Mastermind for Business Acceleration Online with Daily Video Calls on Zoom!

Mastermind for Business Acceleration: Do you want to accelerate the growth of your business online or help yourself start and build a self-sustaining business? If so, you’ve just found the right blog to help you with that.

Mastermind for Business Acceleration Online with Daily Video Calls on Zoom!

I’m Jerry Banfield. I’ve been an entrepreneur online for 8 years now. I’m grateful for a business that has reached people in every country in the world and helped inspire many to build their businesses using my mastermind for business acceleration.

The number one thing I was missing and I see that business owners and entrepreneurs are missing, especially online is a support group. A mastermind for business acceleration. A group of people who can listen to what you’ve got to say and give you very valuable feedback.

In this era, we can google and figure out anything we want to. What is missing? What’s missing is a help, mentorship, and feedback directly from other people.

Mastermind for Business Acceleration Online with Daily Video Calls on Zoom!

I noticed at the beginning of my business, I made so many mistakes and I failed to grow my business so many times because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. This is a state of complete helplessness that I consistently see entrepreneurs trying to grow and build online in that state.

You don’t even know what to Google and this is where a mastermind is extremely helpful. A mastermind stimulates your inspiration.

People ask, how do I stay so inspired?

I’ve got a group of people around me I talk to on a daily, if not a weekly basis, at the least, that helped me stay inspired that I bounced ideas off of. I then know what to Google.

Mastermind for Business Acceleration Online with Daily Video Calls on Zoom!

A mastermind is what most online entrepreneurs are missing and I’ve got a mastermind I imagine you will love because I’ve made it with you specifically in mind to address the issues that I’ve experienced as an entrepreneur online and I’ve made it extremely affordable.

I thought at what price I could offer this where at any point in my business from when I was totally broke starting out to nearly bankrupt 3 years later to now at what point could I have paid the cost at every single point.

There are lots of good masterminds for business acceleration out there if you’ve got thousands, if not tens of thousands, to spend where any entrepreneur can access huge value.

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This is what I’ve made for you and here are the details of it. You can look at Let me go over what’s on that page with you.

Daily Video Calls:
We’ve got daily video call workshops with experienced entrepreneurs.

These are so helpful that you will want to experience them. You won’t believe how much help you get out of these masterminds for business acceleration once you start trying them. This is 10 times more helpful than going to something like a webinar or even an in-person event.

What you really need in this day and age of people talking is someone to listen to you. Someone who knows what they’re doing and can give you very specific feedback. This allows you to figure out what you don’t know you don’t know and then you can go to Google and learn something specific.

Mastermind for Business Acceleration Online with Daily Video Calls on Zoom!

Until you get past that point of total cluelessness, it’s often difficult to grow and this helps you accelerate your business growth dramatically as it has helped me do things like learning new skills rapidly.

I experienced these benefits and learned from my refusal to do this in my business when I started learning how to make music and today I’ve got over 70 songs that thousands of people have listened to.

Mastermind for Business Acceleration Online with Daily Video Calls on Zoom!

Get help from a Mentor
The main reason for that is that I hired a mentor and the mentor helped me figure out what I didn’t know I didn’t know and exactly what I needed to learn. The music I needed to listen to, the equipment I needed to buy and the software I needed to use.

I got to know so much that just googling and watching videos on my own would not have helped me with and accountability.

I could have Googled and tried to research the software but how do I match the exact software I need with the kind of music I want to make with my skills which were very limited.

Mastermind for Business Acceleration Online with Daily Video Calls on Zoom!

What I’ve got set up now is Ableton Push 2 here which allows me with no piano playing experience to make music in a way that sounds great because I don’t know how to play the piano.

What I do know how to do is just push buttons and this push allows me to hit any key in the correct key. Any button I push on it is automatically mapped to the correct key and this allows me to make music as if I know what I’m doing when I really don’t.

Join Jerry Banfield's Partner Program

These are the kind of value propositions that having a mentor listen to you help dramatically with and what you’ve got in my mastermind is experienced entrepreneurs that are available to listen to you every single day.

I’m available on many of the calls and I’ve worked with partners to set up workshops on days of the week that I can take off who will give you just as good of an experience if not better than I will.

This is also something you are able to afford. You even get private label rights in a Facebook group.

Mastermind for Business Acceleration Online with Daily Video Calls on Zoom!

When you go to, you’ll come to Uthena which is my online continuing education platform for entrepreneurs and what you’ll see when you scroll down on the screen, you’ll find out well how much this will cost.

You might think, “Okay! This offers a massive amount of value. There are daily video calls I can go to. All of these courses are included. There are private label rights to your courses. This should cost maybe hundreds of dollars a month or tens of thousands of dollars for a lifetime membership.”

Universities offer programs that are similar to what you get out of them as well as other entrepreneurs online and they cost a fortune.

With the Jerry Banfield Partner Program, I’ve got mastermind for business acceleration down to a price that you can afford if you are serious about accelerating the growth of your business.

At every point in my business, I’ve been able to afford $48 81 a month and the nice thing for me is I don’t want anybody in who’s not willing to pay either $48 81 a month or $ 1,000-lifetime membership.

I see it’s important to require some kind of investment from members financially. If you want to grow your business then help me grow my business.

You might wonder, “Well, how can I do a monthly membership with daily video calls and make any money off of this”. The way I’m able to do that is I’m available to show up anyway and we can have as many as 18 people in the workshops.

Therefore, even a small number of members is enough money for me with the entire rest of my business system. I looked at this and said,

  • What is the lowest price I can stand to offer this at?
  • How do I offer a better value proposition than anyone else does?
  • How can I make this at a cost where it’ll be worth ten to a hundred times as much for you and what you get out of it?

These are the prices I’ve come to. I’ve tested these over the years. I’ve put the prices up and down and these are the ones people like. It’s $48 81 a month or $1,000 for a lifetime membership.

I’ll show you the calendar here too. These are the video calls we’ve got available. There’s only one day currently in September and we don’t have a video call available on. You can click on the dates.

Once you’ve joined the partner program, you will get a link and a coupon to go to schedule and you can pick up any day of the week. There are different times. There’s certainly one that will work for you.

I appreciate the chance to introduce you to this mastermind if you haven’t heard of it already. I imagine you’ll love being a member and I will see you in one of the workshops soon.

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