How to be More Successful in Making Money Online with Your Own Business: Free Video Training Course Tutorial

If you want to learn about optimizing online consulting and freelancing business systems, I hope this will be really helpful for you. I will show you what I went through over the last three years, both what has worked and what hasn’t worked. If you’re an online consultant, you might find this really helpful for optimizing your business system which will help you make more money while working less. Thank you for watching this and I can’t wait to see what you think of it. I welcome your feedback wherever you see this and hope it’s really helpful.

To begin, I will show you what I’m doing now and how that applies to what you can do. I’m using what’s called an ascending transaction model. In other words, there are steps and levels of transactions interacting with me and a lot of people and consultants, anyone making money online, is liable to use a model like this, but rather you’re aware of it at various levels, how aware of it you are can help you do it better. So the ascending transaction model works like this. The first level are free gifts and you can see on my website, my website is set up to offer giant amounts of free gifts and, I don’t mean like give me your email address and then I’ll give you something. That’s not truly a free gift. A free gift is a completely free thing that asks absolutely nothing in return. So I’ve shown you this page on my website where I’m doing that. I’m giving value, I’m writing a story sharing things that are useful and helpful. You can see I’ve done a ton of this on my website. And that’s step one, and again, I’m sharing what’s working with you really well right now and then I will go back through some of what I did to show you some of the mistakes I made, some of the things that worked well, and through all of this, I hope you can see maybe some little changes or big changes you can make to your business system that will help you make more money in less time.

So on my website, I focus completely nearly 95% of my website is dedicated to the first level of the ascending transaction model which is free gifts. Completely free. Nothing is asked in return. And that’s all of these blog posts that I write. All of these blog posts are totally free. I’m giving, giving, giving. So I’m not asking anything in return. In most of these blog posts I have different formats so like, here, the blog post is also available in a YouTube video and it’s also available at the bottom of the page in a podcast, or even this one has Prezi. So not only do I have free gifts, I have them in a bunch of different formats. The same thing on my YouTube channel, my YouTube channel is loaded with free gifts. You can see I’ve got a lot of people that have watched my videos and I’ve got just tons of videos. More videos than you’d probably want to watch. I’ve got around 300 videos on my channel and my podcast, same thing.

So the point of this is, so if I launch this on ITunes, you can see I’ve got lots of podcast episodes even though I’ve done that more recently. The point of this is, I’m giving tremendous free value on my website. There’s not an emphasis in my website on things like squeeze page and emails. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work very well. Let me see if, here’s a squeeze page I have on my page. This is what’s called, this is a second level transaction. It’s called a product for a prospect. This is not a free gift because you have to give me something in order to get this and I’ve tried these, you can maybe tell this is made with lead pages. This does not work very well. This does not work nearly as well as giving all of the free help right out there in the open. All of this is searchable. I pull in hundreds of visits from search traffic and direct traffic and YouTube everyday because everything is out there for free. When you do something like you have a squeeze page like this, that’s a second level product for prospect. So that’s something they have to give an email in order to get anything. That is a big barrier to interacting with people. If you have all these great secrets locked up behind free PDFs like this, you’re not likely to get hardly anyone to interact with you and all of the interactions you get you’re likely to have to pay for. Using a free gifts approach like this that’s truly free works fantastic for me.

The second level can be an offer like what I showed you. It can also be what I’m doing now with my live training sessions. This is originally created in a live training session. So that is also a product for prospect because if you see on the register now, there’s an email and name and comments. You have to give me something in order for me to give you something back. That’s a product for prospect. That comes after a free gift. So I start with giving people completely free helpful information, then I moved in to collecting their email and it can come in many different ways. I have ask me a question on the side of the page. That is a product for prospect. You can ask me a question, you have to confirm your email, then when I see the question, I can send you an answer. It’s a simple thing that’s free to interact with but it gets the process going. If you like the phrases list building or anything related to that, product for prospect is where you start with people giving you something back. And the best part is about having all these free gifts, it makes it a lot easier to get into that second step. When you see all these things on my website, you’re a lot more likely when you actually read something, to then share your email versus using that squeeze page that I showed you. That’s the second level.

Once I have someone’s email, then I can attempt to share my core offerings with them, or when I have someone in a live training session, then I can attempt to share my core offerings. So, what you see on my website, most of my website’s dedicated to step 1, and if you’re trying to get started as a business consultant online, starting your website with step 1 is a great long term plan. You can see I didn’t write all these long articles very quickly. The last 30 of my articles are over a period from June to September so that’s three months. SO if you’re just trying to get started creating free is easy. Once you’ve got free up, and you’re doing a good job sharing free, then when you have emails, then it’s easier to get your core offerings.

Your core offerings are where you start making some money. So your first two, you’re not likely to make any money off of. But your core offerings are where you start making money and for example, things like this, my Facebook ads Udemy course is a core offering. It’s something where I make a little bit of money on it. Every time someone makes a purchase. That is a core offering and my second core offering, and this is something new I’ve just started, my second core offering is my online success group. This is a group where you connect intimately, online in other words, like you share and really get to know the other group members, that’s my second core value. That’s my second core offering where once you’ve followed me enough, you’ve read enough of my free training, you’ve read enough of my emails that share my free training, then you might be interested in stepping into a core offering which for me is group membership or an online course.

