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  • Courses from Teachers We Know!

    Malcolm Gladwell teaches writing, Wolfgang Puck teaches cooking, Steve Martin teaches comedy, Samuel L. Jackson teaches acting, Christina Aguilera teaches singing, Serena Williams teaches tennis, and Usher teaches the art of performance are just a few of the names I recognized prior to ever signing up for MasterClass!

  • Consistently Outstanding!

    Every course is professionally filmed and edited by the same team providing a beautiful presentation and consistency among courses!

  • The Most Interactive Student Community!

    Every course is filled with discussion questions by students which are often as helpful as the class itself!

  • No Need to Take Notes!

    Every lecture includes a PDF with assignments and a workbook perfect for reference and review!

  • Exclusive New Courses!

    MasterClass always has several new classes in production and does not allow anyone else to host these courses!

My 100% Finished MasterClass Reviews!

Would you let me tell you the whole story of how I bought this class, watched a few videos, dropped off, was inspired to start creating my own music, and came back to finish the entire class? My business partner, an online teacher of music production and sound engineering, told me he took the class and said he really enjoyed it. He suggested I try it but warned it might be a bit too advanced for me given I was just thinking about making music. When I started Deadmau5’s masterclass, I had never made a song and was just interested in learning about music while hoping to make some myself soon with FL Studio 12 to replace the 20 hours of week I had just gained by giving up playing video games like Call of Duty and League of Legends. As the class began, I got a sense that I knew almost nothing and it would take a lot of playing around to figure even the basics out. The first point I got out of the class was where Joel mentioned how he would spend all night playing around with the sounds. To me, that translated to a lot of time and energy having fun which I figured meant there was no way I could do anything worth listening to anytime soon. Why even bother? After watching a few lessons, I dropped off for a couple months feeling like there was so much to learn that it was hopeless for me. Two months later as I was about to downgrade my live streaming studio to save money in a way that would greatly hinder my ability to show my music production process live, the same business partner asked how I was doing with my music production and I told him I had stalled because I figured what does the world need of one more amateur musician? In the same conversation, he managed to mention that very few artists did an excellent job showing the inside of their creative process. Some popular artists would live stream with their phone or show their time in the studio without having a mic because of the audio coming out of the digital audio workstation. All at once it hit me. I have a world class live streaming setup using Wirecast and a Mac Pro that allow me to go live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Beam, and Hitbox all at once with my DAW audio AND my microphone plus my face on webcam. Having no experience making music might actually be really useful for me because then I could start from a point where nearly anyone in the world could join me using any free software like Garageband or trial version of FL Studio. It might actually be inspiring to watch basically a baby musician learn to crawl, walk, run, and then jump so to speak all live. If someday I did have hit songs, people could go back and watch the whole process from nothing literally all the way to where they saw me that day. That same day I talked to another business partner that was feeling like he was doing all work with no fun in his business online and I realized playing music for me would be a great way for me to naturally integrate fun into my business as well because I love just listening to different sounds and putting them together. As all this unfolded, I jumped back into the beginning of the Masterclass with Joel aka Deadmau5. One day at a time with often one or two lessons at a time I went through and finished the entire course watching all of every video often commenting with my favorite quotes from each lecture. I used Amazon Music to listen to Joel’s While 1 < 2 album with my favorite track being the go cart racer one and the pet colecath one where he screams the f word out randomly. Each new lesson I watched in the class I started to learn something and began directly applying it to making my own music live. It is three weeks later now as I write this and I have nine songs on SoundCloud with hundreds of listens there and thousands of people having watched me work in FL Studio 12 for 10+ hours live. Finishing the class today, I watched the last four videos all at once while my wife was napping our daughter in the room behind me. With me teaching 79 online classes, I started writing a review as soon as I saw the popup because I know how much I like it when someone writes a heartfelt review about my class and I figured karma dictates I better pay it forward when it is my turn. I tabbed over to Evernote to write this because I figured it would be longwinded to fully share the entire experience of how I initially heard about the class through word of mouth marketing from a friend, enrolled and stopped watching as most do that take video classes, and came back to finish the class after letting life guide me into making music. I am very grateful for this class helping motivate me to make my own music with the simple task of creating songs I enjoy listening to which is the same way Deadmau5 approaches his music creation without an emphasis that everyone else like it. Thank you for reading this review of around 900 words and I hope it is useful for you! Will you please join us on MasterClass by using my link at https://jerry.tips/masterclassall to sign up for the all access plan or http://jerry.tips/deadmau5mc to just enroll in Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production because you will love MasterClass and you will feel great about helping me earn 25% of the sale through my affiliate link?

Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music Masterclass Highlight and Review!

Will you join me for my review of “Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music” masterclass because you might feel as good taking this masterclass and it might help you as much with your music production as it has helped me with mine?

On Masterclass in Armin Van Buuren’s class, I loved how I was motivated and I’m still motivated to keep making music.

I love what Armin van Buuren said.

One of the best things Armin said in his masterclass is that he thinks every single person has a best-selling album inside them.

I absolutely agree with that and that is what motivates me to make music. It is this exact same feeling that all of us have a best-selling album inside of us and all we need is some help to release that.

We need teachers to help show us how to do it and Armin is one of those teachers who has helped me out along the path.

Armin van Buuren’s masterclass as we can see on the Masterclass website has 33 lessons. It’s a hundred percent exclusive.

Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music Masterclass Highlights, Review, and Free Trial!

In other words, not anywhere else, at least legit where you can pay for.

Every single lesson has comments, it has a PDF, it’s very high quality in terms of video courses.

If you have never heard of Armin before, he has awesome dance music. I’ve gone through and listened to a bunch of his music, which I hadn’t heard of since taking the class.

The average rating on this class is 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I’m giving this class five stars.

I’m looking at the public “About page” on the class, which shows what the material contains.

You can show all the lessons here and from the introduction all the way through I found the class helpful.

Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music Masterclass Highlights, Review, and Free Trial!

What’s funny to watch, is to see how the comments dwindle off. The first introduction and the first few lectures have a ton of comments in the studio. There are new comments almost every day from fellow students.

Then, as we go through by the end of the class, it gets down where there are only occasional comments, and what we can see is that just going through the entire class and participating is a signal essentially that we are serious about doing our music, we are serious about sharing and this is an excellent quote.

“If you want to learn more about EDM or DJing, this class is beyond incredible.”

Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music Masterclass Highlights, Review, and Free Trial!

I have learned a ton about EDM and I didn’t think I needed to learn about DJing. I don’t have any interest in being a DJ, however, it helped me to learn and to see how DJs are considering which music they play and how DJs are thinking for their music, and to see how collaboration happens in music.

When Armin makes a song, he is thinking of how other DJs can play it. He is considering the listener. He is considering everyone involved in the process and that has helped me as a musician.

I love that I’m watching most of the new masterclasses I take on my iPhone while I’ve got my infant son here. When my daughter is playing on the iPad or playing with her toys, then I’m able to just whip my iPhone out and get in a quick lecture on a new masterclass even with a newborn.

One of the most memorable things about Armin’s class, besides the comment I already made about everyone having a best-selling album, is seeing how much he loves what he does.

He loves sitting there in the studio making music and he loves DJing.

When people ask me for advice, “Jerry, how do I get my courses to sell?”

Or, “How do I get people to read my blog?”

It comes down to loving what you do.

I’ve been thinking about doing this review of this masterclass for months because I loved it and it helped me, and that’s what motivates me to share it. That’s why I’m so excited and it takes that interactive back and forth.

A class like this by Armin van Buuren, I had a similar result from the Deadmau5 class, it’s hard to start doing something from scratch mainly in the motivation.

We realize we don’t know almost anything and it’s hard to stick with it even when we love it.

Armin’s masterclass has helped me get through a difficult time where I got interested more in cryptocurrencies and was fooling around doing them so much that I wasn’t making much time for music.

