Mastering Fear of Public Speaking for YouTubers and Online Teachers

Are you ready to master your fear of public speaking especially if you are Youtuber or an online teacher like me? I’m Jerry Banfield and I remember being afraid to get up in front of the class and give a talk and now I’ve done over 5,000 videos online. Now when I step up, there’s no more fear there. I’m just grateful for a chance to serve what I’ve learned along the way to make a difference from being afraid to step up and talk to now where it comes very naturally. Let’s help you with that journey.

#1 is to feel good about who you are. This sounds like such a simple tip and yet if you can’t look yourself in the mirror and say I love you. If you’re very easy to criticize, think you’re not good enough, you’re ugly and you’re unworthy, then all these things are likely to be exaggerated. When you get up in front of other people, you’ll imagine that other people are thinking about these things about you. There are a lot of books that can help with this. The power of now by Eckhart Tolle and Heal your Life by Louise Hay. Getting help from a hypnotherapist can be very helpful. These are all things I’ve done myself. I also go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day which helps me have the chance to speak live in front of other people in an open discussion meeting even if it’s just for a few minutes every single day. It helps me master that fear of public speaking.

#2 is to see that talking to one person, to a thousand people and yourself have a lot more in common than they do differently. I talk to myself even though there’s a camera in front of me. I’ve got 30-some years of experience talking to myself. Now, why would I be afraid to talk to myself? Then when I talk to somebody else, I’m not afraid. Most of the time I talk to my mother, my wife or my children. I’m not afraid to go talk to most other people I know most of the time then why would that be any different if I’m talking in front of a group of people? Our minds over-exaggerate the importance of talking to groups of people. In fact, it seems to me most of the good that gets done in the world is done one-on-one or in small groups with friends and family. We think these things like talking on a stage or making Youtube videos are making this massive difference in the world and yet to me, there’s a big difference between what I’m doing one-on-one with someone and what I’m getting out of watching a video.

I argue that the most of video or some speech wise anyone can do is, help me with the things I’m already working on a little bit myself and that mainly I end up working on with my friends and family. When I get up in front of a YouTube video and talk or I raised my hand Alcoholics Anonymous meaning, sure, I can do some good. However, let’s not over inflate the good that I’m doing. When you get up and give a talk, you’re not changing the world. The main change in the world happens one little action at a time and every little thing makes a difference. That means that every single part of the day makes kind of an equal difference to the whole. Thus, losing the overinflated importance of numbers and how many people watch, helps us to see look when we’re talking to a group of people. We’re lucky if any of these people care about us even a little bit. There’s not much to be afraid of. I did a stand-up comedy before at our club and I’m grateful. I was excited to do it. I wasn’t afraid because it was just like getting up to give a little talk to my friends or something and I wouldn’t be afraid of doing that. Would I? No. I’m not afraid of talking to the people I normally talk to in my life and thus everyone else is no different.

#3 to get rid of the fear of public speaking is to remember for better or worse that we’re all going to die. You are in these particular bodies. Our immortal souls who we are combined with these bodies, the immortal soul lives on and there’s nothing to truly be afraid of. You might stop and think whoa whoa why do you need to bring death into this? Because most fears go into a fear of death and fear of change. When you think about your immortal soul stepping up to make Youtube videos, teach online or to go speak in front of a group of people, what is there to be afraid of? They’re not going to well hopefully they’re not going to whip out guns and shoot you all the sudden if they don’t like what you’re saying. They’re not going to take you over to the guillotine. They’re not going to beat you up there on stage. I mean, what are you really afraid of? Are you afraid of what people might think of you? Ooh, he didn’t like what I said. So what? He didn’t like ah. So what?

This will all be only remembered by our immortal soul someday. All of this shall pass. Relax a little bit and live your full life. Get out there and deliver your full message. I ironically get some of my greatest fear of speaking when it’s talking to someone in a situation where I think they don’t like me or there might be some conflict. To me, the fear of doing that is way greater than getting up in front of talking to people and yet maybe some of us have that fear come up when we’re talking to people who are afraid people aren’t going to like us. Relax! People not liking us or liking us is a very temporary thing. I’m amazed to see how one day a comment someone loves everything I do the next day someone hates everything I do. It is not a big deal what people’s opinion of us is. It’s a matter of, are we living our full life? Are we following our heart? Are we sharing the vision, the skills and the help we have for other people? Are we letting that rule what we’re doing or are we trying to impress everybody and show off?

I don’t have much fear of public speaking because I’m not trying to impress anyone and show off anymore. I’ve seen that the thousands of comments talking about how unimpressed people are with what I’m doing online and I don’t care. I keep showing up and doing my best every day and speaking in front of one audience and group of people is about the same as speaking in front of another audience and group of people. I mean, what difference does it make if I’m speaking to people that live in one place versus another or people who look one way versus another or people who have a lot of money versus don’t have a lot of money? We’re all in these human bodies right now. We’re all fundamentally equal. That’s humanity to see that we’re all equal.

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Jerry Banfield