Making Gratitude List in July 2018

When I get stuck in judgement, anger, and fear, one strategy I use to move through it is to make a gratitude list to help my mind refocus on what I am grateful for instead of the few things in life that I would like to change.  This morning as I awoke full of judgement about a few people on Steem, I am happy to remember the value of a gratitude list and have the courage to just share it here with you instead of keeping it to myself with the hope this may work for you also!

What am I grateful for today on July 2, 2018?

  1. First I am grateful Jack (my son) was born healthy about two weeks ago and is having a chance to sleep here on my chest as I type this.
  2. I am grateful Madeleine (my daughter) is here with me sitting on the floor watching videos on an old iPad that somehow still works.
  3. I am grateful Laura (my wife) is having a chance to sleep while the three of us are here together after staying up a lot of the night with Jack.
  4. I am grateful the air conditioning is on today because the temperature on its way to 88 degrees fahrenheit today which is about 31 degrees Celsius.
  5. I am grateful I have tools today to start the day right instead of auto-piloting into fear, selfishness, and judgement today as has happened on so many other days.
  6. I am grateful after taking a year off of writing blog posts on my own website I am starting again and testing a new integration today which will publish the post automatically to my Facebook page and Twitter profile.  While taking that extra 30 seconds to one minute to share it manually might not seem like a big deal, doing that hundreds of times adds up to hours and another mental task that automation eliminates.
  7. I am grateful I have a home I am the owner of today albeit with a mortgage through a bank instead of being a renter.
  8. I am grateful for all you have done to help me have complete creative freedom today in my work and I show my gratitude by trying to help you every day to have the same opportunity.
  9. I am grateful for all the income Steem has provided over the last year to support my business online which amazingly is still here after six and a half years.
  10. I am grateful I have Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to go to each day where I can maintain my sobriety and help others along the same journey.
  11. I am grateful for a mindset of abundance today where I see that we already have enough in our world and when we just help the people around us this becomes obvious.
  12. I am grateful for a conscious remembering of each of our immortality as a spirit enjoying a human existence today rather than a body trying to survive.  Our souls simply pop out of our bodies and continue the journey when we die or get into a situation that is too much for us.  Thank you to Many Masters, Many Lives by Brian Weiss and many more of the books on my reading list which have helped me remember this.
  13. I am grateful I see that the thoughts I have are no reflection on who I am.  Each thought is more like something I am witnessing rather than a reflection of reality.
  14. I am grateful my first album is scheduled to release on July 13, 2018 on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and many online radio stations.
  15. I am grateful I just made affiliate for my music live streams on Twitch at where I make electronic dance music with funny stories at the big drop.
  16. I am grateful for a chance to learn in this beautiful spiritual school here on earth while not being attached to the final result.  In other words, I do the best I can to love the people around me without fear of what is going to happen later.
  17. I am grateful you are reading to this point because knowing you would read helped motivate me to write this and kept me accountable that it did make a difference.
  18. I am grateful for the courage of comedians like Jim Norton willing to share their truth even when they receive judgement and condemnation because I have hope that we can have all of the uncomfortable conversations needed to keep improving, learning, and growing together.
  19. I am grateful for all of the courageous men and women in AA meetings willing to open share some of their worst experiences which helped me take a leap of faith into a sober life by confessing the nature of my wrongs to them first in private and now to the whole world in a lot of what I create.  The best format is my speaker meeting 2017 book and video course.
  20. I am grateful for the ability to communicate this here with you today in a format I hope is helpful!

After writing this gratitude list today, my mind is refocused on “how may I help you” and accepting of the world and its people today as being just right.  Thank you for reading this and I hope it is helpful!


Jerry Banfield