Achieving More by Slowing Down: Mindfulness for Anxiety

Slowing down offers the easiest solution for most of my problems today. I’ve learned this because I went too fast for most of my life. Now some people that are used to moving fast ask me to speed up. I talk slower now because people used to say I was moving too fast and needed to slow down.

When I tried to talk fast before I would stumble over my words. When I talk slower I don’t need to use words like “um” and “ah” or and because I have time to let the words come out at a measured pace. If I talk too fast I would get all out of myself and it doesn’t make sense. I can talk at different speeds, but when I talk slower, it comes out nice and smooth with no script and little editing. Life works very much like this.

When you try to rush around and you’re in a hurry, you will have accidents,  falls, and bump into things. You will tend to have accidents in your car. When you’re moving fast in life, you will run into other things in life all the time. When you’re moving slower, you have time to avoid all these problems. One day I was talking and I hit the door on the back of my foot. When I’m moving too fast, bad things happen a lot more often. Slowing down will solve almost every problem in your life.

If you’re feeling anxious it’s because you’re moving too fast. I’ve dealt with anxiety a lot in my life. I was often hurrying through the moment to get to some future salvation. I got anxious about whether the salvation would come or not. Today, I slow down and ask myself what am I doing right now? Nothing else in the future needs to be concerned. I don’t need to worry about anything else because this is what I need to do right now. I don’t need to do this video really quick and get it uploaded and see what you’ll think.

I don’t need to do all that today and that’s a huge stress reliever. Stress often comes from moving too fast. You’re trying to rush to something. With people doing business online, it seems like they’re always in a hurry to make sales. That anxious energy leads to disasters, failures, problems and giving up with all the energy wasted and forgotten. That’s how I started my business. I was hurrying from one thing to another. I was trying to hurry to find the salvation. My business just runs itself and everything is perfect. I wanted to be huge and a big deal and I was rushing towards it.

What happens when you rush? Things aren’t done with loving caring, patient attention. What’s painful for some people watching my video is the loving, caring, patient attention I put into each word. When I’m doing that and when someone listening is rushing, it’s painful to listen. It feels like it’s taking too long to get to the end. There is no point. Right now is the only point that you can ever be at.  Slowing down practices being in the now. Slowing down solves every problem you can have being in your business and every problem you can have in your work.

If you are having troubles at work, those are all things in the past and future. If you slow down what do you have to do right this moment. For me, slowing down has helped me to do amazing things. I am shocked at how quickly I created a 25-minute Facebook video and a 70-slide PowerPoint. It took about 2 hours and I can remember when it would take me forever to complete that.

That’s what happens when you slow down. I went through it carefully making sure each slide was done right, but not perfect. I was focused on making it acceptable and moving on. I wanted to say what I had to say as best I can and moving on. Slowing down is like a superpower to me now. I used to try to move so fast that I missed so many of the good things in my life. I missed time with family and friends because I was trying to be a superstar at work. I missed traffic lights and getting all kinds of nice opportunities and relationships because I was on the way to something else.

I was on the way to the bar and missed a phone call I could’ve had with my dad while he was still alive. I missed hanging out with my friends when I was at the bar because I was in a hurry to get home and play video games. I missed enjoying the game with my friends because I was in a hurry to show them how good I was at the game. Then I would miss a day at work spending time with co-workers because I was in a hurry to go home and play video games again. I missed most of my life. I blasted through most of the life I had so far trying to get somewhere. I ran into all kinds of painful things in the course of blasting through my life.

I look at today and honor it and stop worrying about tomorrow and worrying about what I did yesterday just being in today and enjoying today. It’s like running. I hated running most of my life because I was so concerned about getting to the end. I felt like I was running most of my life and actually running exaggerated that and made it miserable. Now, when I go for a run I’m concerned with taking the next step on the run. I’m not concerned with how fast I can get to the end of the run. The amazing thing is I’ve been able to get into the best shape I’ve been in because I’m not concerned with being in shape. I focus on doing good to my body. I know that when I pay attention, slow down, and do some good to my body, it will look good, feel good, and be happy.

Today I pray to slow down. I pray to be willing to take that patient love and attention in each moment. I pray to know that I don’t have anywhere to go. I pray to remember that today is the only day I have and there’s no reason to hurry through it. I pray that you have the same opportunity today to experience this with me. I pray that you can slow down and see the life you have around you. I pray that you can see the life you have around you is already good enough and is already everything you could want it to be. I pray that you see that you don’t have to hurry off anywhere else to get something better. I hope you have a great day today.