I went through Armin’s masterclass during this time, usually just one video a day, so it took me a month or two to actually watch Armin’s entire class and this helped me stick with making music.

Now, my first album is coming out in about two weeks on iTunes and Amazon, and I never in the prior 30-something years of my life ever imagined I would have an album out that people could buy.

Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music Masterclass Highlights, Review, and Free Trial!

Armin’s masterclass was a centerpiece along with Deadmau5’s masterclass to help me stick with my motivation.

I look at Armin, I look at Joel, Deadmau5, and I see these are guys just like me.

They love music.

They started out not knowing anything either. They just played around with it and they kept doing it. They kept trying. They don’t have some magical musical talent that none of the rest of us have.

That’s what I got both from Deadmau5’s class and Armin’s class.

Armin didn’t say anywhere that he has some super talent or he is this amazing person.

He said, “I love doing this stuff. I played with it. I failed a lot getting started. I played in clubs. I tried and tried again. I tried to help other people.”

He shows you how he makes his music today and his music production process that he shows in the course is so complex.

What’s helped me out of it is to see that a simple music production process is good for me.

I can’t compete essentially with Armin in terms of trying to make a song that is as complicated and sounds the way he does.

There is no point in me trying to make something exactly like he makes, and what came through in Armin’s class is that there is not one right way to do things, that you don’t have to make a song just like he does, and in fact, he pointed out that trying to make music just like other people usually doesn’t work because they already made it.

It’s making your own music, often taking something maybe that’s similar, but really putting your own heart and soul into it, and that gives you a chance to have a best-seller, to just get your album out there and share your music.

Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music Masterclass Highlights, Review, and Free Trial!

This class left me feeling like even though Armin shows all these technical things, many of which I didn’t understand, especially in the depth that he does, a lot of which I did understand even though I use Ableton Live and he uses Logic Pro in the course, I did understand a lot of it and what comes across is that I can do it.

I’ve got a shot.

If I just try, I’ve got a shot to have a best-selling album and I’m pretty much guaranteed that I can do music as a way of living, that if I just keep making songs, keep publishing them, keep thinking about the listeners, keep interacting with my community, that I can have a career essentially in music, even though I have no musical education, no musical experience other than watching a few video courses online, and then just buying a whole bunch of equipment.

I have a Push Two, a Code 61 M-Audio and I have also got an Oxygen 25 M-Audio and an APC40 in Ableton Live.

I’ve got four different MIDI controllers here.

You see, I just buy the equipment and try, and I’m so excited to share this class with you because I’ve been teaching video classes online for years, and therefore, I really enjoy a high-quality masterclass.

That’s why I’ve shared this with you today because I hope it’s extremely helpful.

Will you please join us on MasterClass by using my link at https://jerry.tips/masterclassall to sign up for the all access plan or https://jerry.tips/armimmc to just enroll in Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music because you will love MasterClass and you will feel great about helping me earn 25% of the sale through my affiliate link?


Jerry Banfield

Which MasterClasses Am I Enrolled In Today?

As the third MasterClass I enrolled in, Steve Martin Teaches Comedy helped inspire my confidence and basic skills for my first live comedy performance at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h4TRmJMfsY which now more than 20,000 people have seen!  After a few months not watching more in the class, I am excited to get back into this class after finishing Armin’s class!  Will you please join us on MasterClass by using my link at https://jerry.tips/masterclassall to sign up for the all access plan or https://jerry.tips/stevemc to just enroll inSteve Martin Teaches Comedy because you will love MasterClass and you will feel great about helping me earn 25% of the sale through my affiliate link?

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I have the all access pass for $180 a year because this allows me to watch any course I feel like without having to decide which to buy and explore courses I might not be willing to buy on their own.  The all access pass also gives me relief in knowing that every new course announcement is something purely exciting instead of a decision on whether to spend more money.

Will you please join us on MasterClass by using my link at https://jerry.tips/masterclassall to sign up for the all access plan because you will love MasterClass and you will feel great about helping me earn 25% of the sale through my affiliate link?