I Spend $500+ A Month Getting Massages for Relaxation, Meditation, and Connection

I spend $500 plus a month on getting massages, because massages are really good for relaxation, connection and meditation.

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I’ve had some amazing experiences having massages and I’ll make sure to share those with you here, because massage for me has healed a lot of things that the medical system struggles to deal with.

For example, I had a lot of back pain before I started getting massages. I have no back pain now. Often back pain is simple. Especially if there’s nothing structurally wrong with your body as is the case with most of us, back pain often can be relieved by relaxing the muscles and helping the muscles get out the toxicity.

Now if you’re overweight a combination with diet and massage can be really helpful which I combined. When I started getting massages I weighed 50 or 60 more pounds which is 20 or 25 kilograms more than I do now. I combined a whole plant-based diet with getting massages. I was able to eliminate my back pain and that is a miracle.

In massage, I originally went to relax physically.

Because drinking alcohol was one of the only ways I consistently knew that would relax my body. And I knew that in my normal state of just like everything just so tense, being tense and on edge all the time is really bad for your body.

It causes all these different pains in the body. And I was going to Alcoholics Anonymous for about 90 days at the time and I remember a lady saying, “Oh, massages are so relaxing. They help me feel good and just be at peace.”

And at the time I’m like rigid as hell. “Oh my god, I need something to relax and I can’t drink anymore, because it’s killing me. Okay, I’ll try getting a massage.”

My biggest fear getting about massages.

My biggest fear getting a massage was that there would be one of those happy ending massages and that I couldn’t say no if it was. I’d seen one Sex in the City episode where Samantha had talked about therapists and they have sex during the massage and I was afraid of that, because being married and faithful to my wife and having a monogamy agreement I was really scared of getting into one of those shady massage parlors.

So I found a Massage Envy a company franchise massage place that was right next to the liquor store and I decided, “Well, I need to relax one way or another so I’m either going into that Massage Envy or going into the liquor store.” And I was surprised how afraid I was to go into the Massage Envy and try something new.

I was almost as afraid to try something new and get a massage as I was to go into the liquor store and get the same old misery over and over again.

Thank god, I went into the Massage Envy and that very first massage I had an amazing meditation. Now meditation is something I had never done at all prior to massage for my whole life. What I learned getting a massage was how to meditate. How to relax and slow my mind down and that’s the relief I used to seek out of drinking and any kind of substitute like video games, anything to distract me and focus my mind.

Thus, massages for 500 a month, when you compare it to how much I used to spend I get the same kind of relief that I sought out of drinking, except I don’t have all the consequences.

I feel great after a massage physically, I feel very connected and I often get intuition during massages.

For example, in my first massage my mind finally stopped for long enough for me to have some clear thoughts. My mind habitually raced and I paid attention to what the therapist was doing with my body. I paid attention to all the different sensations and I stopped thinking and I finally had a void where there were no thoughts and I was completely paying attention and not asleep. And then I got some really clear thoughts that have been massively transforming to my life.

They were things that I’d heard and I was a ignoring. Things like, “You need to get a sponsor for Alcoholics Anonymous and this is the man you need to ask to be your sponsor. You’re going to go to five meetings a week of Alcoholics Anonymous instead of two and you’re going to read that book.

And these were amazingly clear original feeling thoughts even though I’d probably heard them plenty of times in AA meetings, I wasn’t paying attention to them. And yet when I had a massage and I meditated, I got very clear instructions that didn’t feel like they originated inside my brain. It felt like I downloaded something, these were exact instructions and there was like no negotiating. Like, “You will do this.”

There was not even an ‘or’ with it. Like, “These are your instructions.” And it was amazing because I immediately started following them and my life has gotten amazing since then. That is one experience I’ve had in a massage.

Another massage with a different therapist, I was laying on the table and all of a sudden I was completely paying attention to the massage, all of a sudden I was up flying in the sky with the birds. I was a white bird flying around in the sky and then the next thing I know I popped back into my body and I was like, “Whoa, that was really cool.”

That is something that I’ve had other similar experiences with where I then was on the massage table and one time I woke up and I had a moment. I had no idea. Any of the mental stuff.

I didn’t know anything about me or who I was. I had a moment and at first I was a bit afraid kind of like if you might wake up, but I was in the middle of a massage. I lost my ego so to speak. I didn’t know anything at all and then it slowly kind of loaded back in. Like I could remember how to talk, remember my name, remember what I was doing, but it was an awesome just blank space of being nothing and no one. And isn’t that the kind of relief we’re looking for?

Finally with massages the connection element is really nice.

There’s some magic that happens just with the human touch. In fact there are massage therapists that are healers that are able to actually heal the human body and then to help fix and actually do real healing on parts of the body, to fix things that are going wrong in the body or hurting to help eliminate pains. There’s absolute miracles that happen in massage.

