus new material.  It doesn’t have to be perfect. You just put it out there and try and you will know pretty quickly if passive income on YouTube is for you.


You have to have a love of what you’re doing in order to stick it out until it starts to work.  I couldn’t hardly get a view on my channel to save my life when it first started.  I worked and I worked and I worked and I worked at it and now I get a lot of views for free.  But I still do one more thing to get a lot of my views and if you want to see what it is you can go to my YouTube channel and go to the YouTube adwords video.  I use Google adwords for video to bump all of my new videos so that they show up in search results.  When you search for a term like Facebook ads, that’s a pretty competitive term, and when you see I’ve got a video up here, when I’ve got this many videos in the top, it’s because I’ve ran ads on them.  When you look up things like YouTube ad tutorial 2014, and my Facebook ads one comes up, but see then I have another YouTube ad tutorial specifically and that’s the power of a high ranking video is that my video actually comes up first on Facebook ads, even though I searched for YouTube ad tutorial, my Facebook ads tutorial comes up first which is ridiculous.


But I’ve shown how to create a YouTube ad campaign in great detail.  So if you want to get your channel off the ground, the hardest part is to get your channel off the ground.  If you look, here’s an example, you see the League of Legends videos?  Okay now there’s, look how many videos there are and almost all of these are popular.  Let’s get an idea of how deep this is, videos on this page, on the 16th page have hundreds of thousands of views.  If you want to get into a popular topic, it takes moving a mountain in YouTube views.  You’re not likely to get up to the top just by luck or even skill.  If you pay Google to show ads on your videos, then you’re likely to get up there.  You can see now this is where most people’s videos go.  This guy has a League of Legends channel, he made a Leauge of Legends video, it has five videos.  I’m on the 34th page and there’s at least ten videos on every page.  You can see there are a lot of videos on this subject and this is where you’re videos are going to end up when you start out.  Right here on the very back page.


If you want to get your videos up to the front page, you use Google adwords for video.  And it’s just the same as everything else, it’s, it’s within Google adwords already.  So it’s not any, it’s the same system if you already use Google adwords you can use your account for it.  But that’s what’s beautiful, the majority of my advertising budget that’s paid goes into YouTube ads because not only do I get immediate people watching the video, but regardless of how many pople watch the video, I get views and the more views my channel has, the more subscribers I tend to get.  All of my videos rank higher and that’s how you see like I searched on that, on some of the terms that my videos show up so high.  Read the last part here.


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