Those are core offerings. I will show you different core offerings I’ve done in the past. For example, my first successful core offering was my last website which I sold and I will show you the core offerings I had in that business model. If you’re getting started it’s a lot easier to do service based core offerings. But since I’ve been doing this long enough to have an audience that engages with me which is you, thank you, I really appreciate you being here and paying attention to this, I’ve done enough of what you see on the first page of this website, these are just my last three months of what I’ve written. I’ve got, like I said, 300 YouTube videos, so there’s a lot of depth to what I’ve done, but now that I have that I can afford to host a group and by afford I mean, I can put all of my energy into building the group instead of servicing clients as my core offering. So once people join the group and most of the group members so far have joined after watching a live training, so like I said, it’s a step process. Members to the group almost always looked at something free I had on my website, or on my YouTube channel, then either subscribed or gave me their email address or something like that, attended a live training and then joined the group. So you can see I’ve stepped up, one step at a time from you don’t know me at all so I’ll give you something that’s helpful, now you’ve appreciated that help, you want more regular free help, and then you like it so much you want to be a part of the group and then actually pay at that point. Or, pay for a course.

Then, the final step is very open ended and that’s your big opportunities. That’s where you really get to know people, you build strong intimate relationships with people, and then you get into offering extremely high value things. I am not looking to take clients anymore because I’ve already done that. I have one big client that gives me so much work, it’s better for me to build everything else and keep my client availability for them than it is to try and pull more clients in. And that took two years of working with them starting on really projects, starting by giving them something they needed for a low cost after sharing free value with them and then moving it up. So I’ll take you through how I went and did that getting started. But I hope you can see this process is extremely powerful for a long term plan. In other words, you start on it now, especially if you have a full time job or if you’re already employed, making money some other way, but you want to get set up and get going and eventually transition to being full time online like I am blessed to do now, this is how I found the best way to do it.

So one more time before we look at all the mistakes I made in the past and worked out of those mistakes, step 1: free, totally free gifts. And those gifts can often be in your knowledge. So if you know how to do something, like here’s a post I made about making money on Facebook. This is how I got started making money originally. The first thing that really worked good was sending Facebook messages. This is a short eight minute video showing exactly what I do on it. So you can see, I’ve given free value here I’m asking nothing in return. Step 1: ask nothing in return and give something really useful. That can be in small batches like you see, all of these are my last three months of work. So getting started can take a long time but when you know what to do and do a little bit of it every day it gets a hell of a lot easier.

Then step 2, once you’ve given people enough that they want to get closer to you, like everyone’s that’s watched this in the live training, then you’re at a point where you can do more than just give free without asking for anything in return. You can have a form on your website and what I’m using now that I love is ask me a question because you’ve all seen the updates, you know email updates, subscribe, I think a lot of us I know I’m burnt out on that. So I have an ask me a question form. It’s an email subscription form but it encourages an active response instead of a passive stick your name and email it encourages you to contact and give me something to think about. And that’s a lot different than what most people do. But that step 2 is active information or product for prospect. Something that’s totally free takes a little more interaction and a little more commitment by anyone that wants to participate. And that can be as simple as a subscription like a YouTube channel subscription. Anything you do where you can get a little enduring value out of it like an email, and like, or YouTube subscription, that’s step 2.

Then step 3 are your core offerings. If you have taken so much time like I have to put things online you might have a Udemy course or if you do affiliate marketing that might be the point where you can make your sales or if you consulting, that might be the point where you can do an introductory service. For me, I do my Udemy course and my group. So it’s the core offerings, the third step is where you actually get paid So if you can see, there’s a lot of work to do before you get paid. So if you want to make money online and have a great optimized business system, it takes a lot of work on the front end to do it right in a way that’s enduring. I will show you some of the ways I did it in terms of, they worked to make money but it was not enduring. As soon as I stopped putting effort in, the money stopped coming in.

What I’m showing you first is how to do it in a way that your work lasts indefinitely. All these posts will continue getting search results indefinitely and continue bringing people my website indefinitely. You can see I’ve spent the last three months heavily investing in this. And if you go back a little farther you can see these are the last 50 posts I’ve written. I didn’t push as hard in the two months before that but this is why almost six months ago is where I made the change to this strategy from what I’ll show you I did before and what most consultants I know of are doing right now. So what I’ve shown you might be a next step to some, it might be a little refinement for others, it might be a great way to get started and skip the pains of trying to start out the way I did.

Finally, you make your big money after you’ve done everything I just showed you. So I don’t expect to make much money until someone’s either joined my group or taken my Udemy course. Basically it’s all just trying to break even at that point. The big money opportunities are from building those powerful relationships and that takes time and it takes initial investment, gradually grown over tie. You can of course get lucky and win he lottery and have a million plus dollar client drop in your lap but that doesn’t usually happen hat often and even when it does, it takes time often and you often have to start out with something free or something in a hundred dollar order. That’s what I’m doing now that’s working fantastically well online for me as a consultant. It brings in passive income from things like my Udemy courses, it encourages my website to continually rank better, and it allows me to work on whatever schedule I want to. It’s a beautiful thing, it’s the life ten years ago that I was trying to get to and then I gave up trying to get to after joining an MLM group and after buying into an affiliate survey program until seven years later I started trying again.