Making Money on the Internet in 2014: What Works for Me

I am grateful to continue making money on the Internet in 2014.

You can see this gratitude by the way I share the best of what I know about making money on the Internet in 2014 with you totally for free here on my website!

If you want more than the hundreds of free posts loaded with all of the skills you need to earn money online in 2014 that you get on my website 100% free, my Udemy course with thousands of students has exclusive HD videos organized to help you learn the most in the shortest period of time at  This post is part 4 of a 4 part article group where I describe in detail and show you in the video above the 10 steps that are working for me now.  You can go back and read the beginning at


Step 8 is powerful if you want to grow.  But step 8 will wear you out and lose the money you’ve worked hard for if not done correctly.  Step 8 often leads into step 9.  Accept the repeated failures you will suffer and aim for even bigger successes.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall.  When you have more money, you are going to make bigger financial mistakes.  When you have more clients, you are going to piss more of them off.  When your website gets visited by more people, you are going to have more people not like it.  When you get a post or video to go viral on Facebook, you may get hit with a spam filter.  If you want to make $10,000 a month or more, a lot of responsibility comes with that and a lot of loneliness can come too.  When you have a house, spouse, and life you want, finding anyone to share your struggles with can be difficult.  Some of your friends will grow jealous of your success and your problems will start sounding stupid to the new people you meet.  At the same time, your failures will start to be so big you simply will not believe them.  Being short a few hundred dollars on your bills can be embarrassing.  Being short $10,000 or more can be a real bitch.  Being fired from a job sucks.  Firing 50 people that work for you might make you feel like a bad person.


I’m sharing this because I’ve already done all these things.  I’ve had to let 50 Odesk workers go at once and man I felt bad about myself.  I got way too many of them working like I said last year when my business system was on the rapid growth.  I invested a lot of money in keeping it growing rapidly and that’s when it crashed.  I’ve written a post that shows seven of my most painful failures and step 9 is a critical one.  If you think you’re going to get to 10,000 a month without really screwing some things up, odds are the only way you’re going to do that is by total luck.  And total luck is not that common.  So you can count on a lot of mistakes and if you get to 10,000 a month, nothing new happens.  You don’t suddenly start getting calls from G-d about what a good job you’re doing every day.  It’s the same as making 9,000 a month, 8,000 a month, 2,000 a month.  It’s just more money and you get more responsibility and more problems.
You might fail less than me, but no matter who you are or what you do, the more money you want to make online and the more success you want to have, the bigger and more challenging your problems get.  Every time I get hit with another challenge I tell myself, this is important for preparing me to handle the bigger challenges to come.  I recently found a nearly $10,000 mistake I had made on a project that came directly out of my bank account at a time when I was already hurting and taking credit card cash advances.  The IRS keeps wanting bigger checks from me every three months.  On Odesk I hired over 90 people to work for me and only a few of them are still active.  Getting rid of 50 of them at once last year made me feel like a real jerk.


I’ve had nearly every kind of account I sign up for get suspended at some point, a Facebook page with over 500,000 likes get stolen, hundreds of business journals write nasty articles about my company after I helped a client get first in a national social media competition, hundreds of people share hurtful messages with me, and so many more things like this I cannot even remember them all despite having a really good memory.  Every one of them hurt and I remember them whenever I do something new.  My first MailChimp account got suspended on the very first email, probably because I used an Amazon affiliate link in it.  I did no email marketing for a year after that in protest and when I finally did start again this year, it was hard for me to setup another MailChimp account and not feel the dread that I would see another message like last time.  Even though my emails went out successfully and people responded quite kindly to them, I still feel the pain of seeing that message that I was suspended.  The more you want to have, the more you suffer to get it.  This is why the next step and the first step are so critical to success.


Number 10.  Love what you do and continue to make plans to grow.  Your love of what you do will overpower all of the bad things that happen on the way to your journey to making 10,000 a month and living the lifestyle you want.  Your love is powered by your vision for why you are working which is for G-d as you understand Him or for any other reason you choose.  The difference in what I have written and what I usually see online are the first and last of these steps.  Working for G-d as I understand Him gives me the faith that every mistake and difficulty I suffer is for a purpose that is much bigger than me which is to share in the love, hope, and faith we can all experience in this life.  Working for G-d gives me the chance to not take all of my failures personally and to accept all of my success as a part of G-d’s plan rather than something I use to build my ego.  Loving what I do encourages me to look forward to doing it every single day.  I worked more than ten jobs for other people including cashiering at a grocery store, interning at an Army base, resident advising in college, policing in state law enforcement, and finally assisting as a graduate student.  My last job paid 350 a week for 20 hours of work which worked out to 17.50 an hour not including my two hours spent commuting three days per week.  Loving what I do has given me the chance to spend time working on what I love and making more money each year than I made in the entire rest of my life before that.


