3 ideas for making extra money that REALLY work!

3 ideas for making extra money that REALLY work!

If getting that extra quid is all you think about, I have a good and bad news. While it’s easy to earn extra money, you’re looking at the final result, without looking for a potential income source. Finding the will to do something extra can be hard, much harder than dreaming about an extra pound to spend. How can you earn legally, without much trouble while going to school, uni, or working full time? There are some great opportunities waiting for you. Just look around and you will get them easily. Want to start? Let’s go!

Generation Z? EARN extra money ONLINE!

The popularization of the internet and many social engagement platforms created a rise of a new type of celebrity. To start earning you can do just as little as record yourself playing and reacting to a game. You can either be a pro and show tips and tricks or just go around and have fun. You don’t have to win, what’s important is the entertainment your videos will bring. To start, buy cheap League of Legends accounts, and become the new PewDiePie. You can monetize your channel or become a partner with a prominent studio producer or a gaming shop, which will boost your earnings quickly.

One man’s waste is another man’s treasure. SELL IT.

Years and years of collecting rubbish can pay off. How? In two different ways. Firstly, there is a big eco and retro move on the rise. People would rather save the planet than have the newest and trendy clothes, furniture or home decor. You can sell those well-preserved items that you don’t like or use any more and have some extra quid earned with almost zero energy wasted. All you have to do it to post the things you would like to sell on a Facebook wall or a group dedicated to the people living in your close neighbourhood. Secondly, you can sell those items that are broken to the local scrap-heap. Even though some materials, like metal, are unusable in some forms, they can be remade into something fresh and new. Check out scrap metal prices in London to see how much you can get for those alloy wheels that take almost all of your free space at your garage and get your coins.

TEACH the youth the way of living — private lessons, coaching or style lessons

Young and impressionable people sometimes get lost in too much information. They don’t know what’s good or bad, are confused with life choices or just generally need a guide. With your good attitude and some will to help, you can not only change the lives of youths and help them become a better person, but also find the extra few pounds you have been looking for. This will be the most rewarding task, for sure, but you will have to spend the most time to get the long-lasting results. When you gain a good reputation, people will be ready to pay whatever you desire for a course or a lesson. If you’re good with kids and know how to work with them, there’s no way you won’t become successful. While fame might be hard to get, and things to sell will end eventually, hard work will always pay off.

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