Massage Tipping Suggestions for 60 and 90 Minute Massages

When you’re getting a massage, how much is a good amount to tip if you’re new to getting massages?

Massages are an awesome way to learn to relax, learn to meditate, to help the body heal and release a lot of toxins. One of the big questions then becomes well how much am I supposed to tip? What I do is, I give the biggest tip that I can stand to give because a massage is a very intense experience. It requires full attention on the one client whereas by comparison waiting tables you might have several different tables. At a time with the massage, the therapist just has you right there. There are not any tips coming in from anybody else. It’s also a very intensive experience meaning some therapists will feel drained afterward and it requires a significant amount of physical exertion using the body especially if you’re doing something like a deep tissue massage.

If you’re getting a massage for 60 or 90 minutes, the therapist is tied up with you the whole time also. The therapists shouldn’t be at least checking their phone and distracted and be doing a lot of other stuff, at least if you’re getting a good quality massage. Thus, I suggest much more than 20% or 25% tip that might be standard at a restaurant. I suggest at least a $20 tip if you’re doing an hour-long massage. Now, this may vary based on where you’re at but, for example, let’s say the massage costs $50 or so for an hour then I suggest at least a $20 tip which is a $30 tip on a 90-minute massage.

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Now that’s to do just with the minimum if you want to be considered on the smaller end of tips. If you want to give an outstanding tip, you could do $40 on an hour-long massage or you could give $30. $20 is a good tip if you want to be above average in the tipping which is nice especially if you see the same therapist and they help you a lot for a 90-minute massage. $50 is up towards the top end of tips. I get a 90-minute massage every week. I tip a $100 on my massages because it’s worth it. It’s worth it compared to what I used to do before which was the drink to get some relief and I’d spend a lot more than a $100 a week on my drinking especially if you considered the consequences.

I understand that lots of clients just tip like 5% and 10% and you might wonder, “Okay well why do we need to tip at all?” Often massages are done at least in the USA, on a contract labor basis which means the massage therapist is not an employee. The massage therapist needs to pay taxes and needs to pay for their health insurance out of what they get. Often if you’re going somewhere and let’s say it costs $50 for an hour massage, the therapist is probably getting $35 an hour or significantly less than that for work that is very valuable and that when done well can produce absolutely fantastic results in the body in terms of healing and feeling good and in the mind in terms of healing and feeling good.

Thus, I find massage very valuable and when I used to tip on the lower end myself until I got to talk more with massage therapists and they helped me understand that oh just doing a like a 20% tip on it that’s nice. But if the therapist is getting maybe $30 an hour including your tip plus what the massage place is charging, is that how much it’s worth to you? I think well no, this is worth a fortune to me. It helps me feel good. So, I tip as much I can stand to tip even when I’m borrowing money to pay the bills right now. I still give my massage therapist as much as I can because that leaves me feeling good and leaves me feeling wealthy and generous at the end of the day.

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