I want you to have this same opportunity because now is a time of abundance.  There are enough resources to go around for everyone and you will have a chance now to do amazing work that will carry you through the rest of your life.  Get started or keep going today while you still have time.  No one gets out alive and time flies when you are having fun.  The most we can hope to accomplish in our lives is to love the people that love us, love the work we do, and return to the place we were before with gratitude for the time we spent here.  What can you do to get started with this today? Right now.


I appreciate you for listening to this and watching this.  If you want to get a lot more of this inspiration in your life each day, if you want to connect with other people that are trying to do the same things, if you want a group to share and talk about these steps with, if you want a place to live and execute these steps each day, I’ve created my online success group for that.  You can apply to join my online success group.  I call us an 80/20 spiritual profits community whose members meet each week online to discuss what is actually working, increase profits, build audiences, and avoid painful failures associated with being successful online.  Members have access to weekly focus groups where we talk about what is actually working for each of us right now to be successful online.  You should learn more about being a member if you want to eliminate the frustrations of learning to be successful online and the pains of searching for the right community to be a part of.  The application is a simple SurveyMonkey form with nine questions and the main benefits are learning and community.  I struggled a lot with both of these.

You can see based on the failures and having needed to create these steps how much I struggled with learning.  I had a hard time figuring out what were the right skills to learn.


If you notice I did not include very much about skills and I didn’t include links to any specific programs in my ten steps because if you want to be successful online and make a lot of money online, you will have to figure out what you want to learn.  I can’t tell you what you should learn because you may or may not like doing that.  Learning was really hard for me, but learning gets a lot easier when you’re a part of a community that is learning the same type of things and talking about those things together.  I have a group I go to locally where we talk and learn about life and that’s helped me fantastically in my personal life and in my spiritual life.  What I want is to have a group like that online.  I’ve looked around and I’ve seen a lot of groups that I’m sure are doing good things for good people, but I haven’t found that’s just right for me, for who I am, for executing these ten steps.  This is why I’ve created a group for that at, or my online success group on my website.  It handles the two biggest growing pains I’ve suffered which is not having a good place to learn and needing a community.


I joined the chamber of commerce, one of my many mistakes I referred to in step 9, I joined the chamber of commerce I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours being a member of that.  How much money do you think I made?  Three hundred dollars.  I got one check for $300.  I would have been much better off to never have joined the chamber of commerce.  I would have came out thousands of dollars ahead to have never have joined the chamber of commerce.  I made that same mistake with plenty of other communities.  I looked online, I participated in a warrior forum.  The challenges on the warrior forum, there’s so many different kinds of people there.  I want a community where everyone is on my wavelength and so I’m making one.  A community where we work through those ten steps to make money online.  A community of all people that are thinking the same way and who are learning different skills that we can share with each other and figure out how to connect them together.


So if you want to execute these ten steps in a group and if you want, I go to every group meeting until there’s 100 of us in these groups, I go to every group meeting.  And if you want to join, just click to apply and complete the form and I’ll follow up with you about it.  I got a question at the beginning of it, is it truly possible to making 10,000 a month.  It’s not only possible, but there’s a lot of people doing it.  And I’m grateful to be in that category after starting out making $750 every two weeks as a grad student.  I never made more than $40,000 in one year.  Through ten years of working hard and now I’ve had months where I’ve made more than that.  And that is a blessing.  That is a blessing.  It’s possible if you go through these ten steps.  It’s possible to make it and sustain it.  I’ve seen lots of stories of people who made it and then got crazy like renting the Playboy Mansion out and just blew their money on all kinds of things.


These ten steps will help you make it and sustain it.  That’s the power of these ten steps, is making it and sustaining it.  You start with a vision of what you want to work for that’s bigger than you, you create and update your social media accounts, you get a custom domain name and use it to host your website, you build the basics for your business system, you start and join conversations about what you want to do, you build consistently positive relationships without assuming you know which is most valuable, you make a business system focused on steady consistent growth, you use Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and online ads to invest in your future, you accept the repeated failures you suffer and aim for bigger successes, and finally, you love what you do and continue to make plans to grow.  And you can get a part of a community doing all of this at

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