I’ve heard several stories. For example, I just read one recently, a lady went to the doctor to get her blood count taken. Her doctor said, “You need a transfusion your blood counts are really low.

She said, “Hold on, I’m going to go get a massage with my massage therapist, we’re going to do some healing work and I’m going to come back and get my blood tested again.”

She came back and got her blood test again after a massage and her counts were normal and the doctors were absolutely blown away. They were just about to give this woman medical advice she had to have a transfusion to fix her blood count and within an hour with her massage therapist her blood count is restored to normal, no transfusion needed.

The doctor said, “Well, now with this count you can’t have a transfusion now. You don’t need one. Everything’s fine. Go home.”

I’ve experienced a ton of that personally and this can be both on a directly physical level. Some massage therapists only do physical massages so to speak. They don’t talk, they don’t have conversation with you. It’s just for relaxation. And some of these therapists can do direct healing on the body. Others are kind of like blundering and don’t know what they’re doing, but some therapists are really good and can literally heal my body working with them. My body knows what’s been done to it. It feels really good. My whole skin will feel tingly and I can feel pains have been eliminated, I can feel the healing that has happened.

Now alternatively, some therapists can do both and what I prefer is one that does both and is also interested in talking, because when I get a 90 minute massage every week that’s a lot of time with someone. It’s a good opportunity to really connect both on a physical level in terms of the body healing and the massage and the mental level with understanding the massage therapist’s life.

In fact, my best friend in St. Petersburg now where I live is my massage therapist and that’s because we’ve had an hour and a half or two hours between starting the massage and wrapping things up for now almost 2 years to talk every week and that makes a big difference. And what I find is, it’s easier for me to be vulnerable in a massage setting, because it’s one-on-one, because, “Hey I’ve already got my body out there, I’m already vulnerable with my body, it’s easier to also to really talk about anything.” And that is extremely therapeutic especially when combined with the physical element.

I ran into a guy yesterday talking about a back surgery he’s considering and I said to him, “Look, the surgery at best is a placebo effect.” Generally from all the things I’ve seen most surgeries are either a placebo effect or harmful.

Now, yes. There are sometimes, if someone, humpty-dumpty is smashed up in a car accident then yes, the doctors can work some miracles. But for a lot of problems like back pain and things like this, surgery’s actually either or a placebo effect. Where if you think you had the surgery and you think the surgery was going to make you better it does, but that’s only because of your mind the surgery itself didn’t do anything.

Lots of other times surgeries actually hurt people worse and leave people in more pain. I know almost no one who has got into the cycle of having surgeries who gets better. It’s almost always the surgery actually makes things worse, your body reacts to it then guess what? You need another surgery and there’s a lot of profit to be made. There is another way to do it. Massages, plus having a healthy weight and diet, plus working on any of those psychological issues which a hypnotherapist can be extremely helpful for.

For me, hypnotherapy, massages and going to Alcoholics Anonymous have eliminated all, all of the physical pains I used to experience which were a lot. There are some miracles that can be worked at hypnotherapy and when you combine that with massages, you combine it with a whole plant-based diet it’s ridiculous at how good you can feel. I felt worse 10 years ago than I do now.

So if you’re thinking, “Well, Jerry I’m too old.” No, you’re not. These bodies are designed to live in outstanding health and to not hurt for hundreds of years.

It’s our poor choices and education or lack of education that leave us in positions where we’re hurting all the time. Our body hurting is a sign we need to change and do something different.

So I put this up there, this is something different you can do. I understand that you may have some resistance to getting massages or you may occasionally get massages for me, massages every week are ideal. And if you don’t have $500 a month to spend on massages that’s okay you may be able to work something else out. You might find a massage therapist that you could trade with. You might be able to offer them a service and they might be able to offer you a service.

It cost me 500 a month, because I go to what I found is the best massage place in town and I then leave tips that I feel really good about leaving, because to me if you’re going to spend 90 minutes working on my body in a massage that’s a really high level of service that deserves the best tip. I love tipping good at restaurants and such. When you compare the two you’re tipping 20% to go to a restaurant where someone brings you your food and walks over to your table occasionally and has the ability to check their phone, go the bathroom, serve other customers. A massage therapist is dedicated. You can’t check your phone while giving a massage or hardly do anything else. It’s a very focused, high level of service. Thus, I will put out a video soon about this, but I encourage at least a $20 tip for an hour massage and at least a $30 plus tip for a 90 minute massage and preferably up towards $50 for a 90 minute massage and maybe at least $25 or at least $20 at a bare minimum for a 60 minute massage.

Because there’s not the opportunity to earn tips from anyone else. Whereas if you’re waiting tables you could get tips from multiple tables. They might suck. Maybe that’s a bad comparison. But I hope I’ve given you insight into the miracles that are possible for you with massages.

This is why I do my videos to help you experience. The same things you do, I do in my life in your life.

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