Making Money on Facebook: What Works for Me in 2014

If you are trying to make money on Facebook in 2014, the way to do it is surprisingly simple and requires no affiliate program signups, no money, and very little time to get started with.  Of course, doing it right takes a lot of effort every day but at least you can get started by knowing that the strategy is built around you and already had done amazing things for me!  The executive summary is that Facebook messages present the best opportunity for you to make money, get clients, expand your Facebook marketing, and grow your opportunities on Facebook.  The power of Facebook messages is in building relationships and bypassing the gatekeeper.  You can use Facebook messages to both pages and people to open communication.  Once you start messaging, what result you get is up to you.  While this is easy to get started with, figuring out who to message, what to say, and how to offer value to them is challenging.  The best part is you can do it all for free with no experience and simply learn what you need to along the way!  I know because I already did this and still do it successfully.

In 2011, I started my business online and had nearly zero existing opportunities to make money online.  In 2012, I started learning about Facebook and through my brute force method of trying everything I could think of, got lucky enough to start using a new feature right when Facebook launched it.  Facebook pages are awesome for making money on Facebook because people with pages often have money to spend.  I started messaging pages on Facebook and learning skills that would be useful for them.  The better my skills got, the more money I could make with every relationship I built.

You can watch the video I share with you on this page to see what I mean by sending messages on Facebook.  The idea is that you want to use messages as a communication tool to build relationships you never would have enjoyed access to using any other method.  This works best if you are trying to make money online and know who your audience is.  You ideally should have a great Facebook profile to get started that you use every day for personal use.  If you try to do this with a new fake profile, you may get banned quickly and you are unlikely to inspire the trust that makes this strategy so effective.

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